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Already found it and commented. Still waiting to see if other people have this bug though. Thanks Amy
: The skin is absolutely stunning, love it. Thank you so much! Feedback: It feels like something is missing with the staff (maybe a blue water sphere in the middle with a lotus in it) would do the trick. Q: More sparkles pls xD Tidecaller's Blessing: It'd be super sweet if her E had a lotus flower in each sphere :) Ebb and flow Her (W): Wouldn't it be cool if we added an additional effect and had the fish spiral around the champion once she heals or damages? And while the fish threads around the champion in circles it leaves around a glittery water trail. Her skin name feels like it refers more to the staff itself than Nami. I would assume the staff has an importance in the lore but can't we keep that in the lore and pick out a more majestic name for Nami? Tbh I kind of got jealous that Morgana got a really nice skin title. Examples: Marai Queen Nami, Sacred Nymph Nami or something similar. Idk I just don't see how the name shines on that Nami skin. Thoughts anyone?
I think the name is more than fine, but I love your ideas for the staff and e! q with more sparkles would be awesome but i think the w idea (tho super cool) might not be very realistic. Would love to see them take on your ideas!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
Honestly the best Nami skin so far and you did great work on it! Bug: Tried out the new Nami skin and i love it but the hair looks like its glitching and is stuck to her left shoulder when she walks in any direction. It looks like its glued on and solid going against direction of the wind and everything. It looks okay ish from the front but when she moves forward and youre watching her back it looks very weird and buggy. Looks absolutely awfull. Any improvements on her hair would be really appreciated! Pro I love how well you made this skin fit her and how perfectly she fits with the other more human characters. The staff is really good too! A little tweak to make it a tiny bit more special like some suggested would be awesome but i think overall its really good Con: please please do something with the hair it looks so bad whenever shes moving. It looks wrong when the hair is this static and especially when it goes against the direction of the wind, completely unmoving. first id put her hair in the appropriate direction so that it actually looks like the winds blowing it back and then if you can it would be awesome to see some sort of flowing animation in her hair to make it look less like an unmoving block. Overall im super super happy with the skin and youre definitely on the right track!! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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: give me your Rp
You can play one game a day to earn 3k RP. Do you not get your RP after playing?
: Posted this on another reply to you but just for visibility purposes: according to members on the PBE discord the mission is simply invisible, they do get RP when they play a game (provides it’s not on cool down of course). Can you confirm this?
You're right. Tried this and can confirm now. I guess we have to time the cooldown ourselves for the time being Thank you Amy
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: There is no bug. Please read the threads "[Useful information for new PBE players](," which you can find on the homepage, and "[RP on PBE, it's back!]( You get Blue Essence the same way as on live. You get 3000 RP per day by playing a matchmade game (Draft pick, ARAM, ARURF).
The misson is gone Amy, this is not helpful or relevant.
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: Orb of Enlightment and TFT missions
Beta phase 1 is over. I don't think this is actually a bug and you're just too late. I heard the Beta phase 2 starts soon though
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