: Position Preference In Testing
Is this change only for selecting fill as your secondary role? Could i still select only two roles or would this change require me to pick a primary and a definitely not?
: Hi, thanks for the response. Currently Q is giving 30% MS at rank 5 for 2 seconds. Q numbers are pretty up for change at the moment. Those numbers are currently where we happen to be, but I can see us going back to 20% for 3 seconds really. As to Miasma, that reaction is totally understandable, and somewhat expected even, to be honest. As to it taking away outplay potential, I think it actually puts more outplay potential in her hands. Positioning yourself against your opponents, especially relative to surrounding terrain, will make or break your outplay potential. The fact that it stops on nearby terrain allows you some pretty interesting opportunities, at least that's the idea. It's definitely not guaranteed, for sure. Cassiopeia arguably has more outplay potential between Q MS, clever W placement, and good R usage. The fact that W isn't guaranteed actually makes it more about outplay I think. This last bit may be a bit more of a personal opinion, but an outplay should involve taking a difficult situation and finding interesting ways to give yourself the advantage.
Having just played some cass on the PBE her W feels TOO long range too me almost, there was never a time that liked how far it shot, if I hit an enemy with it in the middle of max range it didn't help me catch up to them, and if they were already inside the range unless i was just way stronger than them and could outduel them with 3 abilities to their 4 they just turned on me. If you're going to keep the fixed range effect please lower the range so it's more in-line with her other spell ranges
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Does The new rod of ages have the new catalyst passive? Also why change the recipe rather than just reducing the combine cost on the current recipe? Also does rod of ages give 20 ability power per stack or does it give 20 ability power at full stacks?
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
It appears that you need to specify the need to lock in, because so far i've had 80% of my champ selects end with someone not locking in their champion/ban. Also it would be nice if you didn't have to ban something and could lock in a no-ban if you so wish
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
Unable to select lucian's chroma pack in new champ select screen
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Would it be possible to make graves Q a ground target skill shot? It would be nice for being close to an enemy and be able to short it up so the larger powder pile would be under them instead of just the thin line.
: This creates a problem where Twitch can activate his ult to scare someone off and not even use it, and all he used was his mana and that's it. Not a good idea in the slightest, all you need to do with the new QoL buffs is press R and autoattack instantly, I don't think this is hard in the slightest, and it doesn't require other """""qualty of life""""" changes (five quotes because this suggestion is more of a buff than a QoL). They already put a quality-of-life buff, putting another to make the last one seem "better" comes with it's downsides, as this would just be a complete buff to Twitch. This is coming from a previous Twitch player btw, and from experience when I've activated ult, people sometimes flash instantly to avoid getting auto'd to death. **Just imagine how OP it'd be if the enemy 20/6 Twitch just popped out of max range stealth, activated ult, you flash away (out of his ult AA range) and they just get to keep their ult for the next fight. ** League is a game of exchanging resources for a reason, doesn't matter if it's tower for dragon, flash for flash or a flash for ult. The entire game is based around this concept, and that's where we define what's "worth". **Despite this is rather different from MealReadytoEat's QoL post where it's just "doesn't go on timer till you fire". Just wanted to say to MRE that it's an okay suggestion, but it's not really necessary and it can have it's downsides where a Twitch can use the ult - have no one to fire it on and is forced to push a wave just to make sure it goes off cooldown again. Unless it has some Riven Q mechanic where you can activate it, wait for like 90 seconds, and then use it - and have your ult back up again right after (since the cooldown of the ult is 90 seconds). It's going to require some extra thought put into it because it can potentially be abused or be tedious.** tl;dr MealReadytoEat - imo not necessary but interesting idea ZavernKY - imo naw
if he uses it only to scare someone off in this case it would simply go on cooldown the next time he tries to farm, i don't see an issue here. maybe have a max wait time for him to auto attack before it just auto starts of like 3 seconds to give some wiggle room
: His point blank auto attacks also knockback minions and monsters....
Is he meant to move out of the bot lane with these changes then?
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
How am i supposed to cs ranged creeps and not misclick to attack while trying to move around the melee creeps????
: Correct. You can't fire your shotgun without ammo.
how quickly do i reload? is it a second? anything longer than that and it seems unplayable, if i try to attack something with no bullets how does my champion move? do i walk towards them past AA range? cause that seems problematic
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
The storing two bullets at a time part of the passive is confusing, does this mean that graves can only attack when he has shells? Also is graves Q functioning like a velkoz Q?
: Valid concerns, those are concerns that we also share in a lot of ways. I think you underestimate how far Special Delivery actually goes (obviously since you guys haven't seen it yet). Most of the time, Corki is not going to land in the middle of the team -- it goes far enough to take him straight over an entire fight. Using Special Delivery cleverly is something that will probably take several games to even start getting the hang of since you don't get to use it that many times per game. I think the Passive damage is going to be hard to equate perfectly from before, they are just different in the way they interact with items so it's hard to gauge. I'd love feedback here.
Hey thanks for the reply! Reading further in the thread i found out that his AA's do 55% Physical and 55% Magic which is better than what I thought from reading your post (50% each) probably from the "(half magic, half physical)" part, which alleviates a lot of my fear for his damage being a ton less than before. I can't wait to see this cross Special Delivery in that case! I am still concerned about the validity of putting myself on the other side of a team fight from my team mates with no escape other than flash though, but again i haven't played with or even seen this change in action.
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
I'm concerned that corki won't be able to use his "Special Delivery" as you want it to be used. For an ADC to jump into the middle of the enemy team for a draven E seems not worth it, outside of small skirmishes (that corki's team is already doing well in) and lane and after that he will simply be forced to hold "The Package" to stay safe in fights after his Valkyrie's range is substantially reduced. I'm also concerned with how much damage is taken out of his kit with the passive change. removing over 10% of the damage from his auto attacks (since true damage isn't reduced it added significantly more than a simple 10% ad increase would.) Making last whisper even worse on him. Now well over 50% of his damage is magic since his spells all do magic damage. Will he be able to damage tanks in the late game? Overall i'm still excited, these are just some concerns I have with the changes. I also don't know how the itemization changes will affect Corki, though it sounds as if caster adc's are getting some new toys which could counterbalance what i see as neutral changes or nerfs to corki.
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
So when ashe crits does she trade damage from her passive for the extra slow? the 100% Total AD scaling on crits is confusing in conjunction with her current passive.
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
For the sake of clarity, does Sterak's increase the damage of sheen procs by increasing a champions actual base AD or is the AD value it gives equal to 25% of your base attack damage? If it increases base AD I am seriously concerned that champions like irelia and jax who build tri force and then tanky will pick this up second item and increase both their burst and survivability significantly, particularly since I can't see how an AD at IE boots and Zeal could deal with such a monster even with summoner spell advantage.
: There are people comparing Ekko to Diana, and although I can say that their playstyles are very different from each other, I can say that they seem similar because of the similarity in items you have to buy. When I think Diana, I think Lich Bane, Nashor's, ROA, Deathcap, Zhonyas, and Sorcs. When I think of Ekko, I think of... about the same thing. Now I'm not hating on Riot for the similarities, I'm just saying that when a new champion be made, thought should also be put in the item diversity as well. Although Diana and Ekko have different playstyles, the AP scalings and AA based passives built the way they both deal damage, promoting similar item builds in the process. Personally, I would love to see Ekko's passive and his E with some AD scaling at the cost of some AP scalings. This would promote different playstyles to be viable. I remember a post where Riot thought Blue Ezreal promoted different playstyles in a positive manner. I would like to see that on different champions as well, and I believe Ekko could be another example of that. "Blade Ekko", which consists of a BORK, Hextech, Rageblade, Youmuu, TriForce, and Berserker Greaves, (although a farfetched build) might be one example of a different playstyle, and something like this is what I hope for. Well I love Ekko and I thoroughly believe that his kit is pure genius, I feel smart just looking at his abilities... someone give gypsylord a medal. I'm done rambling.
Try him with Bork and gunblade plus any sheen item you like then some tank, max his w and try it out, AD ekko is already viable due to the utility and base damages his abilities provide any aditional ad scaling would make ad ekko far too powerful
: Can you make it so his ghost actually **dashes** and **recalls**? See here for a vid of my suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P-PBaKzkdg
an excellent suggestion, i would like to add that the same should be incorporated for any kind of movement a.k.a. flashes, displacements, thresh lanterns etc. I would love if you could create a video of things like that including kalista ulti if possible.
: Tanks on Fire - Incoming Cinderhulk + Gromp changes
Cinderhulk is great! after you build it, however because it costs 1000 gold to grab this item and 450 to upgrade machete i feel like this item doesn't really help tank junglers all that much, as it doesn't help them with first or even second clear of the jungle which is when most of these tank junglers fall so behind in being able to farm and gank versus the bruiser junglers like Vi and J4. This is most definitely a move in the right direction however it doesn't help with the issues that junglers like Sejuani and Zac are having, which is clear time and being healthy enough to gank afterwards. Sejuani can just barely finish one side of the jungle burning 2 pots and waiting for cd's before starting each camp, junglers that struggle this much to clear their own jungle need help faster than 1450 gold into the game.


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