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: Some more (kinda) in-depth Galio feedback
The rework did not fail, but it didn't hit the spot either. Galio feels cocky, a hint too patriotic and he doesn't even fly anymore :/ You described it well, he should be more of a Sentinel than a Colossus. and your description of how the abilies feel is very accurate. PS: I would have loved to see Galio have a secondary bar that increases his AP/MR when he takes magic damage. Like if he takes 500 magic damage his AP/MR increase by 10% for like 10 seconds with a cap at 20%.
: Galio Feedback Thread
Just wanted to link [this Great Feedback Post]( in case other people din't see it
: My Galio Feedback/Rant -- What Isn't a Galio?
I agree with every point you bring up and I really read you whole post which is so thorough, and well written. But I gotta add something reall, really *really* important: * His waliking animation looks so goddamn dorky, i'd actually expected him to fly...
: it's supposed to be late game sustain it scales up to like 68% at level 18 i love the MS buff too, it works wonders for champs who can't burst for SRS
No mastery was designed for late game ever they were made to give power early game mostly and keystones should be noticable over the whole game. Also as far as the official post says it scales 1%-50% based on level. I don't mind the late game scaling (we had that on strength of ages), i just mind it's lack of viability on the first levels which makes it essentially useless for laning.
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: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
Warwick feels super nice, great rework overall but there are a few small Issues that could be adressed: W - Blood Trail. The visuals and sound effects feel noisy! when there are more low health champions your screen is just Red overall, which is annoying. His Attack Speed buff feels weird against minions and the attack speed double feels thematically fine but rarely feels useful unless you're fighting Epic Monsters. R - Infitinite Duress Ultimate's hitbox feels pretty small and therefore even harder to hit also feels weird that it deals magic damage
: Camille is way more fun with crit than she is as a tanky DPS
You also deal 1000 true damage when procing Triforce Sheen effect mid game. But yeah she's more of a DPS attack speed champ as it seems.
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: Elimental List Lux Bug
The splash art isn't done yet, as far as I know. Also it's supposed to take about 8-12 Minutes to switch forms, to show that shes evolving/learning which is pretty cool to be honest.
: btw i wasted to much rp on ip boost so i can buy the runes i need. Do we get refill under 500 rp?
I never reached the point but I don't think so. It doesn't matter anyways because you can buy nearly anything in the store for IP so you actually won't need it
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: It is balanced, it's bonetooth that's breaking him, as it always does but riot decides to keep it instead of something similiar to kha's evolve(which is far more fun and still fits his hunter theme cause hunters want to improve their skills for the next hunt too not just have trophies.)
Well Kha'zix and Rengar are Alien vs Predator. Xenomorps are most well known for adaptation. While Predators are well known for Stealth and Hunting for trophies. I think the Bonus from Bonetooth Necklace as perecentage AD just gets out of hand in later Stages of the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yumihari,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=u45mbLOU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-30T15:49:16.606+0000) > > 0.75 would be too low I think, but everyone seems to agree that the delay is too high. Actually, no. The outcries of the vocal minority you see and adapt into your mental framework to reinforce your cognitive bias towards the issue is not representative of "everyone". It doesn't even represent the entire PBE playerbase. I'm a diamond player and I've been playing Leblanc since Season Two. The delay is fair.
I corrected my "mistake" for you so you don't have to nag anymore. Also: no one cares about your rank.
: gimmick is an apt description.
It's frustrating to have rengar in the enemy team, when he's fed, because counterplay to him is grouping or going AFK. However I get your point, it's hard to test a champ when the bans prohibit you of doing so.
: Tbh there might have been lore changes cause Kat did receive some changes awhile back if I remember so they might have updated her lore? Idk but something might have changed lore-wise without my knowledge since it's really been years since I looked at it.
Nope they didn't change anything but Cassiopeias story. Nothing else has been done to Kata or Talon.
: Even if kat's dad is a father figure it wouldn't be far'fetched for him to want to test his skill against kat. Also I'm pretty sure they're sworn siblings, it has been quite a long time(years maybe?) since I read the lore, sworn doesn't mean that they're related by blood just one of those sense of honor type of things. However I'm pretty sure they were....
Sure, they are Noxians in the end, but theres a difference between a brawl and assassination. It's never mentioned like this, but people assume it because Kat refers to Talon, the General and herself as the three "Blade Masters". So you could assume they are close, but the siblings part was never canon as far as I know.
: Well kass is viable and doesn't have any balance issues but personally don't like how he's like a reverse assassin where he has no real power early but his late game is strong. Not to mention after this he'll be the only assassin who can't really jungle nor even has pseudo wave clear.
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Rengar's Ult leaves his Sound Effect behind for the whole time spent dead, if he kills you with it.
: What happend to Diana and kass in the assasin rework
Ye, according to Riot Kassadin is now in a healthy spot. Diana is supposed to get some attention in a Skirmisher Roster Update, which probably will happen 2017 but Tank and Support are also strong candidates.
: It wouldn't be too strange tbh I explained in another comment.
They are not siblings at all, they didn't even grow up together. Talon is kinda "adopted" because Katarinas father gave him the choice to die or work for him, when he tried to assassinate him. Also, Du Couteau was a father figure for him, that's why I doubt he would ever harm any of his biological daughters.
: How to fix the LeBlanc problem
0.75 would be too low I think, but quite a few people seem to agree that the 1.5 second delay is too high to make her feel like a fluent assassin.
: The delays really destroy her.
It certainly makes her gameplay feel slower than before :/
: Login Screen - Why do Katarina and Talon look like enemies?
They're like siblings, so I guess riot didn't think about it and just wanted to do a cool login screen. ^^
: I know I'm in the minority here, but, I absolutely love LB as she is and I hope nothing gets changed except for QOL or bug fixes... The way she works now is perfect in my humble opinion I've played over 20 games of her in the past few days and not in a single one of them have I lost lane or gotten less than 10 kills. IMO Riot hit it out of the park with LB and while I respect everyone else's opinion, mine is that she's great already.
I like LeBlanc too, the new identity is cool and unique and it really feels like you've got to deceive your enemy until that passive comes up. However the downtime on her passive and the delayed damage make her so vulnerable while "assassinating" enemies, that it only works out if they're not smart enough... (also they already increased her W damage and increased the CD on E. I bet she'll go through another set of changes once she goes on live)
: Still waiting for them to patch her Passive to have a lower cooldown. I agree it should be even shorter for Minions who die before you can even use the shatter orb.
Seems like a valid point! But a reduced cooldown for minions could be weird(especially for new players) and maybe harder to code.
: I still think the passive delay shit is far too long. There's no reliable way for you to crap on your lane opponent. Also, the passive should count toward Thunderlord's.
The thunderlords effect still isn't working? I think they will fix it eventually but they're focused on other stuff right now. And yes the passive is a little bit too long for a real assassination. They made it powerful to compensate for the duration but the effects feel weird on such a fluid and swift champ as LeBLanc
: I agree - I think the passive delay is too long. I'm all about having counterplay to LeBlanc burst, but a 1.5s delay between being able to blow up the Mark feels extremely long and awkward.... Like you cast an ability and then you just sit in this no-mans-land for 1.5s because there really is nothing else you can do. Her play patterns will become very predictable. She definitely isn't the burst assassin she was once, but even as the Mage Caster she is now it feels really awkward. Her ult clone is also really confusing to use. No one in the PBE I played with could figure out how it works. Even with the Ult Dot up (for the clone), hitting RR would not spawn the spawn but would consume the dot. Maybe it is a bug.
I'd rather see lower damage but a lower cooldown. It's a waiting game Even if deceive your opponenet until the mark can be triggered, it is still too long. I think you've encountered a bug or did something wrong along the way. R-R and click a location anywhere on your screen, and it will Spawn a clone that will search out the next visible champion and will trick-attack him (resulting in no damage)
: I feel that Passive should always be a 0.75 second cook time for minions and monsters, it takes way too long to waveclear them or you fail to cause they die before it cooks. Q- I like it but needs an example AoE range, cause changing it from the current would just lower w on someone then Q a winion to bounce onto that person. Albeit that's just a cheeky play so nvm I fully endorse this change xD W- I like it, but if they do make it more of a movement tool by cutting damage and the delay the CD should also come down, I would pref maxing E then Q instead of E then W currently for the CDR on W. R- R needs to grant assist if the clone "Hit" a unit and they died. Cause it does offer some serious mindgames WHICH DO HELp secure kills
Coding the passive like that might cause problems but it's not a bad idea to make the passive charge on a shorter period of time. But below 1 second just seeems too fast in my opinion. Q would be fine I guess. It just deals 70% damage overall so it should't be overpowered. W is a mobility tool already. They cut a lot of scaling and base damage from it, but I thought it would be very much at once if I included a lower cooldown. R-R deals no damage so it's probably not possible, but It could use the backsnap animation instead of dying to make people still think it was the real LB. (also they could Include her laugh instead of the "classic misdirection" quote)
: Riot it might be time to give up on calling Akali an assassin and focus her kit as skirmisher.
They merely are trying to patch her up together with Shaco until they're finally going for the VGU. But to be honest It's hardly working out well.
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: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
I've read all the new threads, and posts over the last week and there were a lot of complaints about the feeling of LeBlanc. I've also got some help through a friend who's a quite proficient LeBlanc player and I think I'd sum it up what the community thinks is wrong and what most people (especially those LB OTPs and mains) want to see on our favourite Deceiver. {{champion:7}} **PASSIVE** * More Windows to assassinate your target, less base damage, and less feeling of being a combo mage. * Cooldown reduced: 5s on all levels >>> 4s * Charging passive reduced: 1.5 on all levels >>> 1.5/1.25/1.0 on levels 1/6/11 * Damage adjustment: 40-295 (+80%AP) >> 40-210 (+90%AP) **Q - Shatter Orb** * Distinctive Sound effects and better gameplay fantasy * New Cast and Shattering sound * ~~Bouncing damage to marked targets (70% damage to minions) ~~ >>> now 70% AoE damage if it hits a marked target **W - Distortion** * More mobility and less predictablility instead of damage * Backsnap delay 0.3 >> 0.15 seconds * Base Damage reduced from 70-190 (+40% AP) >>> 70-150 (50%AP) **E - Ethereal Chains** * This ability seems absolutely fine as it seems **R - Miic/Shadow of the Rose** * More lategame usability with Shadow of the Rose --> R-R Cooldown reduced from 160/140/120s >>> 140/120/100s
: Having Greenfather's Gift bug
I had the same issue in my last 2 games and was kinda shocked, because I thought i took the wrong mastery :D
: > Locket seems underwhelming, though. I understand that the shield is strong - and I love the decaying change, as it promotes skillful use of the active - but the loss of both health and, what's more important, CDR, is going to hurt some tank supports. CDR loss is pretty impactful, I agree - but it was a major contributor of the 'man, every support build seems to overcap on CDR' issues. While it does lose a large chunk of health (and thus reasons to get the item early) - it has +30 Armor, +15 MR in comparison. Armor + MR on the same item mimics a % Health boost to a certain extent so the loss isn't as bad as I think it might be. Does hurt it in the dedicated anti-magic space - were it not for the fact that it'll have more MR than the live version. The shield active is actually crazy though. I think the best shield I've seen blocked 2700 damage in a team fight. (It has a little tooltip tracker on it displaying the damage you've blocked and your best shield.) > Redemption is great. Everyone who hasn't done that already, try it on Bard. It lines up perfectly with your ultimate. I like how it doesn't have CDR, as it's not an item to rush in lane. It.. it does have CDR. It builds out of Spoopy Idol which has CDr innately. > I believe one of the following changes would help: > CDR on Eye of the Equinox CDR on EoE might be interesting in the long run. I'll think about that for the future. > Glacial Shroud or Kindlegem in the build path of Knight's Vow When we tried Kindlegem on Knight's Vow - we found that we made an item that top laners mostly got. While not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself - there were playtests were there were essentially more Knights than people to bond to. :p > Zeke's Harbinger Amp Tomes replaced with Aether Wisp Harbinger is kind of a terrifying item when strong - so we're being cautious about it. We also have to watch movement speed creep as we've just added one more major form of it in Knight's Vow. > Buff Ohmwrecker (just get the supportanks a good Kindlegem upgrade) Yeah. Our reworks for this item keep failing or other things keep succeeding better than it. >_< > This would be pretty much my one and only question here - are supportanks not supposed to get CDR? Zeke's Harbinger doesn't really suit most tanks and with both Locket and Knight's Vow not having it, tank supports are going to have a really hard time getting there. We want to push support tanks back into considering Frozen Heart as an important pickup for them - hence the cost reduction. They share a lot of CDR itemization with other roles - but Warmog's (Health), Frozen Heart (Armor) and Spirit Visage (MR) should be their three primary CDR options outside of things they get innately like Face of the Mountain. While that may be fairly limited - Banner is also retuned to act as a CDR source for them if they want to aid their team in pushing.
About the Ohmwerecker issue. I'm quite sure you guys thought of it as an Assassin Item once, weren't there any possibilities to rework it ?
: Unless they find another way to add some extra distance gain in his kit, I'd say q is the only option as well
Yeah Talon should be this sneaky champion. Hide until they are in position, burst them down from behind and then rush away and hide again. Very tactical, and always from where they don't look right now. (Exactly like in every Stealth-Game/Assassin-Game) But that would mean massive changes in his kit, and they already did their work on him so they won't pull it back right now.
: Yes, he really needs more ways of actually getting onto his desired target. This is his real biggest issue, while his new playstyle is fun and he definitely feels more skilled, it's as if you're constantly struggling to get to anyone without having a single option to kill them if you can't get within Q range. His damage is not the problem, if anything it's awesome, but as an assassin his gapclosing tools really need more looking at before he will ever be viable.
Getting behind and enemy, and strike them for massive damage is actually what I miss on Talon the most but sadly this effect is still a thing on Shaco's Backstab. His new map mobility makes him a strong pick, but sacrifices a lot of combat mobility and damage for it.
: You realize that the only real change Maw got is the 20 AD on the passive, right? The rest has always been there. Maw has always been an overpowered item against magic damage.
Actually it's got - 5 AD +20 AD on the passive +5 MR +10% CD The dumb stuff is that it's the 3rd Option for assassins to get MR{{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} and the new Edge of Night and it's by far the most viable pick for dueling.
: Responding here since there's a couple posts in this sort of general direction. It certainly seems that Talon is weak, so I suspect that's contributing to a lot of these observations. In the next build, Talon will be buffed substantially (+5 AD, +5 HP/lvl, +0.2AD ratio on passive) to increase his baseline effectiveness and allow him to access some of his newer options more reliably. That said, I know there could be more to it. I really appreciate your (and everybody's) attention to those focus points. Things we have in out pocket in case target selection is, in fact, as bad as it seems: Q dash range up, E landing distance over wall up, R speed up. I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on these, as I know there's a huge learning curve on using E to position before a team fight, but I can imagine landing on any of those changes. If up front damage turns out to be the problem, the up front part to pretty much any of his abilities has some room for additional power. I'd like to see what happens with the current buffs and more time for people to learn the ins-and-outs of E before going any further. Thanks to everyone sharing their reactions like these! And keep it coming if things don't feel any different after a few games.
I barely think that these changes did anything really noticeable about his damage/gameplay issues. I still don't know where I'm about to land, when I use E from an unusual angle and the mechanic itself still doesn't really please me. I think the Q range increases would be the best stuff to do for now. R speed increase might also be a positive change.
: Kha'Zix Update : Void Assault Needs Help
It's meant to increases his roaming possibilities. It's actualy pretty cool that you can have a free 3 seconds invisibility buff when you gank a lane. But to be honest the 3 times casting would be neat and give more tactical opportunities.
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: Also, why doesn't the clone have a healthbar? She was supposed to be more deceptive. A gimmicky tool, that unless you're an idiot, won't work almost does the opposite. Sure it's global, but itself less deceptive and less controllable
I think enemies still see the health bar, but allies don't see it anymore, so allied casts like heals/shields don't target the wrong character
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
Summing up the stuff I've read so far on this thread. **PASSIVE** * 1.5 second delay is too high **Q - Shatter Orb** * Feels "indistinctive" and is just a Point and Click nuke. * People can't differ it much from her basic attacks **W - Distortion** * Feels "clunky" to use * People would rather trade damage on the W for a faster backsnap. **E - Ethereal Chains** * Feels weird because it always procs the passive if the tether is not broken. **R - Miic/Shadow of the Rose** * R-Q/W/E – There’s a situation when you’ve put 3 points in an ability and 1 in your ultimate, the mimicked version actually is weaker than the basic spell. * would be so much cooler if she'd laugh sometimes instead of saying 'classic misdirection' all the time when the clone disappears. * R-R -- would be nice if the cooldown would be reduced slightly by levelling it up
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
Sooo early Feedback Overall Talon feels kinda weak in the laning phase and feels like he has less kill potential overall. His Q packs in a good tool to make ilaning less infuriating though. When I cast all my spells on a 50% health {{champion:50}} at level 7 procing my passive too, I actually expect to kill him. Which I **didn't** even after chasing through the whole tower range, so there's that. > Passive isn't very visible but feels good. ___ >Q still has bugs, because I can crit but rarely get the CD Reduction ___ >W feels weaker and the animation looks kinda clunky ___ >E: This spell is Awesome and Awful at the same time. >Is there an indicator planned to where I land and how much of a wall I will disable with it? >I'd rather see a high cooldown Wall-Only ability like on {{champion:432}} Or a long travelling dash instead of this low cooldwon parcour gimmick > Everyone seems so hyped about it, but I actually don't like it like this to be honest __- >R nearly stayed the same and I don't have naything special to say about it
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: [Yorick] Visual Bug
It's a placeholder. the emote will be added in a later patch.
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: This is unfortunately intended :( We need attack animations to have varying speed so the actual speedy champions feel speedy and the weighty ones slow. His animation is on par with other Juggernauts such as Darius and will likely not change
Oh well, that's what i thought anyways, and it definetly has the right feel to it. Thank you for answering anyways!
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