: Having rewards for testing isn't a bad idea and I'm sure it has been brought up before. The problem with that is just the fact that we don't really deserve any rewards. It isn't that much of a difficult task playing a few pbe games once in a while in order to test. So it is not necessary for us to receive any type of reward for what little we actually do.
Yeah that makes since. I suppose like you said to Amy Sery that i just felt like our commitment to help the progression of the game could use some recognition. But you hold a valid point that we really aren't doing much work or anything to deserve such forms of compensation. My only real argument was for the pull to get more people to participate in pbe games regularly such that the beta aspect got more examination. after all, play time is how we avoid sending bugs to the non-beta servers. therefore, if riot is content with the amount of playtime patches receive in the pbe then all is well. if on the other hand they felt that further play time was needed for these patches to avoid the bugs that shut champs down and so on and so forth then perhaps some small rewards system could be set in place that would encourage us to play on pbe servers vs playing on non-beta servers because we would still be effectively accumulating ip for our non-beta accounts.
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