: I completely agree with the final point, against bots or friends who also want to see how the item will work it is easy to reach the 25 large monster requirement. But in a real game before i can get that many people start getting in team fights and rage at me for spending time in the jungle then I need to jungle more to get more stacks to make it useful against enemy champs. maybe having it start with stacks equal to how many large creeps killed to get it or raising the damage from 33% to 45-50% and another post (can't remember who) pointed out that the 33% apply to the healing when attacking champions, so far from my experience it does not was this intended?
The problem with his second idea is that that would have to code some new way to show stacks. All other stacking items just show that you bought it, this includes mejai's, or SOTO. A uncompleted tear doesn't even show how much mana you are getting post game if you do not turn the item to seraphs or manamune. It would most likely be to hard to show something like this post game. Also this item will not become weak after release. Try champions that optimize attack speed, attack damage, or on hit effects. You will find that they are normally bad jungler but great late game carries. Try Yi, Attrox, WW, or even Volibear; champions that have not been popular recently becuase they do not fill the meta jungle. These champions may gank once or twice (which means no jungle pressure, against the meta), but their primary role is to farm till late game where they will proceed to wreck havoc on the enemy team.
: Velkoz W
This was Discussed here: A red already confirmed Riot is tracking this. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/M4FAacx7-velkoz
: Vel´koz death bug
I experienced a similar crash upon the death of Vel Koz, it did not not happen until about my 5th death playing him. I only happened my 3rd game out of 5 so far. Unable to reproduce yet but it has also happened to me OP (original poster).
: Gimme dat ashe
YASU0 B0T, both of the o's are zero's. I'll be on the whole time testing team builder from 2-5.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/3) and Tuesday (2/4) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
I am glad all the bugs are fixed. The only problem now is the queue times but that is because there are only so many people on the PBE because of the server size of the PBE, they will be much faster live. What I think what guys can do to polish the experience is make the ping sounds louder when everyone has joined and or have a more glorified startup like others have suggested. Some time is spend waiting for everyone to realize that everyone has joined and just need to click ready.
: me too..
Must not be working for anybody at this time, I don't have it either
: Major (Teemo SR) Frost fang double dipping gold (video included)
This was discussed a while back here: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/ElbYbaEj-frostfangspellthief-bug-double-procs-on-the-same-champion Frostfang procs independently off spells and abilities for all champions. All champions gain gold if they auto and then use a spell; teemo just automatically gets the spell proc because of his passive. I could proc it as support lis by using an ability and then using an auto. Riot may want to **reword** it if the item is functioning correctly or fix it if it is not working as intended but currently all champions can get the 16 gold, not just teemo.
I am new to the PBE, but even I can recognize this as spam. Please use the general rule of searching all discussions (Riot worked hard to get us that search bar) before creating a thread. This is not General Discussion. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/site-feedback/031P2FJX-updated-faq-public-beta-environment This topic has already been discussed by tons of people before. Please reread the above link about posting new threads. Also if you do encounter trolls, here is some advice: Report them, so Riot can know that they are trolling. If enough people report this toxic player (throughout many games of seeing him troll), then Riot will see that they are in fact trolling and will remove the toxic player (have faith in Riot). If they were just having one bad game, and don't usually " troll" then they probably won't get any more report. Have a good day sir, and please don't name specific people/accounts in the forums.


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