: [Suggestion] Poro snack
Keep in mind that Poros run away from players, so if you keep feeding them their would be too many of them and it will be very easy to tell if someone is hiding in a bush.
: yeah, but is not necessary give a reward for this help. But I agree that sometimes is very difficult to know if one of the "bad guy" feeding the enemy team. I see a lot of time that people only for losing, report the one who, for them, feed the enemy. So I agree with a match replay in this case. For the reward,I repeat, I don't think it's necessary.. it will be going to minimize the tribunal . Sorry for bad english °-°
About the rewards, I think many more people would share in the Tribunal if a reward system was implemented. The fact it's managed by Justice Ratings not by amount of cases as it used to be would prevent the system from getting abused.
: The bonus was actually removed, and it was removed EXACTLY because of that. Most players that go to Tribunal, go because they want to make a better community. If they give rewards, people that only want the rewards will go to the tribunal, but without necessarily wanting to make a better community. But I agree, it needs more interactivity, like, when the itens were brought, when/to who players died. When the replay system comes in, they could give the option to re-watch the match, for you to know what really happened. At least for "Intentional Feeding", and "Assisting enemy team".
And that is why I said that the rewards would be for high justice ratings, because it doesn't matter if you just answer randomly to get rewards, you wouldn't get the rewards and you run the risk of getting punished.
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: [Nasus] - Fury of the Sands delays a bit
It's not a bug, his ultimate always had cast time.
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: Surge was always useless for ADCs stacking atk speed, it was for ones that go full AD, usefull for some bruisers, also could help jungler early game bcz 10 true dmg on hit from {{item:1039}}
Personally, I would never use Surge while clearing and usually the ones that go full ad have either built in attack speed ex: Tristana or are ad casters.
: I agree with you but I just think with all of the high priorities of barrier and cleanse and the numerous attack speed items for the ADC/Marksman role that it would just end up like Clairvoyance in the never used section unfortunately.
Clairvorance was actually replaced by exhaust for supports when wards got buffed. Anyway, I think surge really didn't have a significant enough effect, usually when you use it, you would get CCed and ignite normally does more overall damage. But ofc, everyone has his preferences.

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