: You (probably) have more than 9 runes of the same type and have thus reached the cap of how many runes one can own. In this case, if you want the other runes, you will have to contact [Riot support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) and ask that they reset your runes, which will remove *all* your runes. You will not get a refund. Use the live account your PBE account is linked to (and its region), then specify you're talking about PBE within the ticket. Use the subject “I have a technical issue” and select PBE as your region. Also, please first look through the forums to see if your problem has already been reported. This will avoid clutter on the boards.
Oh okay, thanks! I'll contact them right now.
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: Official Braum Feedback Thread
Having played Braum a few times, I would wager that his flat damage on his Q might be a little too high. It might be better to give him a buff in his health scaling and tune back his Q's flat to make early game against him not as frustrating. Rank 1 in his Q is about 100 damage with his scaling, and it just goes up from there. I'm not sure if this was intended as it is one of his only two damaging abilities, but it bullies in lane to an extent. This change could also make him more relevant damage-wise late game if he builds more health related items. Just an idea.


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