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: well having perma 24% extra ap, as ad and that passive would be op
and not having it at all when you're fighting baron/drake or taking tower makes it worthless to 90% of the champs who want to buy it
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: First of all all your doing is rephrasing what I said. Secondly he does do enough magic damage to justify Liandry's especially with his increased E damage. Not that it would matter considering he can proc Liandry's on every ability but Q. It has perfect stats for him, and has good up time even without investing fully into 40% CDR. You should try it if you haven't. it makes tankier targets much easier to deal with even though his execute already accomplishes that.
>First of all all your doing is rephrasing what I said. no i'm not. There is a difference between how Volibear's W works and how Elise's spider Q works. The latter's is actually fairly powerful against tanks because the bonus damage is related to the flat amount of health they've lost. Volibear's bite only amps its base damage and can't be higher than double its base, which makes it much better vs squishies.
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: He gets bonus damage on his W for % missing health. If you let him shred health equally he hits the % missing health kill window faster on squishy and tanky targets which I don't think is a good idea. He also isn't worthless against tanky targets especially with his ability to utilize liandry's torment effectively. Even more so now.
no, the flat damage on his W increases by a % for each % the enemy is missing. It's not the same as a % missing HP damage. If you're buying Liandry's on Volibear then I can't take you seriously; even with the new version he does not have the magic DPS outside of ult to justify buying it, and it's not anywhere close on his list of priority items right now.
: I like his E as is. It gives him a nice amount of damage to bully people around and incentivizes him to hit the softest target for his flip, which he should be doing anyway. It also makes building AP/HP items feel better than they did before. Two percent hp abilities would more than likely just have him blow up soft targets like he does now, but also dominate tanks as well.
He has zero % hp abilities. Volibear is absolutely worthless at fighting tankier opponents; that's why I think the E change would be nice. Doesn't make him a monster anti-tank but lets him at least chunk a bruiser/tank if he catches their dash or uses his combo on them.
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: Volibear hasn't received any changes on the 8.3 patch cycle, so your post is better off posted on the live boards, you will get more attention there as the RIOTERS you wish to reach do not read the PBE boards.
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: New Grasp Lacks a Clear Niche
It's a good thing Mundo won't want the AP anyway and will benefit enormously from the stacking AD bonuses, considering that he's an auto-attacking bruiser who already has an enormous AD steroid and is pretty fond of items like Titanic or Phantom Dancer. Tahm has 100% AD scaling on his autos, and he is also a very AA-focused tank. He will benefit from this rune if he wants to use it. Not as much as someone like Darius or Illaoi, but that's kind of the point; they want Grasp to be for bruisers because tanks already have 2 other strong keystone picks between Aftershock and Guardian, while the bruisers who they want to choose Grasp don't have many choices. If you're really aching for that AP, all you need is to swap Titanic out for something like RoA and just run the sort of build that Cho'Gath takes.
: > [{quoted}](name=I Must Go Top,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=zBLm7WZF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-07T06:28:39.000+0000) > > They are obviously shifting the power of grasp from tanks to fighters. The niche is for fighters, which is good because for one fighters/bruisers didnt really have a good keystone and this is an attempt to address that; and also tanks are too dominant in lane with the sustain they get from grasp theres really no downside to playing a tank like maokai/ornn. Those are literally just 2 champions. The vast majority of tanks were not really out of line and tanky junglers were underperforming slightly. This will just shift the meta to tanky champions with good ratios rather than just tanky alone (such as Mundo whose only AP ratio is on W). It seems too specific. Cho and other champions like him will really like this. Fighters would still rather go PtA or other runes more suited to damage. The current Gras seems like a mishmash of conflicting ideas and identities.
The majority of tanks don't take Grasp, either; they run after shock. It's almost exclusively the overtuned tanks in the top lane that are running Grasp right now. > Fighters would still rather go PtA or other runes more suited to damage. This is wrong. PTA is a trash keystone on any bruiser that's not Jax or Irelia, and attack speed is not something most fighters want to opt into as their primary tree's stat core. Grasp is excellently suited to their needs on PBE, unless they're burst-oriented champions; it gives them a little bit of extra survival between the Grasp healing and the extra health from Resolve, and it gives them the tools to win longer fighters PROVIDED they can stay alive/can keep proccing Grasp.
: the new grasp is cool, but
grasp probably shouldn't stack/stay up vs minions, makes it way too easy to cheese trades and kinda goes against the point of the keystone being a "pop-off later in fights" kind of thing
: Why zoe E is so unreliable?
: A little suggestion about the rune: Grasp of the undying
> it is easy for you to gain more than 2000 health maybe against a bot who stands still while you whack them
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: Press the Attack is objectively stronger on him. You're just seeing a snowball champ snowball on the server with zero matchmaking quality. It really means nothing at all.
: Another reminder asking why Illaoi doesnt get souls from Dark Harvest from her E anymore
because runes reforged is not here to create diversity or balance, its here to consolidate the rule of bot lane meta stop asking for bruisers to be good
: Squishy champions lost a very important mastery helping against burst damage / one shotting.
: Fighters, bruisers, duelists, split pushers, the loss of Fervor of Battle and Press the Attack
runes reforged is a very obvious attempt to further enforce the current "adc overlords" paradigm; it's nerfs for fighters almost across the board while marksman will see almost nothing but huge gains
: no u dont understand ferrous text... and in lol most players are lol elo. ;)
"every game will be protect the dark harvest" demonstrably wrong
: lol you clearly havent been paying attention to what ive been saying
because you're wrong, and it's obvious
: You ever heard of 'protect the vayne/ kog' team comps? Dark harvest makes every game into 'protect the dark harvest' Everyone just play around your dark harvest champ, your only job is to make sure they live so they can get their stacks and their dark harvest damage off. So yes, it does magically turn them into supports, because what they do during the game and in lane means nothing as long as they can keep the person with dark harvest alive and make the game lost long enough for them to get stacks.
you have a fundamental lack of understanding on why those comps exist. you're making the assumption that only 1 person is going to take harvest, or that harvest is in any way op enough that an entire team comp will focus around one person taking it. dark harvest being OP will create a thunderlord's s6 repeat where everyone takes it. If we're talking a protect the X meta then it's almost always gonna be 1 champ with tempo and at least one teammate with press the attack to max that champ's DPS, because a monster DPS source is way better to build a comp around then a burst damage champ. no, it does not make anyone obligated to protect that champion, because the people who will use it the best are the ones who don't need protection. Assassins and divers and maybe a few juggernauts like Darius or Illaoi -- but any team comp that focuses around enabling those types of champions with dark harvest will not be any different than it is now. i'm almost entirely sure that dark harvest is massively overblown because PBE is populated by majority low elo players who don't know how to play around stacking mechanics.
right. because dark harvest magically makes your other 4 teammates into supports for you even though absolutely nothing about the keystone supports that line of thought.
: Its not because they 'reward you for using them correctly' they reward you for as Riot said, when they removed devourer and feral flare 'ignoring your team' and 'becoming the only star of the show' as well as 'encouraging a unfun playstyle for others on your team' being the one with feral flare, its a lot of fun to use, in fact its pretty much the only rune I have used, ive been using it on every champ I can think would be good with it just to see if it works, and let me tell you, killing people with litterally 1 Q from miss fortune, its fun as hell. Playing against that though? not fun. Playing with someone on your team that is doing that? Still not fun. When someone on your team is able to do this they spend their entire time trying to get stacks, and when they do finally have enough stacks you feel like an extra, just another body to take shots while they get to be the main character.
ignore that dark harvest has the biggest potential for stacks in a short time in grouped fights "muh its a team game" is the attitude that made league shittier, people like you that killed solo carrying and splitpushing. maybe every keystone should have a super neat buff for your allies too because how else would they have fun? :)))
: Dark Harvester needs to be reworked to be the Death Fire Touch replacment
: Get Rid of Dark Harvest
how dare there be things in the game that reward you for using them correctly
: I think it would be more convenient to increase the power of the Tank Runes
: Sustained Damage is supposed to be a Continuous Power, not a Burst of Power.
6 seconds is not a 'burst' of power in league. it's more than enough time for an ADC to wreck someone's shit if they're actually playing around the keystone
: Precision not filling it's niche
because you get a window of immense power and actually have to use it?
: Darius got his base stats buffed so don't worry bc Darius is brocken.
everyone got their base AD buffed but darius doesn't work off base AD so it doesn't count darius did NOT get his spell base dmg buffed unlike any AD champ who has bonus AD ratios did
: Well, he still has the new Grasp of the Undying so I think it will be enough to compensate for the Bonus AD he loses since he is a bruiser, and bruiser normally build AD with HP and resist
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: Tank players, how are you guys feeling with the new runes?
: >Phase Rush is too weak for a rune. I totaly agree >Phase Rush is just a weaker Stormraider's that can proc a little easier for some champs. just a little easier... just be honest, its easier and more pratical. >-The 75% slow resistance is for melee only whereas Stormraider's just provides the buff to everybody No need to give this advantage to range. There no reason to btw. >-Movement speed buff is lower (equal at level 18) This is the only issue i have with this mastery... I mean most of new masteries are op comparativly to their new version. But Phase rush is weaker during all the game... if u except the means to proc it.
not always easier. garen is screwed hard and SRS was his primary keystone.
: Grasp works extremely well with many health stacking tanks (Sion/Tahm), giving them infinite stacking on health and more damage/healing. As long as you can stay in combat for the duration and proc the rune often, it's pretty strong. Why do you think it's a "shit" rune?
because I can just force a farm lane on both of those useless champions and now they have no health scaling, or I can take an actual good rune and stomp your shit in again and again because you took grasp (LOL)
: Phase Rush is too weak for a rune.
: I don't think that's a bug?
it is, urgot is meant to counter shields
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: Beekeeper Singed Delay
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