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: Highest ping ever
Its been weeks now and still no response from any devs on this issue. Its really frustrating.
: Major, Beyon normal high ping.
I have been having this issue on and off for last few weeks. It is unplayable right now. Hoping this issue will be resolved soon because it has been long enough with the inconsistency.
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: Disconnected from chat ?
: Disconnected from chat ?
: [Launcher] Update Failed
Reinstalling the game is the best option!
: Did you try to change the locale (in the locale.cfg or launcher) before you try to rename
No, can you please provide a brief detail on how to do it?
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: Karthus Visual Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Hey Ququroon, I think I would be a good idea if all the abilities had different color. It is very confusing,also because Karthus on the enemy team has the same color abilities. :) Regards, PBE Obito
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: [SKT Zed] Animations
I can confirm this :)
: Why not more special quest and special items ?
You only receive it once. Check FAQs for more help :)
: Buying skins bug
I think this has been fixed.
: How to lvl to 30 in PBE ?
You have wait up to 24 hours. Read FAQs for more help :)
: Sona power chord bug
I can also confirm this.
: Vandal (Possibly all Gragas) Gragas barrel glitchy
I have seen this on multiple Gragas skins and original as well.
: [Complete] 3.12.2014 – PBE Extended Maintenance
: Well, do you have the champions then? Tried relogging?
Yeah relogging fixed but still a bug
: Did you get your RP and IP yet? Try buying the package of champions, it gives you all of the champions.
Yeah, I have all the champs and also plenty of IP/RP
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: No summoner spells for the bots?
And the message that says level up! It's chopped off!
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: [Teambuilder][Feedback] Icons for each role desired
: Icreased amount of game crashes an d Bugsplat
This happened several times today. My teammates' and mine client crashed several times in a game. Then I crossed my fingers and started a new game but same thing happened again.
: Failure to Join Queue
I can also confirm this. While in queue, if you someone declines or doesn't accept, it will say that you are put back in a queue. The issue is that you are in a queue but it doesn't show the queue time, instead just the play button. Also when you click play again and retry to join a queue, you get errors such as you are already in a queue or failed to join.
: Spectate Live Buggy
On my client, it just a blank image.
: Bouqet ward skin bug
I also confirm this!


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