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: Mystery skins cant give unavailable skins?
They give Legacy skins. Underworld wukong should be in there, just takes time. You just can't receive special event skins.
: C&P a response I left on reddit: The highlighted blade on the dagger is likely to give it some umphf from normal or far camera distance, which you will normally be at for a game. With the up close comparisons, it's easy to tell what changed and the removal of the red curves. If those same comparison shots were from normal game distance, you'd see it go from a completely red dagger to now having a clear sharp edge.
Sorry I don't check Reddit, also love your website. But IMHO I don't really see how cleaning up the blade in this way helps in clarity at all.
: Out of curiosity, how would people feel anout Ashe having a knockback on Q? Or maybe the ability to place some sort of trap on the ground?
If you've played Smite, which I indulge in from time to time, if you gave her a trap with this rework then you really just made the Artemis of League of Legends.
: the issue with Q is that even though it can be pretty good, it doesn't fit her play style or mesh with the rest of her kit, she might end up losing her great base attack speed or scaling to compensate for it and it already prompted a change to W that made it feel clunky and less useful. Plus it will probably get nerfed either way, since it just gives way too much at the moment, like 5 {{item:3071}} stacks immediately.
Why get {{item:3071}} for a 30% reduced armor that takes time to stack, when you can get {{item:3035}} which is 35% less armor instantly.
: Personally I think that the daggers would look better if the white was more of a steel color.
They'd look better but I still don't think they're the right fit for this skin. I find the left ones more aesthetically pleasing.
: ...What page of Riot's handbook says that reducing detail looks better? The daggers on the left look **amazing**, the ones on the right look like poorly textured butcher knives for a game that's 15 years old.
I don't know if you're talking to me, but I'm agreeing with you the ones on the left are clearly the best, they match the wild/twisted theme Shaco has. Sorry if the way I worded it confused you. {{champion:35}}
: Lulu's Pix will only work on the first of the Flurry attacks unless I special case it.
I personally wouldn't, just in case the Lulu goes full AP. Then the Ashe as amazing Damage and is just destroying anyone she focuses.
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: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
How does LuLu's Pix work on her Flurry, will her enhanced AA be applied 5 times per attack or will it be only applied once per attack?
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