: Was it granting vision? ...Or was it just a break in the FoW without really granting vision?
It's a visual glitch only; no actual sight is still there. The map being bright/dim is done by your client, not the server and it looks like the client never finishes cleaning up the vision circle. The 'good' news is that we've found reports of this bug in previous patches; so it's not new, but still would be awesome to fix.
: Thanks for the reply, means a lot. We just wanna know you guys are working as a group and know what bugs are important and what aren't and not that you're doing stuff in your spare time, so i'm happy this is not the case. Keep it up.
No problem -- as a heads up I synced up with two other engineers who investigated this before and we have a very solid idea of what's going on. The fix is a bit more involved, so I can't promise a date, but we're getting much closer :)
: [PBE BUG] Cross-Shaped Vision
Hey guys, This looks like a vision rendering bug which was one of the things hit by the vision technical rework I recently finished. This is the only bug that I haven't been able to reproduce, so if anyone has more details I'd love to get this fixed :)
: I'm sorry but that's just not good enough. This bug has been out for more than a year and you responding with a "i'll look at it in my spare time" makes zero sense. The bug has also extended to a champion appearing right behind you for a second, other than the minimap. This is a really annoying bug and should be looked at by the whole staff to fix it asap, not just you in your spare time. It has been out for A YEAR, not a week. I'm not trying to be rude but seriously this has gone for far too long and this response makes it look like you guys don't really care about it that much. There's also a bug with Lee Sin's Q where it's really laggy and weird when before it wasn't and it hasn't been looked at, all of these things are annoying and even if it would take a while to understand why it happens it would make the community feel much better. Annoyances during games are the worst. Anyways we really love you guys for what you're doing but please don't give these responses regarding very well known bugs. happy new year
I'm sorry if you were under the impression no one else was looking at this bug. As I stated, it is not related to the vision system and therefore is not impacted by these changes. Other engineers have investigated this bug, and I offered to look into it myself during my vacation as an additional set of eyes. As an addendum, I may have a fix (or rather, I do have a fix though I can't be sure what I found is causing every case); I hope to have it in either the next patch or the following one.
: Is this related to the bug on live where champions briefly somewhere where they are not, before seemingly teleporting to where they actually are? It's like the long-running map-icon glitch except it now affects the champion's models. Scares the crap out of me when I encounter their jungler in a brush and then suddenly they've teleported to the middle of a lane.
That bug and the minimap bug are the same one, to the best of my knowledge, I'm hoping to look at the issue more today. :)
: Previously, if you were wearing an oracles and were standing next to a bush, while having a green ward in the bush, you couldn't sweep the bush for wards despite you having an oracles and the bush providing vision within range of the oracles. Has that been resolved with this change?
That was actually the intended implementation back then; but it would be possible to change it now if we re-introduced Oracles or a similar ability.
: BUG report about vision
this sounds like the fog teleport issue; I'm going to look into that bug this week if no refactor bugs pop up :)
: On Dominion, the Health Relic icons will disappear when they are taken while not being visible. Can this be resolved? I would assume it's an ARAM issue as well, though with understandably less strategic implications there. You can track champion movements to some degree with this, can it be fixed?
I can definitely look into it -- can you tell me if this bug out on live or is it new to PBE?
: You said "while playing a game with bots you would occasionally see the model of the champion on fog of war. What about the minimap bug where you see the an enemy in a way different spot than where he actually is for one second? This happens in all game modes and frequently. There was such a bug once where this happened with the jungler once per game, when he showed up for the first time, and got fixed. Now it happens 10 times per game with every enemy. Didn't have time to play on the PBE to look if this bug has also been fixed.
That bug isn't related to the vision system (to our knowledge), but I'm hoping to look at it in my spare time over the next week or two and see if I can't figure it out.
: [Bug] Champions teleporting all over the map (but not in reality)
Hey guys, this is a bug I'd love to fix and I need to sync up with the engineer who last looked at this (he had a pretty good idea of why this happened and I want to circle back to see if he made a fix or verified his suspicions). Regardless of root cause, I am almost 100% certain that this is a networking related issue -- the character becomes visible to your client but hasn't updated their position yet so you see them at the location you last knew they were. I'll try to keep you guys updated if I believe I have a fix.
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: [Bug - [Gamebreaking] Champions Appearing in the Fog of War
Hi Lunarkh; Thanks for the report, but this bug has already been documented in several other threads and has a fix that should have gone out with this morning's patch :), also if you want to look for it then FYI it only occurs with bots. Let me know if you've seen it after patching.
: Able to see the enemy champions in the fog of war
A change which I believe fixes this issue will be in the next PBE patch, please keep an eye out :)
: Able to see the enemy champions in the fog of war
Quick question: has anyone had this bug occur without having FRIENDLY bots as well as enemy bots? Just trying to find possible causes. :)
: Able to see the enemy champions in the fog of war
Thanks for the report, I was hoping this had been fixed by another change but apparently not. If you have any idea on how to get this to happen more consistently please send that update, in the meantime I'll work on it as much as I can.
: Let me get this straight (in a way I understand better)... Was LoL reading from a variable that didn't have enough memory space reserved for it (and was not set)? Was LoL reading from a variable that was in the stack and was not set? Was LoL reading from a variable that was didn't have enough memory reserved and it was overlapping with a different memory (AKA off by 1)? Were two variable incorrectly pointing to the same memory space and overwriting each other? I'm really quite curious about what can cause such thing to happen (/me is thrilled)
From your choices the 3rd is the closest: The target validation code checked if a player was connected and didn't waste time updating them if they weren't. Minions, bots, pets, turrets all have a player of "-1" (no player), and the code which was checking didn't go through the interface which sanitized input and didn't validate the input itself -- for 2 years that index returned "connected", by chance, consistently. Lurking bugs are the best bugs. One thing I did as part of the fix was sectioned off the connection information so not going through the interface is a compiler error now and this bug can't happen again :)
: 12/5 PBE Issues Update (Feature Rollback)
Hey guys, Just wanted to give an update on one of the big problems that led to this rollback: the blind minion problem. It took a bunch of us investigating, so don't let me take all the credit, but we are fairly sure we've found the problem as a bug that's actually been lurking for a long time but finally became exposed. Without getting technical a setting which gathered valid targets for our AI controlled units was reading some bad memory for if it needed to update and we finally had enough changes that the bad memory read went from consistently on to 'randomly disabled'. For safety we're putting only the safer items back on PBE so we can make sure that the next patch is solid and that we won't have any unexpected problems right at the start of winter holidays for both you guys, our players, and many Rioters, because we want everyone to be able to play and so Rioters don't have to cancel plans with family -- unexpected game breaking bugs would put a kink in that. But look forward to any lost features being back in PBE once that patch is out :) Thanks for all your help on this guys Yakaru


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