: you're welcome and i do believe your idea could be very interesting. but im afraid it may be slightly too easy to overbuff, at which point ahri may get olafed/azired/leblanced xD also if you haven't tried her new 3rd version, you really should
: hopefully, riot never does this ^^ as a long time ahri main, trust me, she doesn't need the Q movement speed (players that didn't play her during the DFG era aren't used to her not having MS) -giving CD reduction to both R AND W will make ahri even more centered on her Qs, and probably just going to be way too OP. (she already has CDR on R) -E gives damage amp for 5 seconds which imho is more then enough, but i guess that's not really game breaking if you add an extra second :P -ahri will NEVER have ammo system on R, she did very, very early, and riot canceled it because it was abused..(everyone literally kept a charge to escape whenever they needed) and also an ammo system like akali's will bring ahri's skill floor and cap way way down.. i think the current 3rd version is really amazing however, while ahri is alot more vulnerable at all stages, she is much stronger. champs that used to counter ahri back in s4 are still countering her pretty well, but most are skill matchups, and winning lane feels incredibly rewarding now. as well as finally having actually lvl 2 pressure =^~^={{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I did play Ahri with dfg. I still guess Q is much nicer with movement speed. Also I guess that she should have ammo on R. It will work very simmilar to Vayne Q but less often. And again, if she was more Q centered, gameplay will be better. With new R and low cd Q she will become movementspeed monster which can more easly engage with R. Tho she will have only 2 R charges which are rechargable on enemy kill. So she need to think more about every move. It's so complicated. :D I am glad that you decided to explain why it's bad idea. Well, I can sound very confident, but your points were exactly my worries. xD Anyway I want to try it out.
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