: Oh, that's a neat idea. Is it just auto attacks specifically, or are there any other game sounds from your own character you would like to highlight?
How about a sound overhaul in general? The current one is good enough but it could be better. I would like to be able to change audio levels for each champion. Aatrox for example has a lot of loud and long voicelines which I find annoying. But if I lower his it will lower all the others aswell which is not what I want. I'm talking about something like this: - Change audio of auto attacks - Audio of Voicelines (taunts/joke/idle/first encounter/etc.) - Audio cues (Basically ability sounds since some have an important cue to them (think Kled or Sion ult)) - Pings - Customizable audio for each champion. I want Aatrox to be quieter than let's say Urgot. And not an ingame slider for Ally top, ally jungle..., Enemy top... but rather champion specifc. This would also be a bit more hidden in the settings since no one should have to experience something like wanting to change the ping sound just to be met with 140+ sliders. - While we are at it why not add a master slider for general audio for each team? or maybe "enemy team", "ally team", "self" - What about ambient sounds? Dragon? Baron? Buffs? What I like about League is that sound is not that important. I can change the sliders however I want or turn them off completely and still play well. Other games like PUBG or cs:go don't allow that. Yet league doesn't do anything with its freedom. You only have the basic sliders. PUBG and cs:go can't give you much freedom since how loud each sound is next to another is really important (imagine putting footsteps in cs:go to 100 and gun sounds to 50). In league however, it doesn't matter how loud what sound is.
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: We'll be looking at the summoner icon. Thanks for all the excitement about the skin!
While you are at it, can you take a look at the eye colors in the splash art as well? They are swapped for some reason.
: Im also gonna leave my icon edit here. Its still nowhere near perfect nor does it capture zoe well, but its a change? https://imgur.com/a/FJHmyWs
The right one looks a lot better, but in my opinion it now has the problem of a generic "look into the camera and smile" pose. The left one has the front view aswell, but it's at least trying to do something with the face (Didn't work out well though). One face I can imagine is the good old hands to the sides and sticking the tongue out thing, however that would be too much of a change.
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: There's an option to disable language filter. Click on settings > chat & friends > uncheck enable language filter.
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: Evening! :) Please first look through the forums (and/or use the search option) to see if your problem has been reported already. Duplicate threads make it hard to keep track of the boards, both for other testers as well as Rioters. :>
I did look for a similar report, though I haven't found one. I am sorry if I missed it somehow.
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: Sometimes i can't use Jhin spells
Happened to me in a custom right now, i dont know why it happened but i escaped death with under 1/3 hp at that point. I wanted to recall but even that didnt worked. After spamming the abilities it worked again.
: Ashe Changes First Impressions
Ashe`s Q really needs to get nerfed, you can kill turrets on your own in those 4 seconds. Especially if you buy a blue pot, because every arrow of her Q triggers the passive. Besides it maybe would help if the needed stacks for her Q are higher, then as you should know her W gives her stacks too which means that you can use your W on a minion wave and instantly use your Q. But everything else seems ok for me :D
: Hunters machete bonus health regen (+12 hp/sec) not working with dragon (PBE)

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