: (Zilean Bugs I have found) Manamune/ArchAngel (not sure if this is just the item) using abilities doesn't stack the items Ult doesn't revive if you die in the enemy shop These are the only thing I have found so far after playing him in customs games so far i love the new changes throwing the bombs are kinda of weird but the way they are implemented awesome makes me only want to play zilean in every lane
Zilean ult has never really worked under enemy fountain. Same goes for any reviving skills. Aatrox's, Zac's, Guardian Angel, Rebirth. Immunity skills are a no-go either, with the exception of Zhonya's. edit- I lied. Vlad's period, Lissandra's ult, Fizz's trollpole, and Elise's rappel breaks turret agro too.
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