: I'm not even certain that a new crit item is even necessary. Cloak of Agility would be able to build into more than just Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge that way.
My problem is not that the amount of crit items is low then, but that brawlers only have one option then (Zeal). Items with not enough build options or bad build paths: - Brawlers - Phage - Recursive Bow (2 very situational items and one that is not really used often currently) - Frozen Mallet ...
: Shard of True Ice is a point-and-click AoE 50% slow. Sounds pretty darn good for roamers to me. Also, if Riot decides to leave the bug in the game, it can also build into the [Dominion version of] Twin Shadows.
The effect is great, just like the other 2 effects. I talk about the gold gained. When the laning phase is over, teams are grouping. If you want to poke the enemy then for gold, you needs to have a really good ranged skill, else you won't get as much gold out of it till a teamfight starts, and then you actually don't want to concentrate onto hitting every enemy at least once with a skill/AA. You need to support the team. The overall difference is not really high, but it can up a little bit if the game goes on for a longer time. Especially when both teams are nearly equal. It is only about the gold income.
: Hi guys, I've attempted to reproduce this internally but have been unsuccessful. Every time the dragon flies back to its starting point (as it does in the video), it regains all of its health. In the video, it appears as though this isn't happening. Has anybody else tried to or been able to reproduce this?
Improve Dragon AI, this problem and probably some others fixed.
: it wont just be eve. twitch will be much stronger in lane and his roaming will be even stronger as well. talon will be quite a bit stronger as well as ulting will effectively make him untargetable.
Yeah, but you can counter twitch in a lane fight still with a fast ward you can drop down and if he leaves the lane, you can ping it and the team will be aware of it. Eve in the jungle doesn't give you any hint and so all lanes have to play defensive till she reveals herself through a gank. Jungle twitch would be also a problem, but it is very unlikely that he will jungle, and, if needed, you can reduce his stealth duration or increase the CD, so that a counter ward will give you at least some time. Eve will see the counter ward (or her team), move up to it, destroy it, and now the enemy has to live in fear or feed more counter wards into her, what no team can do for even 1 minute.
: But yes, this item could be bought by certain Junglers ( Zac, Seju, Amumu ). They Gank your lane, give you money and health, and a shield + damage for the gank. It's the perfect gank item and makes everyone happy about minion taxes.
But to make it actually effective you would want to gank once every minute, what is way too often for most junglers. You want to use the effect as often as possible against minions. Maybe Lee Sin could try to use it, but i think focusing onto the real jungle items will give him more gold and more useful stats without the needs to gank that often (and not only gank, but take 2 CS what needs a bit more time).
: Avarice Blade and the gold item limitation
Avarice blade should actually be removed. It was always meant to be a risky buy that throws you behind and you use it to farm up and get stronger later in the game. And the only champ that could really use it effectively was GP, who himself is not really good currently. - Replace Avarice blade with Cloak for other items. - Make a new crit item with Brawler's Gloves. The impact that Avarice has on the game is nearly 0. But it makes building some items like Atmas less ideal. Even ADCs get Zeal and then finish Statikks ASAP cause the avarice is crippling you more than it helps you after 10-15 minutes in the game. And, as I already said, Only GP can really use it early enough to make use of it, and he wants to stay safe in lane and farm up over range.
: Guess what. Mid lane eve will return, as well any other champ who can go stealthed. you can't pink ward your lane anymore to track them. also you will no longer be able to really deny vision by pinking the river, because they will just go destroy your pink ward because its fully visible. also pinking dragon and baron will only be something you do if you want to take it really, or you will have to drop it way back in the pit which doesnt really help since the other team can just ward the river outside and still have vision. gg wp pink wards apparently you are op and just got nerfed. RIP oracles you now have ten seconds to clear wards every minute and a half. stealth wards are op, and so is stealth. pink warding is now mostly useless except dropping one in ur jungle to keep an eye on one of ur buffs, or clearing out one single area of wards for the duration you are there.
Riot already said (I most people were concerned about that) that they keep an eye on eve, cause these ward changes will let the old problem return that she had before the remake: No way to defend against her effectively. Maybe Riot will allow the normal wards to reveal her and buff her in another way. Or they are going to nerf her passive stealth (can be seen now at a 1200 range) to make it good to get through wards, but useless when in vision range of champs.
: Purple wards are now visible, I'm not sure if it is intended. It is too east to drag minions to do the clear ward works if it is the case.
Yeah. Use the CV trinket and cast it into the lane brush. Minions will see the ward and destroy it for/with you, making it pretty hard for the enemy to defend that ward. I think that minions and monsters should ignore all wards. Turrets already ignore wards.
: It's an interesting idea, but I think the reason Riot went this direction with WoTA was actually more about Vladimir. In season 3 many people were building the Spell Vamp jungle item on him for the CDR and Spell Vamp cost efficiency. They removed the Spell Vamp on the Spectral Wraith and added CDR to WoTA to make it more appealing for Vlad players.
Bulding the SotAW on Vlad was actually a bad thing (or better said: not optimal). Hextech Revolver + 850g for kindlegem (nerfed on current live server to 950g, but down to 850 again in S4) was a way better build. It gives 8% less SV, no mana reg, no smite CDR and no 30% extra dmg against monsters, but 200 HP and both items are still improveable, increasing the gold efficiency further once you upgrade one of the two. SotAW < Revolver + Kindlegem (pre 3.13 and probably equal 3.13, but the upgrade advantage is still in favor of the second). The new WotA is again for AP champs and putting an aura into it would make it either bad without a lot of champs that can use but ok with enough, or OP when you get enough champs that profit from the SV + AP and ok when you alone use it. What i do like is the mana reg. Kennen, Vlad and other champs without mana made that item too good on them for sustain and riot needed to nerf it down, but it was bad then for other champs that were bound to mana. This change will make the item still good for manaless champs, but will also be appealing for champs with mana. What i don't like is the high Sepllvamp. I think that LS and SV should never exceed 15-18% or it makes sustain from one item very strong. It also focuses so much strength into SV and you get no option for a low SV high AP item, and that is what most champs want more. My suggestion: - 70-75 AP - 10% CDR - 10 mana reg - 18% SV - around 2300g
: Change of Janna Howling gale
The new Q is definitely weaker. But when you use the new Q without charging it up, you will only have a 0.35 AP ratio and a 0.2 sec shorter CC. 0.3 AP and a 0.2 sec longer CC + bonus dmg is worth the charging in certain situations. And they nerfed the Q cause it was the main AP Janna skill. Her E and W are currently OP as they are. E got a 0.33 AP scaling for the AD and W has a better MS and stronger slow (equal at 67 AP) for only losing a 0.1 AP ratio. I also think that her Q got hit too hard, while her E and W are probably OP. - Give Q a 0.5 AP ratio (up from 0.35). That makes a 0.8 AP ratio when fully charged. Increase the base dmg per second charged to 20-40 (from 15-35). Full dmg would be 160 + 3\*40 + (0.5 + 3\*0.1) * AP = 280 + 0.8 AP. That is ok for a 3 second charged skill. - Nerf the W slow to 0.08 AP ratio down from 0.12 and the speed to 0.03 or 0.02 down from 0.04 - E down to 0.3 AP ratio from 0.33 for the AD.
: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
The kages build path seems to fall a bit behind once the laning phase is over. Supports that build AP are not that safe that they can easily poke the enemy every now and then. But farming and last hitting goes on all the time. My suggestion woudl be to give the shard of true ice at least 5g/10 to make up for that or allow the active slow on the item to also trigger the gold (easier to get the full possible gold out of the item in a teamfight). The early balancing of the 3 items seems to be way off still. - Philo gives decent early stats, but they are not too useful late game. 12g per wave. - Kages has overall great stats for most ranged supports, but gives at least 6 and up to 30g per wave. General it is around 14-18g per wave. - Executioners seems to be the strongest one early on. 25g (20 for the support and 5g for the ADC that would normally take the CS). And, cause the ADC sometimes misses a CS, it can even be worth 45 gold when you play well together with your supporter. And it also gives around 1 HP reg every 5 sec to the ADC early game (scaling up). Philo could need a gold boost or stat boost. It is overall currently the weakest. Kages is ok early on, but falls off once laning phase is over. Executioners is the best early game and doesn't really fall off. The mechanics seem to work great and are not easily abused. Kages could be abused by champs that can clear waves fast. The g/10 runs all the time and the stats are pretty good for the costs. And you get a small window where you get extra gold for harassing. Only that it doesn't build into a really strong burst AP item holds it down for mid lane AP.
: Garen's Visual Upgrade is now ready for testing!
1. Scarf is on the wrong side on his back. It was and should always be his right side. 2. Q animation doesn't feel good enough 3. The sword in his R is so simple. the old sword of him in the air looked cooler. The ground animation and the sound is awesome.
: @SmashGizmo Olaf Feedback of current iteration.
I tried him a bit and my main problem is his early game. - His Q costs a decent amount of mana and doesn't do too much dmg early on compared to an early maxed E. - His W does nothing early game. Especially the new version that came out last night. 20-100% stronger passive? If you are not low it means 0 bonus AS and if you are low it is 100%. - E nerfed early to 70 + 40% total AD (94) from 100 + 40% bonus AD (100). But buffed mid to late game (equal at lvl 5 and then it gets stronger up to +15 dmg). My suggestion: - Change E to deal 80/120/160/200/240 + 40% total AD as true dmg. That would mean around 103-105 dmg at lvl 1-2 instead of the old 100 and also +5-6 at lvl 18. It will be a tiny mid game nerf if you max E, but will also move a bit more focus away from maxing E if the player wants to spam Q. - Move Olaf's Passive into his W: Active: He gains 20/30/40/50/60% AS Passive: 80/85/90/95/100% AS based on his missing HP. LS stays as it is. - Move his R's passive part into his passive: Gains 5/10/15/20/25/30 bonus Armor/MR at lvl 1/4/7/10/13/16. This bonus gets removed when his ult is active. Advantages: => Maxing E first is a tick weaker, making Q maybe a bit more attractive for another 1-2 points early. Also a bit more early game strength. => More early game survivability. Smoother increase of Armor/MR (6 and 11 are super hard power spikes for his laning phase. way higher than of any other champ I can think of. +10/20/30 is a big passive bonus). => Less overall AS (100-160% instead of 120-200% pr the 90-190) but more controllable, especially early game. Short: Needs more early game power and less late game Smoother power curve (6/11/16) current forms of W are an overkill in AS. AS in passive or W only.
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