: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snowdown Chromas!
If one of the Neeko Chromas is Partner Exclusive, will it be available in the Essence Emporium one day? (Its a Legacy skin afterall, even tho only after 1 year)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snowdown Chromas!
Will the Green Neeko Chroma be Partner Program Exclusive?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pajama Guardians!
I really am a big fan of Star Guardian skins, and i personally love the idea behind skin variants. They look very adorable and as i've already commented on Twitter and various other platforms im really looking forward on seeing Skin variants on other skins and skinlines in the future. Although even after the price change i dont think its a justified price for them. Compared to basically the origin of skin variants which is Lancer Rogue/Paragon Blitzcrank it feels like you pay more to get less. Getting one of the Lancer skins costs you 1350 RP as a usual Epic Tier skin, and if you want to get the other one as well you have to pay 470 RP on top of it for a total of 1820 RP for both, which in my opinion is completely fine for what you get. You pay the price of a legendary skin to get 2 Epics, basically. They have 2 (slightly) different models and different textures, completely different visual and particle effects and even 2 different splasharts, which i think is completely worth the price. Now, Star Guardian and Pajama Guardian are both standalone very solid 1350 Tier skins. But if you own one and want to get the other you have to pay 742 RP and the only thing you get is a model with a kigurumi added and a new group splash. While i get the new Splash, Visual and Particle Effects (!) And a different model for 470 RP with the Blitzcrank skin, you only get the Splash and the Costume with the Pajama skins for almost double the price. And as much as i love how adorable they look, and i know that they are basically 750 Tier Model Change skins but with the star guardian skin used as their base, i dont think the pricing (The Reduced price for those who already own the other) is in any way justifiable, im sorry. Yes i get it, the lancer skins only got slight changes on model and splash but i for myself know how it is to create almost the same artwork again/adjust one with slight changes like the lancer splashes, its still very time consuming, not as much as an entire new artwork (group splash in that case) but still quite a bit.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Orianna!
This really is by far the most beautiful Victorious Skin since Morgana (still sad not to own her's, pls bring back previous victorious skins in some way at some time in the future )': ) *cough* what was that? Anyway the moment i saw it i immediately felt like you went a step back towards the older Victorious skin's thematic which i completely loved, while still making it fit into the new one with the Leaf's Design, the Purple coloration and the Roman Inspired Thematic. I absolutely adore her Crystalline hair and her Armor. Since Graves' last year i was a little bit worried that the newer Victorious skin wouldn't have a crown anymore to separate them even more from Championship skins, since some people still confuse these two skin lines for some reason, but im happy that it was only Graves' design and character that probably just didn't found a right place for a crown. Also i remember last year it was mentioned that you wanted to keep the Lion Symbol for future's victorious skins, but i cant seem to find it here. I thought about it might be her Ball, which kind of resembles a Sun, which sometimes is symbolised by a lion. Am i right with this, or did it just not find a place for Orianna's design/was scrapped as an idea? Her Visual Effects are really stunning, especially the Shield with the Golden Leafs Design and the Blue-turning into Purple Colors, and the Golden Smoke and Sparkle Particles in her Effects, nothing much to say here, great work. The modelling is also done very very well, surprisingly actually. My only feedback i could give for this skin might be the colors, but im not even sure about that. Since i saw the Splash i felt like more warmer colors would look better for her specially the gold tones, and i personally just arent a big fan of the Yellow-Gold paired with the Purples' and Blues' and i feel like something like Rosé Gold or Almost Orange something closer to that would have match that a bit more or at least a more Gold-looking Gold.. if that makes sense, together with some warmer looking Silver tones, but maybe i just have to get used to it, i mean it doesnt look bad overall, i just felt like the Colors kinda bite each other a little bit. Something more into the direction of Victorious Sivir might do it. As far as i remember, Graves colors last year got tweaked a bit to match more with the colors of Victorious Sivir. I feel like she really was the best Victorious Skin Model wise, both for Detailing and Coloring, maybe this might do it as a reference point. Overall a fantastic Victorious Skin, im glad i made it to Gold this season, this really is an awesome Reward, thank you. Im Happy {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Pool Party Caitlyn
Why isn't Caitlyn's W a Shell with a Pearl inside D:
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ahri!
First of all i have to thank you for making this Skin. Ahri was the Champion that made me continuing playing League Of Legends in the first place. I was a huge fan of her because of the Kitsune/Kumiho Thematic, and i still am. Over the Time i got a little bored of Ahri, she was pretty much the only champ i played back then over and over. Arcade Ahri is a very cool Skin too, and it made me enjoying Ahri again for a little while, but she still felt like the old Ahri that i have played so much. But with Star Guardian you gave her a complete fresh feeling of Gameplay. Its not only the look of it thats amazing, but all the animation and her personality and the voice.. she still is the old character Ahri that i love so much, but in a new way. You even keep bringing in some K-Pop references of... what was the bands name? SNSD? Also i finally fell in love with her tails. They aren't that static anymore like they were before. They now feel dynamic and Fluffy, just how i always wanted her tails to be. But the best is, she is not alone anymore. Kiko and Ahri are perfect together and when they talk together it really makes me smile because the way they are talking to each other sounds so confident. I don't understand Kiko's language tho, but Ahri does. And that makes her bond feel even stronger, same was with Jinx and her "Guns" Kuro and Shiro. You can really tell in gameplay that she's not fighting alone. The only thing i don't like that much is a little detail in her walking animation. I like the walking animation a lot, but i would like it more if Kiko isn't in front of Ahri, but right next to her but thats just me. Kinda annoys me that if walking, the Orb covers her whole face. But the way shes walking itself is so cute. I think everything's said. Good Job :3 Edit: One thing i was asking myself the whole time, its about the 3 Stars that orbit around her Orb and in her W Ability. The Yellow, Blue and Teal ones. Are they the Spirits of Ahris old Star Guardian Squad Members that she lost in battle..? Or do they represent her members, Miss Fortune, Ezreal and Soraka? If so, why did you decide for these 3 and let Syndra out? {{champion:103}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Jhin!
To me this Skin is just perfect with only one tiny detail that im not a fan of, it's his E, even though i don't think it looks bad or something but in my opinion it would have been cooler to have like a little Japanese Stone Lantern or something like that, rather than just 3 connected crescent moon shaped objects. Nothing that prevents me from buying it, (i will buy it anyway. lol) it's just a tiny detail that annoy me a little bit. But i love how you are showing his identity as an artist in this skin through his giant Brush-Gun and the "Paintball"-like bullets and shots. The Colors are on top. And the music that is played in his ultimate is a masterpiece to me and makes it just perfect, it's even better than i ever expected through all the Blood Moon Jhin Fan Skin concepts that i've seen so far and what i've ever imagined. Alone the Artist Thing does that. I would never have come to that. Nice Work (: And btw, does someone know whats the meaning of the Kanji in this skin? The Kanji on his back and on the range indicator of his W?
: Legend of the Poro King changes in the works!
But it will still be on howling abyss, not on the new winter summoners rift, right?
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Jinx!
Are You planning to add Music to their Recalls like lux?
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
: I guess "Death Blossom" is like... a companion line to the "Elderwood" skins now? Really love how colourful the models are.
Or Elderwood are the Plants and Trees and Death Blossom are like the Insects
: Where's my Winter Wonder (Insert name here) SKIN? D: Hopefully you release it next patch. And if it's janna i'm buying it. like five times. maybe seven. :O
To be honest, i think this could be the last Patch this Year :S
: Why the hell is Bard's ult still golden.....
The Elderwood Bard Ultimate was Blue for a while on the PBE too. But they changed it to Golden for i guess Ingame Clarity. It could be too confusing if every Skin would have a different Color.
: Why is Snow Day Bard not legacy?
I guess it isn't Legacy because they want to expand Bards Skin assortment because he only have one Skin at the moment. Lunar Godess Diana would have been a Legacy Skin too, if she had 2 Skins or more at the time this Skin was released.

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