: How long is it going to take to install
im having the same problem just for updating, i did a speed test and its working fine at 100 down 45up so thats not it. and im only downloading the 6.17 at 100-250kbs. pretty brutal
: Darius can't flash mid Q anymore (the reason this is a bad thing)
you could flash and q at the same time. but ithink that they took it out. on the first day he was out you could on pbe.
: Academy Darius Crippling Strike Animation Bug
its like that for all skins btw. I main darius on live. so am getting all the practice I can get. but yes when you try to aa reset with w the animation never plays. and if you try to ult someone when they are just in range sometimes that animation is super fast or does not play at all.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
well I gave up on posting after this one atleast. since it seems like It does nothing, don't think they even care what input we give. not many people like the new darius. most only heavily dislike it because the Q delay is absurd. change that to 0 or reduce it per Q rank. because now he is just a meat sack with no chase potential.
: Darius aa after e
yes, this is a thing. its a bug and its on live atm, I main darius I can be annoying but I allways spam click anyways
: This is something I've debated a ton and gone back and forth on during the design process. Currently I feel that if the CD starts on cast, Darius and his opponents are just spending far too much time late game once he has CDR just trying to aim / avoid the Q. If his Q needs buffs, I'd prefer to make the impact just stronger at this point rather than making it any more frequent.
can you please just make the Q a .25 or .5 delay then the rest of his kit is allright ( not that I like the changes at all) but just taking off the delay or lowering it should fix the his now VERY weak lane faze, but honestly, all these changes do is make some really annoying to deal with champions like riven and irelia. even more dumb. since darius was one of the go too champions that kept them down. is now farily weak at the first 15 mins.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
hello. I happen to be a fairly damn good darius player. aka top 20 in the world top 3 in NA (last time I check was a week ago so may have changed). I don't mind the changes but the problem I have is this. the Q is super sluggish and has made him very weak in lane. if the delay was .25 or how it was on the old Q wont be too bad. and for a possible buff to his passive to compensate for the removal of his passive ms with bleed. I think in bloodrage he should get some stacking per ult level ms in his passive. so ex (in bloodrage at (level 1 ult) he gains 3%ms, (level 2 ult) 5% ms, (level 3 ult) 7% ms... until the passive runs out. and the W strip. like that's one way to make an ability useless. revert to the old one or make it so it slows attack speed at max rank 25% fo 2 seconds or make it so he gets a flat amount of ms at all levels in his new secondary passive (ex in bloodrage darius gain 5%ms at all levels). mean other than that I don't think the changes are too bad. (still I don't see the point of them AT ALL) I only think for the current darius in pbe that this is needed really. as the removal of his ms bleed is rather harsh. as he is already very simple to kite if he misses E, or does not have flash at the time. thoughts on this?
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