: > [{quoted}](name=Yawns,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=wUYOP65q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-30T21:04:30.602+0000) > > well it doesnt deal that much damage . id say reduce the width of it and give it some delay.... It has a 1.0 Bad ratio.
in an average game the max stacks you can get would be <100~ its not that bad
: About Senna
i feel the MS per auto wont help her as much cause her animation and AS her CC needs a nerf burst is okay , her abilities dont have good scaling ratios....
: Elder dragon buff
they need to lower the execute damage to 10% HP rather then 20%
: I think thats a feature, iirc pulling the soul out is meant to be her second auto on a champ.
: everyone has to stand still to basic attack, and it is not needed, she is a utility marksman and her utility will make up for it.
its barely noticeable she cant even attack as fast as others nor does she have OP AD scaling on any skill.
: Senna's ult is way too fast.
well it doesnt deal that much damage . id say reduce the width of it and give it some delay....
: With 450 ap is 4 seconds stuned, don't make sense. Tank ekko build iceborn that's give 20% cdr, so this buff tank ekko.
i forgot to mention stun is capped at 2.5.....
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: [Here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/HsEI9qgp-project-ashe-activate-pbe-testing) is where you can post feedback and bugs for the new skin. But anyhow, Legendary skins are usually determined by content. You can't easily say that it is not worthy of Legendary simply because that is a matter of opinion. I for one find the skin very nice.
The added dialogue is Fine....I hope there are taunts or more.... The particles are really not that good...
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: Ekko's way is tank not anything like ap so they cant nerf any of his abilities if they nerfed one of them no one will play the champ anymore!
His current problem is that he is too tanky this getting nerfed, so rather then making his abilities do decent damage with out much AP , we can make his abilities do crap damage with out AP and good damage with AP. Also this is a buff for him in the long AP run.
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: Jhin can cancel his reload....
sadly needs to be fixed D:
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: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Dear Gypsyloard or who ever ends up reading it, I like the new champion and his passive like jinx in many ways is fun , if I may suggest , you could in corporate a leap/waltz mechanic that would be awesome. Jhin takes an elegant leap after shooting his 4th shot (100-200 range) . this may be done by double clicking very fast as soon as he has shot the 4th bullet with in the time frame of the reload. this will make things very interesting, mechanical and fun to play. also incorporating his passive to deal 1-5% of missing hp on each bullet and then the final bullet dealing double the amount.
: [JHIN] Quality of life suggention
yea , may be they can make his 4th shot deal double damage to wards.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
He does not crit when morg has her shield on the target.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
THE TRAPS STACK INFNITLY !!!!! MAKE A 4-6 limit please .
: Jhin Balance Feedback!
If his W could get an execute or a crit for marked enemies that would be good, it already has a high cd and decent load time. also he has no way to escape other the to load out his load.... rather then him getting MS could he get a blink , or a shot range dash. that would be a better mechanic and more interesting or make his Q mark champs and deal and extra effect.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
If you cancel out of his ulti and dc while doing so , you are stuck in top view mode for the reset of the game , or until you ulti again. also his ulti cancels too late , and does not respond as fast.
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: What I'd want to know is if it heals more when Twitch's ult. crits several targets in a line. Also, would it apply to Runaan's side bolts in that attack too?
no... it activates once
: Warlords Blood lust
Riot please ......
scam , don't bother
: I Agree with you because i think if they would change the sustain to crit dmg champs like yasuo and tryda would perform better (yasuo is prity shity atm)
yea though yasuo still needs a buff other then this.. he really is shity atm...
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: Cannot See Rune Names
: Quinn's Status:
: Brand
yea not just brand , malzahar is OP too,
: I don't think he needs it, because he already got very high mobility and his Q.
yea but all others got a range buff , awwww .
: How are you using the ult to make it feel especially good? :O
its good cause u can send gankers back and laugh all the way :D but in all seriousness it is good , if u hit the adc they have to traverse back in to the fight which may get there team mates killed and easier to kill them.
: So... How is Poppy as a New Champion?
She is good , especially that ulti, Her Q is "Meh" overall kit is decent. could have made better.
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: C'mon don't be like that :3 Zed will be fine; new assassin item/masteries hype. on a side note, obviously you should be opting into Runic affinity for extended blue buff and Meditation for the mana regen :^) But really, I feel ya on the Zed stuff Yawns; new masteries are hopefully going to be in those spots of the tree that are weird. -Lostfr0st
its not so much the masteries or items, its just that getting QSS shuts down zed so hard. mid game if there adc gets QSS , welp gg. the only thing u can hope for is that ignite will kill them.
: Did you ever stop to think maybe you don't and shouldn't be going into ferocity? Go into Cunning damnit. your stuck in an archaic mentality. The trees aren't offense, defense and utility anymore.
do u even know why zed got buff the previous cycle ? and why he still might get buffs , he and khazix. its because in this meta he is underpowered. it takes 1 item to shut him down. also the problem with masteries is not just with zed but other AD based champs as well. ur close mindedness is just sad. and u want me to get what in utility tree? the cookies ? or the crappy 8~pen at max level ? Oh yea burst them down , deal 30% of max hp as damage, oh wait u cant cause they have Hourglass or QSS .
: Movespeed after ulting someone or chunking them is so fun right <3 Don't even need shadow to escape. -LostFr0st
yea cause these days no one had hourglass or QSS or even are just too tanky to escape with, hell event he new PD is good enough to survive with.
: I get half of my hp gone because of a q. please.
it has a 1.2 ratio at max level , which is Meh.... garn has better over all scaling either increase the damage or reduce the aoe of sight... the new Q just made Quinn near obsolete.. yea the "blind" is back , but the damage is more then half off what it used to be.
: Have you even tried the new Q? It does a good amount of damage, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets nerfed a bit with the 5.24 cycle
the old one does good amount off damage ( live servers ) the new one is just too much AD dependent . in the old one even if u did not have decent amount of AD could skirmish with it .
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