: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pug'Maw!
I'd say make his tail a bit smaller so it doesnt directly go into his body. Also maybe find someway to make him seem more doglike in his voice lines? I know you can't just get a new vo because of time constraints/finding a vo/budget but maybe add some more barks and yips and maybe less of his normal voice lines?
: Her Q feels like it does no damage outside of bouncing it off a minion, ever more so the later the game progresses. Her auto attacks feel very week outside of her passive. He ult is really easy to avoid or get away from. Her E just feels useless all together. And she has no escapes. The ap scaling on all her stuff seems pointless and tacked on because AP Miss Fortune is just an ARAM gimmick and a hybrid build is even more of a gimmick. Overall she feels like shes been made weaker. The changes are just not good at all, and this is coming from some one who mains Miss Fortune.
Yeah you definitely don't main miss fortune. I've only played 30 or so games with her and i know that double up is only really supposed to do a lot of damage to the second target (especially with the crit thing), you're not supposed to be the best 1v1 dueler (your passive deals a shitton especially with crit) and her e is for setting up an ult on the targets, which is supposed to be used when the enemies are slowed/stunned.
: I also find removing it a bad call. Think of how many youtubers use this item in their videos to get attention to their channel and also by referral to league of legends. I would be so sad to never see a new UberDanger video having his '20 STACKS BABY" montage
It was removed because theres nowhere near enough reward of 20 stacks compared to mejais, and most ads aren't able to safely use it. Lux, janna, ziggs and such are all able to live fairly easily if positioning well, but theres not many ads who can get the most out of sword of the occult.
: How to apply for Client update?
It's not up yet. And yeah its separate from PBE as far as i know.
: Why are we still always on the left side in champion select?
Is this seriously something that would help anything if they changed it? You act like the whole world is ending because you're always on the left. It's not even a minor inconvenience, it literally has no negatives.
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: Yeah thats always a problem I`ll have with MF ult..IT RLY should be movable like velkoz R...cuz atm its still SUPER high risk but medium reward
It's extremely high reward. Your ult can do up to about 3500 damage at full build.
: So you are just gonna ignore the fact that she gets **200** (!!!) damage to her attacks when swapping targets. It basically makes her shoot two targets at the same time more effectively than your common adc shooting one target. Her attack speed steroid duration is also increased when swapping targets. Obviously since she's able to go against multiple enemies so well, she should be a bit weaker in some other areas (in this case, when against a single target).
Have you played her in a game? Unless you are very fed, you're love tap will be basically deal a normal adc's auto attack damage. Taking into account armor and such, love tap deals mediiocre damage also. All of her power is in her ult.
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: It feels like her ultimate got a huuuuuge boost, possibly too big. Before this rework, Bullet Time wasn't _that_ much of a threat, you could walk out of it and survive if you were above 1/4 health or so, but you still definitely didn't want to stand in it. Now if she ults you at 1/2 health or less, you're going to die unless you flash. Considering how easy Crit Chance is to get now, a 0.7AD ratio becomes just under a 1.0AD ratio with just one Crit Chance item (making it essentially AoE basic attacks), or a 1.75AD ratio with 100% crit chance + IE. At 12/14/16 waves over 3 seconds, you're essentially dealing 4/4.6/5.3 empowered basic attacks per second in a _huge_ AoE. Even Kog can't compete with that! Do you think it could be tuned down juuuust a bit?
1. She has to stay stationary to do it 2. The closer you are to her the easier it is to walk out of it.
: Feedback on the new Miss Fortune
The only problem i see with her which makes it so hard to farm is her abysmal base ad. It went from 101 at lvl 18 to 62 at lvl 18 with 1 BASE AD PER LEVEL. This makes any autoattacks after the first unsatisyfing. While love tap is supposed to be used to weave autoattacks between people for extra damage, miss fortune shouldnt be punished if she has to autoattack a person more than once. Without a minion wave she can literally not fight against almost anyone even with full build.
: The new passive, Love tap, at level 1 gives her extra 25 damage against new targets. At level 18 it's around 200 extra dmg.
This does not make up for it whatsoever. Kindred autoattacks can do up to 10% of your current health per auto attack and her base attack damage at lvl 18 is 86 (which is considered fairly low) is 24 attack damage higher. While love tap is great for burst damage and autoattacks against multiple people, any autoattacks after love tap will do next to nothing even at full build. This passive should not make her have the lowest lvl 18 ad in the game.
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: Screwed up during account creation, and wasted all of my IP
Why would you not actually look at how much ip youre losing before you buy literally all the runes.
: Miss Fortune UPDATE finds/suggestions.
The crit thing im guessing is intended as it used to proc the old frenzy mastery which gave you attack speed for critically striking. MF's mid-late game are crazy right now. Getting the hang of love tap is extremely difficult for me though. What's a good build on her right now?
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