: > [{quoted}](name=511291152,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=sHxHj7W4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-09T05:16:09.020+0000) > > u know his movement is a copy of eternum nocturnes right And Bard when he takes a chime. I've noticed it. Yes, the movement seems off. Specially when recalling or doing one of his jokes I think it was, the arms all of a sudden break their animation and do not flow. And talking on the arms: Don't you think they should be a little tad higher in his body and a little tad bigger? Not that much. It's just that they seem so off-scale...
His hands and forearms should be a little bit bigger, IMO.
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: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
Will this carry over to the new client? And as someone has already mentioned, will it stop refreshing after every purchase?
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: Summoner's Rift Camps
Can confirm. Scuttle crabs stopped spawning as well.
: The PBE or Lack of Communication
As for me, I go on PBE to hunt for bugs within the game, not necessarily for testing numbers (unless they're gamebreaking number issues such as unintended cooldowns and damage ratios). They mostly respond to bug reports, so that's what keeps me going. I've only done [1 gameplay suggestion that went through](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3476175), which was Aatrox's Massacre change in Patch 5.6. Coincidence or not (since I suggested it way back in 3.6), it still made me happy and motivated me to continue going on PBE to give feedback and report bugs. Anyways, I feel like I've already seen posts like this way back, even 2 years ago. What passes in PBE might be completely different once it hits the live servers, so I think Riot doesn't completely trust us when it comes to feedback regarding balance issues. I mean, just look at Jhin: everyone loves him in PBE because he was "balanced and fun to play," but now there's a lot of people who are claiming that Jhin is "undertuned and useless". (although this might be more of an issue of the playerbase not being able to figure out how to play him yet)
: these Urgot changes can't come the live servers (Urgot main)
First, they list a Mage/Fighter (Mordekaiser) as a Marksman... Now they're trying to turn a Marksman into a suicidal initiator, which is clearly a Tank/Fighter's job. I really don't know what the hell they're trying to do with these champions.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Orianna!
There's a current bug with her recall where she wouldn't pull out a bouquet if the Ball is not attached to her. I have a suggestion: * If Ball is attached to her = pull out the bouquet from the Ball. This way it actually interacts with her recall instead of just sitting there beside her. * If Ball is not attached to her = perform the default one where she pulls the bouquet out by herself.
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: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
Loot Counter goes up before the box reveal has finished. I'm not sure however else I can explain this other than just telling you how to reproduce it while paying close attention to the loot section. Repro: 1. Already own a skin once (for example, acquire 1 Acolyte Lee Sin) 2. Open a new box 3. While in the middle of box opening animation, you'd see a "2" on the bottom right corner of Acolyte Lee Sin's icon. 4. The box animation finishes and reveals that I get another Acolyte Lee Sin skin. It kinda spoils the surprise, so while it's not exactly a bug, just wanted to point it out.
: Japanese Content on PBE
The "Victory" and "Defeat" announcement at the end of the games are getting too drowned out by the "nexus blowing-up" sound effects. It's a minor thing, but it would be nice if that would be fixed. Also, the frequency of the excited "Legendary!" by the announcer is a bit odd. Maybe this also happens in the English announcer, but since I'm keen on listening this time, I noticed it immediately.
: Yasuo Discution: all points of view Welcome
2 . The Cowboy skin is a reference to a movie. I don't remember which one, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people who knows appreciates it. They can't please everyone. :) 6 . His shield evolves like Mordekaiser's shield and Aatrox's Blood Well. They're set at a flat amount which increases every level. 7 . He's supposed to be that weak. It's a payoff to his extremely potent late game power.
: [Feedback] Yasuo's fluidity
I like how Steel Tempest is quick and snappy. Last Breath can use some work since the "blue slash thingy" particles are barely noticeable. You can't really tell if he's using it while there are other things going on. The Flow bonus from Wind Wall passive is hard to capitalize on because most of the time I'm just going to hold back on my dashes if I know I'm safe enough to go in.
: Sheen and Blood boil animation
Nunu is pretty outdated. Hopefully he gets new particles for Blood Boil (and other spells).
: Yasuo - Flawed design
His job isn't to survive teamfights but to deal damage. Your shield and dash are your main defensive abilities, but if the enemy counters that, that's not the champion's fault. There needs to be counter-play after all. And also, his ultimate isn't useless. Your job isn't to initiate with your CC. It was even mentioned in the reveal: "Yasuo's a sustained damage fighter with high mobility, strong utility and damage output that **ramps up the longer he survives in combat.**"
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: The Sweeper trinket breaks minion AI
Confirmed. Although it only worked for me when I bought the upgrade from the shop.
: It's pretty much only the Americans who dont use the u...
Wrong. It's pretty much just preference at this day and age.
: [Bug] - AI Stops Moving at Low Health
It seems to happen a lot by the later stages of the game. I also think it depends if their Summoner Spells were available at the moment.
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: PBE is unplayable!
It possibly depends from what region you are playing. I'm from NA but I'm experiencing lag spikes every now and then.
: Hey CaptainHerbejig, another player has reported the same issue here: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/J9pA9Hcy-bug-particlesrecall-lightsturret-shots-not-displaying Can you get a dxdiag, paste it in http://pastebin.com and reply with the link in this or the other post?
I'm having the same bugs, but it can be also because I'm running on a low-end system. Anyways, here's my DxDiag http://pastebin.com/UfTpMq5q
: Minimap pathing bug
Not only a visual issue, but pathing issue itself. I've had some occasions where my character would walk up into a wall before going around it (blue side, auto-pathing from fountain to Blue Golem camp). Edit: woops. Eselgee already mentioned it.
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: Hi guys, I've attempted to reproduce this internally but have been unsuccessful. Every time the dragon flies back to its starting point (as it does in the video), it regains all of its health. In the video, it appears as though this isn't happening. Has anybody else tried to or been able to reproduce this?
Have you tried doing this on live servers yet?
: Thank you for the feedback. Is there anything you feel that the old voice provided that the new one doesn't, or was it just how iconic it was?
I honestly have no problems with the new VO. The only problem I have is that he's now making grunting sounds whenever he attacks something. A part of his iconic traits is the way he puts effort into his attacks, which is none at all. It displays how strong he is as a "God". Now it feels like he's just any other mortal being. Unless you're really trying to tie in the lore of how everyone is equal in the Fields of Justice, then I guess we can't really do anything about it.
: Repaired. Particles still missing. It's nearly unplayable.
Repaired. Mine are also still missing. :(
: Same here. Turret shots are invisible and nearly all particles in the game aren't showing up at all. Even minion shots are invisible. I'm currently repairing the client right now.
Please give me update once you're done repairing. I'm currently repairing mine as well.
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: Cendeu - we've already experimented a bit in that regard, but so far the results made things feel very cluttered. Also by using symbols, we require players to learn something new (wait... does the hat mean magic?) and we'd need to weigh cost vs. benefits.
This can also be a problem with champions who are extremely versatile such as Ezreal, Lux, Morgana, Karma, etc. It can throw someone off to see an approaching enemy with a Support symbol only to find out that Janna went full AP build.
: 28th of May patch - Reverting to previous version
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