: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
Absolutely stunning, an amazing release and I love it so far. Looks fantastic and champ select feels super smooth and definitely a fluid experience. That said, I have a few criticisms. (If these need to go in an original thread or different one let me know and I can move it wherever) The first and biggest one I noticed is that the champion splashart orb feels jagged when it displays a new champion and when one is locked in. Upon lock in the client plays the champion sound and switches to the splashart of another summoner as expected, but the splashart changes too suddenly, simply flashing to a different image. Compared to all of the other images which have tediously animated high quality transition animations it breaks the atmosphere of it. It would be better to have say, an animation where the splashart "dissolves" into the other player's pick or to give it an animation where the center splash art flows (out of the arrow?) over to the summoner who picked the champion giving the champion select screen a look akin to the screens on the front of LCS computer terminals. http://esportsupdate.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/week-1-uol-vs-el-pb.png Second is that we can't buy skins mid-select. This I imagine will get changed but putting it in here in hopes to help it not be forgotten. Lastly is the queue timer, which seems to count time while we are in champ select in the queue time searching screen. leading to things like an expected 4:49 minutes in queue and a queue time of 8:17. If this is intentional the wording on queue time and expected queue time should be changed or the queue time resetting after champ select ends. Thanks for all the hard work you do on the boards!
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