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: FPS ?
Same Problem, I have 150 fps then my screen will freeze as if im having fps lag, it happens in the middle of fights.
: huge client bugs after update / honor a player screen doesnt work properly + blank screen client
I have the same issue and have figured out a way to fix it. After the bug happens where you are on the home screen when you should be in champ select or on the blank home screen after a game open task manager, click on details, sort by memory, then end the task of the league process using the most memory (this is on windows by the way). The name of the process is LeagueClientUxRender.exe, then after ending the process it will take approximately 30 seconds for your client to work again. You may have to even do it again if you get into a lobby and someone dodges, but the client issue happens after every game (specifically after honoring someone, and during the time when I would be seeing the after game recap) and for over half of the times I join champ select. Please fix this its is very annoying and adds extra time to queues and more dodges.


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