: **" purchased !" will show in chat when one of the following occurs:** -Buying an item from the store -An item is refunded/sold in the store -Active items are used (including pots, vision wards, and stealth wards) -When initiating the recall feature -When activating the trinket -When switching items in slots **" purchased !" shows in white text on a new line with every occurrence.** **Does not occur when:** -Using summoner spells -Using Champion abilities -Killing an enemy -Being killed -Using Taunt, Joke, Laugh, or Dance -Killing a major objective (turret, Baron, Dragon, or other jungle monsters) **Also, an audio bug within the store when clicking on or purchasing an item will play the audio file accompanied with it twice very quickly.** **Hopefully this is a good list of things checked through all in one place.**
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: Summoner's Rift VU Request to River
Alright thanks everyone for their feedback and I know it might take a lot of work and some computers cant handle it and all but there should be an option to turn it on or off. I understand it all and wont continue this, Thanks
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