: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
I'm not sure this is the right place but the lethality stat does not appear anywhere. I'm assuming it should appear where flat armor pen used to appear (next to % bonus armor pen). At the moment, it does not.
: Both intended. The auto reset on Q might be a little much, might have to add a bit of delay there.
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
Hi, it seems that Talon's Q might have a bug. It lets Talon auto attack immediately after Q damage has been dealt. As in, Talon can auto, q and auto again with no delay in between any of those action. This seems weird to me, is this a bug or intended? Another bug, for particularly large sections of walls, Talon's e will only mark about half of it when he uses e over that section. Again, bug or intended?


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