: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Ahri!
As an overall i think is a good skin, sadly, the OUTDATED MODEL AND TAILS (mostly tails) ruins the product, however we understand thats not in your hands, so moving on, about the skin i have some issues 1. **Her orb (Q) is way too big and way too circled** it needs to be more like an OVAL when u cast it and when it returns and a bit smaller. 2. **Her Charm (E) simply looks like a Flat Heart Image** when u cast it, **its needs more texture** like K/DA heart charm cast, maybe a turning around heart while it goes to its objective. 3. **Her horns in game are basically black**, while in the splash art these are more like a detailed brown color. 4. **Her tails should be more Translucent** to fit this ethereal and fairy aesthetic that Elderwood offers. 5. ** Her Hair is way too Purple,** the Splash Art shows us a more Purple-Red comb, yet i dont think is a big deal since Foxfire has that hair tho, but you can tone it down a bit. Besides that, I honestly think this is a **great produced skin** that could have been perfect with a better model but again, we cant ask you guys something that is not in ur hads to do, so yeah, **great work and I hope you actually read this** cuz those small changes can 100% bring her to this ** Ethereal Forest Entity that she is supossed to be in this case** and at the same time make her aceptable for her mains and other players. Greetings.
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
Dear Designers this is my feedback, please dont get offfended: * Short Hair doesnt look the best for her (Maybe Long and curly) * The Yellow Tails look kinda disgusting sorry. (Maybe a more opaque Golden with shinny diamonds not cubes) * Spells VFX seems to be the same as normal KDA Ahri with a lil bit of gold, which is sad taking in count that prestige skins makes you feel like having another different skin, this feels like a cheap chroma from it. * Orb should be more golden. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **ITS NO ONES SECRET THAT AHRIS MODEL IS REALLLY OLD** and i presonally think that **u guys should work on her model before releasing more skins** cuz the actual model just make those skins look bad _(twisted arms, plastic looking tails or wet dog tails as many ppl says.....)_ I actually made a pause to compare her model to new Morgana an Kayle's and it makes me feel really sad tho. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- on the other hand: * Dress is gourgeous, i like it a lot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know this is a crypost looking alike but as a opportunity to get seen by a rioter.....Please, stop ignoring Ahri and Ahri players asking for whats obvious ..(or releasing skins to distract players from the real need) **SHE NEEDS A VGU:** *Her kit is ok but if u compare it to new champios kit..its really downgraded to fight someone/counter someone. *You could update her spells VFX like u did on morgana without changing the kit. *Maybe people dont remember by now but u guys said a lot of time ago that you wanted to update ahris spells icons....but nothing (thats why we feel we're getting ignored). *Maybe she will get a VGU in 2 years but by then......u got me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a main Ahri i obviously feel Frustrated on the road Riot is taking on Ahri. I hope designers and Rioters really pay attention to the feedback cuz back on the KDA Ahri's Feedback...the most of it was ignored. Good Day.
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