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: PBE no RP
As stated by riot ([here!]( , the rp stipend was removed since its not needed after the pricing changes for new content.
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: [MAC] Champion select bug
Can confirm this, also happens on live client. Has been around for a while i think.
: [Suggestion] friendlist sort status
Well, friends who are ingame are defenitely not eligible for game invites while friends who are only away may only switched programs and hear your invite and decide to come back to play. So, the order like its now, "online" and "away" over "ingame" is justified in my opinion.
: Items and Upgrade Readability
This would imply that you need to add an item for (to stay with the example of cd boots) gives you flat cooldown reduction. The thing is, attributes like penetration, cdr, tenacity etc. are just too good to get attached to a single item. Armor on the other hand is a "basic" stat, therefore you can purchase it as a single item. So my point is: there are too different kind of items, the ones who provide basic stats (like speed, ad, ap, armor, mr… essentially everthing displayed next to your champion portrait) and the special stats (b.e. pen, cdr). While basic stats can stand for themselves to be effective, special stats always need a basic stat to have an effect on the game (why would you buy magicpen if you dont own AP?). So basic stats can be purchased as standalone items, while extra stats always come in a package with the required basic stat ({{item:3134}} gives you ad and pen). Therefore, expanding the build paths with tier1 items that get you special stats would be either too powerful or have no sense at all. tl;dr; However, i agree with you that its weird that special stats kinda come out of nothing. In my opinion, the solution would be to add non-purchasable attributes. Thereby, build paths would be more logical by justifying extra stats with something like "enchantements", so boots+cdr enchantement (not purchaseable as standalone item) = cdr boots.
: Already I can sense the incredible amount of phalli and swastikas that are to be drawn on the maps. A sight to behold.
Well, you could avoid this problem by restricting the draw ability to straight lines and amount of lines one player can draw to 1 or 2. Thereby, the only thing of with symbolic reference you can draw is maybe a cross. The other question is if you really need a draw function, i mean, the ingame minimap is also restricted to pings and everyone gets what you want to tell them (in most cases). So maybe the best solution would be a different set of "smart pings", like "move here", "guard"...
: Skin select bug
By looking up the names, i suppose this is on live servers? Keep the live stuff to the live forums. You should also include not only a photo, but steps to reproduce, general description, possibly reports by other players to confirm it in order to make the bug understandable.
: Division bug
If this is on live serves, i believe you should post it in the live forums, not in the PBE.
: Suggestion: Make the pre-game map pingable?
I think it would suffice to make the existing champion portraits moveable by mouse in order to show the position of everybody for strategy discussion.
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
I encountered 2 *bugs* / odd client behaviours: (**Note**: may caused by network issues) - Certain players (always the same person) keeps **disconnecting from lobby**. Happened in both cases, via direct invite or picked up via solo players search, happened 3 times in a row. He was still able to chat with the rest of the lobby and (from his view) was still in the lobby, but invisible for everyone else. - When **selecting a champ**, sometimes a random error pops up, had "Group not found" and "Service Unavailable" though i believe i had no network issues And here is a *suggestion*: When building a team as a captain or being in a lobby as solo, the **status of the player in friend lists**, chats etc stays at "online". Would be nice to have that changed into "Creating Team Lobby" or something like this, in a similar fashion to "Creating Custom Game". This would clarify things and prevent useless invites to other games.
: [GUIDE] Newbie Welcoming Kit
Maybe add a hint for **"Public Chat 1"**. Most people there are friendly and can help you solve problems much faster than in the forums.
: Noticed that a lot of champions voices and emotes aren't working properly (xerath, singed, thresh). Other bugs is on the thresh skin Deep Terror I randomly had the caitlyn ult icon underneath thresh even tho there was no caitlyn in the game.
Have You Played against {{champion:96}} ? His New Q marks the units affected by the debuff with same icon as {{champion:51}} ult.
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
The good thing: ive heard ambient sound effects i never noticed before ^^ Missing sounds i encountered: - {{champion:76}} spears no hit sound (occurs only sometimes, mostly when enemy is not in vision or far away) - have not tested this with any other longrange skillshots yet - No VO at all (as already mentioned) - sometimes, ingame audio stuck in a loop of about a half second for a short period of time (when listening to itunes music simultaneously) Beside that, ive got the feeling that sounds fall off too rapidly towards the border of the screen. Equip: MacBook Pro integrated soundcard, razer electra stereo headset
: I know that but still it is from yesterday ! That is why i did say a bug. riot just made a statement about this, i have to apologize :D this is indeed a bug
: PBE auto leveling bug.
This is not a bug. Every account is created lvl1 and in some cases it takes some time for the server to recognize you and grant you level 30 and the ip/rp. So I would say patience is the solution.
: Team Builder Bugs!
When someone leaves the lobby immediately after joining, the chat will announce " has left the room", but no summoner name will be displayed. Occured to me twice in the same lobby, cant really say if its persistent or not because in no other lobby someone has left. I was queueing solo.
: Team Builder available on the PBE! Monday (1/13) and Tuesday (1/14) from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
Ill put in my two cents: In my opinion, Team Builder only leads to a positive experience when queueing up as a builder - as a solo player, you often run into comps your champion doesnt really fit to. I think a kind of a "controlled" reroll function could solve this. Possible features could be - the new champion has to be confirmed by a majority of players in the lobby and / or the leader - something like a "backup-pick", a second champ you choose before entering the queue and then being able to choose between those two depending on your team - the possibility to make wishes for teammates (b.e. something with great synergy, like janna / yasuo) - could be solved by begging your builder to accept this one champion, though you rely on a competent Builder then
: [Item Sets] - Item missing in game
Seems not to work with Dorans Blade too, only Dorans Ring is displayed ingame. [Item Set in Client]( [Item Set in Game](


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