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: [Bugs] Custom Game AI Backing Algorithm
Thanks for the report! It turns out that manaless champions were broken! We have a fix in testing now :)
: What technical challenges are there to doing this? Will bot AIs continue to function properly even in the stranger scenarios that can arise in custom games, like (throwing numbers out here) 2v4?
Since bots have been developed with the 5v5 experience primarily in mind, I think they'll be best in that scenario. That said, they will function in non-standard set ups. They might go to weird lanes, and may not take advantage of team imbalances super well, but they'll play the game :). As for playing with humans, they won't coordinate like they do with bots (they can't read player's minds!), but there are some things we've done to try to make it work as well as we can. Bots will move to a different lane if you go to a "full" lane in the first 90 seconds, they will use Summoners and spells to help you out if you're in trouble and other behaviors should make things work out. Mostly we want people to be able to play with/against any bot we have at any difficulty, and this should let that happen.
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: In custom games with allied bots, the bots move to their lanes instantly, preventing the summoner from selecting a lane for him/herself. I heard previously you could move to a lane and the bots would rearrange themselves into the standard 2-1-2 formation? I don't know if this is a bug or if there's a particular reason for this that i'm missing or some conditions i'm not meeting? I usually do custom games alone and fill both blue and purple team with just bots if that matters
Hi! I just loaded up a 1-player 9-bot game on PBE and they seemed to adapt to my position. They can take up to 20seconds to re-assign lanes and it only works in the first 90 seconds, but within these constraints it seems to be working as intended. If this is still happening to you could you please post again with more detail (e.g. which lane you're going to, how many bots are already in that lane, what game time you're trying to do this at etc.)? All that said, it's definitely not as clear as it could be that the bots will move for you and how to get them to do it, so I'd like to look into ways that we could make it clearer.
: I haven't had a freezing bot so much as an AFK bot -- several of them. **My scenario:** * Create one custom game on Summoner's Rift. Mashed a random assortment of keys for the password so no one else would join. * Invite 1 (one) friend to join. He plays on Blue, i play on Purple * Pick champions. Mine were Tristan bot, Taric top (laning with me as Sion: more on that in another thread), Malzahar mid, and Swain bot support. My opponent was Renekton top, with Sivir bottom, Leona top, Fiddlesticks mid, and Soraka bot support. * When the game started, Malzahar went to his appointed place in mid, as per the order the champions were chosen. Swain, Tristana, and Taric stayed at base, level one, and did nothing the entire game. I know Riot is trying to make these bots more human-like in their behaviors, but I don't think the AFK bots are intended XD Could this be looked into?
Hi! I just tried to reproduce this on PBE and couldn't get it to happen. It's possible that some fixes that we were working on have addressed this as well. If you can still repro this, can you please post again, with more detail if possible? Thanks!
: Not sure if everyone else has had this problem, but after taking a turret or two, the bots simply seem to leave the lane and stay at fountain turret. They do this until you start attacking nexus turrets and I don't know if they were programmed like this but it seems like they weren't.
We're working on a fix for this. Not going to let our bots keep ragequitting :P
: I tried a few bot games and the last one i lost because it was nearly 1vs5.. because my bots (one for every lane i was jungling) were sticked at base.. they only ran back and forth at the fountain... i tried it few times and think i can point out what lead them to do that.. as long as the t1 turret is up.. everything is ok.. after it gets destroyed and the enemy bots push to t2 turret the bots stick in base until the enemy bots fall back from the turret.. i tried it a few times.. everytime i pushed the lane back, they started to act normaly again.. same happens with t3 turret and inhibs...
We're working on a fix for this. Not going to let our bots keep ragequitting :P
: I did a test on how the new ai affected the tutorial bots on battle training for summoner's rift. It looks like you can't choose your lane anymore. Since the tutorial is explaining alot of stuff for the first few minutes before you leave the base, when you finally get to lane the bots will go 1-1-2. even if you originally went mid. I think it might have to do with the fact that the bots will only rearrange themselves in the first minute and a half of the game.
New bots won't apply to the tutorial or Battle Training. Those are both pretty carefully tuned and the changes would disrupt that.
: After taking down the turret or inhibitor, the enemy bots will stay in their base and do nothing but walk around.
Thanks for the report! We have a fix candidate for this, and once we confirm it, it should go out either later today (Friday) or possibly Monday.
: Played a bunch of bot games since I'm new to PBE and I noticed a thing or two: * (*do not know if already reported*) Botlane's (and maybe toplane's as well) bots are pretty good in laning phase, they go for trades, keep pressure high (they spam a bit too much) but I noticed that when they have a pushed lane and must play under tower they keep walking back and forward at a standard distance that isn't in the turret range so it doesn't really make sense since we can harass them without taking any risk. They maybe should "hug" the turret a bit more so players have actually to take risks to harass them. * I do not know if it is a particular way that Sion bot acts but I just got a game where even if my team was sieging the enemies base, he hept splitpushing and didn't back to defend the base as well. Do not know if this is intended but it should be fixd imho. Sorry for bad english, not my native language.
Bots under tower should be a bit more sensible in sticking close to their turret after a change that we're testing goes in. It may go in tomorrow or early next week, depending on when we're done testing.
: The bot in mid lane will come to bot lane after reaching their lane then run back for no reason. Also it would be nice in custom games to choose what lane you want to go!
In custom games, go to which ever lane you want before the first 90seconds and within a few seconds the bots should re-arrange to form a 2-1-2 set up.
: I found a strange behaviour. I was playing in a 4 vs 5 (3 bots on my team, 5 on the enemy team) as Garen. After the first top tower went down the bug happened. 3 of the enemy bots scaped when they were low on health but when they were far enought and started recall, they did't scape anymore even if i chased them or attacked them. After being attacked they would scape again to a distance, and start recalling again.
We'll take a look. Bots should retreat before you can attack them...we'll have to figure out why that's not happening in all cases.
: At times the bots ignore CC. Blitz hooked Tristana at level one, and then in the middle of the pull she stopped being pulled. She also cancelled her Rocket Jump middle of jump. Veigar got stunned by Amumu ulti, and then before rest of his team had it off, he just ran off.
Thanks for the report. We're looking into this.
: Not sure whether this bug was reported previously. **Zyra bot in intermediate mode does not activate her passive after death. Plant remains still.**
We have a fix for this in progress. If this is still happening over the weekend, please let us know :). Thanks for the report!
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: Not really sure if this is a glitch or anomaly but I would like to report some odd behavior for Garen and Shyvanna bots. For Garen I've noticed in 1v1 encounters he seems to hesitate when he could possibly turn the situation in his favor. Garen will kind of bait you into a minion wave when I chased I took maybe about 100 damage in a minion wave he decided to comeback and attack me but when he use his "e" he aimed for my minion wave instead so this kind of confused me when he could have probably use his q,e, and r to finish the job and kill me. Unfortunately for him I took advantage of his hesitation and killed him instead. For Shyvanna she decided to retreat in the weirdest way possible. I was returning to lane from bot after a gank when she decided to push mid. After taking her health down to about half or a quarter she decided to dragon descent toward the mid tower and kills herself. I think it might have been due to the fact that I blocked her retreat but she could have aimed it toward blue side wraiths, top side river, or even bot side river. Soraka Bot keep it up she seems to perform a little better. In a team fight she will actually try to heal allies more often and she won't jeopardize herself by trying to imbue then just walk away. On another note I was wondering about the ADC's item builds I notice that Graves, Miss Fortune, Sivir, etc. will incorporate support items into their build like Zeke's Herald or they tend to build odd things like Brutalizers or Manamune. I was wondering if it would be better to give them a traditional item build like {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3035}} that way they can kind of keep up with a human opponent and kind of give them more of a challenge. Any who this is just my two cents hope this kind of helps.
Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into Shyv and Garen's behaviors, and see if we can tighten them up a bit. As for the item builds, any bot that we've updated (the full list is in the top post) should have had their items updated. ADCs that we've updated should now be building very much like you've suggested. If they're beginner bots, they'll build the recommended items for the champion, which sometimes have a bit more defensive stats so that newer players have a better chance to react to mistakes rather than just being blown up.
: What I noticed is in bot games, the beginner bots don't focus the champs that are cc'd during team fights, unless they are alone. If you guys can, add in where the bots have more player like skills as in focusing champs in cc.
This report is accurate, but the behavior is working as intended. Beginner bots have slower reaction times and decision making on purpose because they're...well, beginners :). Intermediate bots should be a bit quicker to focus-fire on high-priority targets.
: Up to now I've got a 2/2 repro rate on bots going 1-1-3. Basically, when someone DCs during loading screen, the bot that usually AFKs seems to simply go bot.
This is extremely helpful. Thanks for the detailed repro. We'll look into this and see if we can start on a fix :)
: Bots are definitely savers rather than spenders. The friendly Sona Bot did not have pieces to these items, mind you, and she'd been back multiple times. [Sona the Saver](
Interesting report. Can you provide any more details?
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
UPDATES for 02/20/2014: The following changes should be on PBE or deployed tomorrow: * Bots will be a little less confident under their own towers (though still fell pretty safe) * Bots will be more likely to attack closer enemies (slightly more than even the last change) * A number of fighters will now be more determined when chasing * Bots now re-position between auto-attacks. This is not perfect, but ranged bots should kite, and melee bots should try to stick to their targets. * Bots will now avoid Zombies if there is no reason to continue fighting, and won't waste spells on them * Bots will now follow targets that break line of sight a bit more realistically * Trundle and Miss Fortune have been updated * Updated intermediate bots now have revised item builds * Updated beginner bots now follow the recommended items
: One AI problem I noticed was when an ally of mine was playing Karthus and they killed him, causing him to enter into his passive state. They just stood in his AOE field trying to kill him again. Leona even used her ult on his invulnerable body. The bots need to be able to identify when Karthus dies and run away. Bug reproduction: Play as Karthus, die to bots. Our Karthus was in their base at the time, if it matters. There were no other human players nearby to draw aggro, just Karthus and his passive.
Thanks for the report. Bots targeting a zombie champion (e.g. Karth passive, Kog'Maw passive etc) is definitely a bug. Having them behave intelligently around them is something we'll have to look into. I'm sure we can make it better, but bots may always be a bit confused by them :P
: Bots with dashes will dash towards you the moment they see you, even if they're at recklessly low health. Malphite Graves Xin Xao Jarvan Caitlyn
A change should be going in this morning that should tune down their aggression in some cases. I don't think it will fix every case of what you're describing, but it should be better :)
: I was playing a game of intermediate bots and I noticed that the enemy Ashe would stop moving if I threw my Death Sentence at her. In a few cases it would have missed had she continued in the direction she was heading, but when it got close to he, she completely stopped. EDIT: I also think it would be good for there to be a chance of playing on the purple side in COOP vs AI. It would help new players get used to playing on both sides of the map.
We're looking into what it would take to have bots play blue side in Co-op vs. AI, but there are some technical details to resolve. It's something that we'd like to see, but we don't want to make any promises until we're sure we can accomplish it in a reasonable time frame.
: Taking them into a few custom games with no humans to see how they interacted with each other, they frequently got executed by towers, and often the Garen bot, while around half health, would pop his Q or W and then pace back and forth apparently caught in some indecision-loop about whether he wanted to attack or retreat. This happened twice under a friendly turret he was trying to defend. Other bots displayed similar behaviors where they'd pop a charge of some ability that needs execution, and then just run around aimlessly never putting it down anywhere. Dunno if this happens on Intermediate bots so much yet, I'm playing a couple of vs AI games later to check it out.
The updated bots' understanding of enemy towers isn't where it should be yet. We are going to improve this, but it may be a while (week or two) before it gets onto PBE. Thanks for the feedback :)
: Feedback for some of the champions ( costume games ) {{champion:13}} (enemy): - needs about 2-3 seconds directly standing next to him before he cast a spell and it's not the root which would be the smart way to go - I could hit him numerous times without him aggro'ing on me, when he aggro'ed he almost only used auto attacks {{champion:16}} (enemy): - prefering to cast heal on herself than low teammates - silenced me and then began to run away with 3/4 health left {{champion:86}} (enemy): - starts spinning while the enemy is out of range - comes out of the jungle -> gets hit by me -> runs to the golem camp ( blue side) stands there and does nothing until death {{champion:48}} (enemy): - doesnt use his ice pillar to get away, just runs away {{champion:31}} (enemy): - uses Feast on full health targets {{champion:62}} (my team): - doesnt use decoy to get away anymore - uses his dash to get under the enemy turret to hit garen ... then went back and forth until he executed himself - uses his ult under the turret just to run away when getting 1hit from the turret ( still stays close to the turret and dies ) - will chase target with {{item:3142}} -active but only starts using ult when they are low health ( he is next to the target the whole time ) - randomly using decoy for just running around in circles when an enemy is near {{champion:58}} (my team): - starting to chase a full health enemy champ around the jungle when he had ~200 health left - standing still and waiting to be killed in botlane {{champion:11}} (my team): - renekton and yi started chasing Garen but then lost him in the fog of war and began to just circle around for about 10 seconds before going into lane again {{champion:18}} (my team): - keeps attacking her target even if she gets low All champs - their build-path is pretty damn weird ( sorakas first big item was a void staff) - **[Major]** enemy champs will not go past your minion wave to chase , it's like their is a wall behind the last minion. Even if the player is below 100 health, they just stand near the last minion and wait - enemy bots sometimes just run away from you into another lane for no reason Hope that helps! It's what I observed during a costume game on SR
This is a lot of great feedback. We'll look into all of this, but I wanted to comment on some specific things: * We are improving build paths as we update some of the champion specific logic. This isn't done yet even for the bots listed above, but it's in progress * The checks we put in place to reduce over chasing (DON'T CHASE! :P) may be too strict. We'll look into this. * Soraka heal and Cho'Gath ult probably need the logic updated. We'll look into this as well. Thanks for the detailed post!
: Now they aren't afraid from towers when have low hp and this is the same when are fighting against the player itself or against enemy bots. They're just too brave now, we don't see they running away anymore. hahahaha
Right now they aren't doing a very good job of understanding enemy tower damage. We have an improvement planned for this, but it may not be in for a while. In the mean time, enjoy the reckless tower dives :P
: I'm not sure if Malzahar's ult was always on cd when I saw him but more than 5 times in one game he did not use his ult. I'm not sure how to tell if it's broken for him or hes using it no where near me. I remember running because I saw him and I had low health he did all move but his ult and I was still alive. I have never seen a bot not waste their ult just to try and get a kill.
We'll check into this. Many ults have checks to see if it's "worth" casting, and his may be too strict. Thanks for the feedback!
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
UPDATES for 02/13/2014: The following changes should be deployed tomorrow (Friday 02/14) * Bots should be a bit less aggro in some situations * Bots should be more willing to return to base when they are low in lanes (may not affect them sticking around defending the Nexus when very low) * Bots should be more a little more willing to change targets during a fight rather than diving deep for a low-hp squishy if the squishy is just too far away * Fixed a common stutter-step that was happening when bots tried to cast targeted abilities (e.g. Malphite Q) on a fleeing target * Potions will now be used more intelligently * Bots should be more decisive about returning to base in cases where they're not super low but want to shop or just heal up HP and mana
: After playing a match, here's my preliminary feedback. First off, I love that they come to lane right away. We marched up to their turret and there they were waiting for us! Definitely more like what you'd find in PvP. Second thing I noted was that they didn't seem as timid in some scenarios. For example, previously when I would dive the bots as Shyvana, they would turn tail and run from the scary dragon (who wouldn't). Now, they actually stayed, cc'd me, and fought. It was more like a real match except I got blown up by them blowing everything on me. Third, they destroyed my ward that was near a turret. I was so proud ='] Final note, however, is that I had several instances of odd lag as well as a random game crash when I went to take golems around the 11 minute mark. Could that be related? Thought it was worth mentioning. P.S. You got a type there -- Amumu***m***?
Amumu's name is now spelled correctly in the OP (totally counting that as a bug fix :P). I don't believe the lag is related to the bot release, and may be related to other content changes. I'd file a more general bug report and hopefully it smooths out as PBE deploys continue :)
: They seem really dumb right now, if bot is oushing their inhib turret they just stand there without attacking the minions and let us destroy tower
We've seen a bug where a bot will totally freeze up when trying to defend their base. We haven't been able to reliably repro this, but we *think* it only happens after an inhib is down. In the case you saw was the bot doing ANYTHING (e.g. moving)? Was an inhib already down ?
: I don´t really like the new bot system, on certain situations like over pushing (either side) will make the bots walk through dumb paths like under the turrets or even inside enemy base taking all turret hits and sometimes standing still next to towers when they are low on hp. In some cases they go directly to the tower ignoring tower hits, in my last bot game I had my soraka getting executed 3 times. Also I would prefer if they could switch lanes depending on which on the player takes, now I am forced to go bot lane always when I am testing alone because they go instantly to their lanes. If you could add some sort of detector so the bots move to other lanes if a player is there, that would be awesome. On the good side is that they group up more frequently to fight others.
Updated bots go to lane immediately, but if you, for example, go mid before the first 90 second the mid-lane bot will move to a different lane to make room for you. They will try to rebalance the lanes to 2-1-2 champions per lane. Sometimes it's not immediate, but they should respect your choice of lane :)
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: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
Our fix is in, and bots seem to be back to normal. Please let us know if there are any further issues.
: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
Hi all, Thanks for the report. We have a potential fix we're exploring and we're working to get bots up and running ASAP.


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