: [Suggestion] A special game mode for PBE?
: Showdown (Re-)Enabled on PBE!
If you wanna do the things well, please bring the **magma chamber.**
: 40% is a plurality, not a majority.
If there's 40%, and the other 3 are different champs, if I were the system, I'll choose the 40%. PD: Do it on HA pls!!
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
I tried One For All yesterday and when I entered in the game and I saw it was on SR I felt dissapointed, really. It is not bad at all on SR, but **I prefer it on Howgling Abyss**. It's more fun it's a quicker game, it's more active... There will be a lot of people who likes One For All on SR (I don't), but if you do a queue of One for All in Howgling Abyss, it would be great. **-Champion select:** It would be great to have a **secret vote in champ select**, each player votes for 2 or 3 champs, and when time finishes, you get the most voted champ. I think it's more interesting to see and you'll pay more attention to watch which was the most voted champ, and that way it would be a kind of ramdom selection cause you don't know which champ it's going to be selected. -**Anything else** (not related to this) From all star to now I've been waiting for **Magma Chamber**. Where is it?
: [communities] not enough diversity
: ETA Downtime on PBE should be displayed on this site
I get to log in page, but I can't connect.
: Jungle bugs
You should read patch 3.8 notes... xd
: PBE down ? we know but u should add time when its going to be up ?
I just wanted to play Aatrox, and I see it unavailable xDD
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: [In-game store] - Can't buy items as Tpa Ezreal
I can buy as TPA Ez doing all your steps.
: Suggestion about the Upcoming ARAM Queue
: [Gameplay Idea] A special ping that means "there's an enemy ward here", or "We need a ward here"
: Plans for ARAM queues


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