: Oh I thought I was looking at an Ardent Censer, that's why I thought she was attached, but it's an Elixer of Sorcery x) Also seems like I forgot an item and it appears to be a Seraph's Embrace so that +the extra Rabadon's percentages will need put Yuumi's very own AP close to 922. Edit: I'm looking at the [LoL wiki](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Yuumi/Abilities) right now for numbers (I know, not the best source, but the best we've got for now) and it does mention some things can convert at a 12.6% rate. This would be exactly 116-117 AP of 922, but I don't perfectly understand when or why. It mentions Bonus AD so maybe the last person the player hovered had AD as their biggest power? Could definitely be a bug. But at least I think we found where the number comes from.
: I think it's not a bug, but it comes down to this:_who_ was Yuumi attached to? If that person has AP as their primary power, part of their AP is granted to Yuumi as well, but THAT extra AP doesn't convert back to the original caster, you get me? That'd be, like, APception. That could be why the numbers don't seem to add up. Assuming there's no bug going on, 21% being 117 AP, Yuumi's own original AP *should* be ~557 AP. Let's calculate the AP roughly by looking at the items (I'm not gonna do runes since we can't see these): > Doran's Ring (15 AP) > Mejai's + 25 stacks (145 AP) > Lich Bane (80AP) > Rabadons (120AP) makes *about* 360AP. Rabadon's increases by 40% (~144), which makes 504. I can't see his runes, but it's plausible that he double Adaptive Force (+18 AP, +40% from Rabadons so like 7, makes 25) which means about 530 AP. This number comes pretty close to the calculated probable Yuumi AP. The final 30 AP can come from Absolute Focus/Celerity/Transcendence/Eye-ball Collection/Ghost Poro/Zombie Ward. Hope this helps \o/
I've edited my links so now you can see them. As you can see Yuumi wasn't attached to anyone and her w was only granting 117 adaptive force with 922 ap
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: Cannot connect to a game
Same thing happening to me. It's really frustrating. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Soraka's passive Salvation and the Star Guardian skin
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: IKR Lux IMO is is a good place she is at ~50% win rate and is still frustrating to see picked in a match. Kat changes are beyond stupid... They better lower her ults damage by A LOT for this change to be in ranked games. Riot really has some stupid people working for them if this is going live as is.
They're lowering it late game cuz her late game is shit. The trade of for that is the increased cd on earlier lvls
: This Katarina ultimate change can't go through
Nah I kinda like the change, especially lvl 3 ult. And your suggestion is shit. Your suggestion would make her team fighting and late game even worse.
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: [FIXED] New PBE Accounts
I only have 2 rune pages and in the store there aren't any rune pages available to buy. Can you please help?


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