: I hear where you are coming from - our goal is to improve queue times without players losing too much control over their positions - we expect you will rarely find yourself in the position of playing a less ideal role. We're testing this feature in isolation early so that we could gather as much feedback before pre-season as possible. This is part of a larger plan that we have for the new season, which players will hear more about in the near future.
I really do think this is a great idea, and looking forward to testing it. I do hope this is also just a first step and not a large band-aid (as you said, you are testing it in isolation on purpose, which makes perfect sense, and is part of a larger plan). Thank you for the response! Looking forward to seeing how the testers respond to it.
: Position Preference In Testing
This seems like a great idea...if we were also able to opt out of queueing with premades. While I think this is a good step in the right direction, I can say the last thing I want is to be put with a 3 man premade not communicating as it is, and now also having to play my 4th worst role. There would be absolutely no fun to be had and I would likely play worse overall. For example, I play adc literally never in ranked, because I am bad at adc positioning and play mostly top on an island. There is no chance I'm getting mid, top is fairly popular, so I'll likely be stuck support or adc and very bad in both (I would be saying no to jungle, as I'm not good at ganking at all). This seems really good in theory, but a LOT of potential for frustration and toxicity (by the people not wanting to play their 4th worst role, and from the people flaming said person for doing bad at something they are bad at). I'm not 100% convinced the trade off is worth it in the end without more in place. ---------- **Edit: Just to put this here at the end, I still _DO_ think this is a good idea, just feels a bit "in a vacuum" is all.**
: Number of mastery points dont matter though if youre not good. There are people out there in bronze 5 with a ton of points. http://championmasterylookup-derpthemeus.rhcloud.com/?summoner=Poppyfate&region=BR http://www.lolking.net/summoner/br/14100823 Doesnt mean youre good for having a million points. So I agree with making a requirement, especially because if you are good you can get those s's easy, in fact its too easy for it to feel any rewarding at all.
Rank has nothing to do with anything. You can gain mastery in rotating game modes, normals, and aram "soon". You could be mastery 5 and never have touched rank once. Doesnt mean you are good or bad with the chanps in question, but your conclusion is a bit biased towards ranked play.
: [5.13] Core AP Items Pass
Have to be honest and say I'm really not a fan. I may be in the minority but, I just don't like this "nerf the big stuff to make the weak stuff look better in comparison" mentality that goes into items and champions so often. - Putting spell recipes into threes I think is just a bad change in general. All it does is clutter up the inventory, and if it is mid-late game, you know what this does? Makes people even less likely to use that open slot for a ward...or in some cases have an open slot to put it. Plus it just makes it look sloppy because, what's the point? - Deathcap was a decent change, and at this point either fix Spellvamp or just remove it from the game completely, like from that terrible spot in the utility tree. There is no reason to really ever take that, especially with spell vamp not really being a thing except, what 2 items now, and Morg? - Not sure the Crystal scepter change was all that great. Truthfully people tend to get it more for the hp than the slow I've found, but barely then, and increasing the cost, I can almost guarantee, is going to make this a less attractive purchase. - Nashor's is so Niche I don't really know what the point of this was aside from buffing Kayle, as no one else but Teemo buys it regularly. - The RoA change I'm sure came from a good place, but this isn't good. This is going to hurt top laners like Mao, and realistically most base mages don't get this, they go for the Needlessly large Rod items, so this doesn't help mages as much as it hurts ap tanks. There are not many straight mages that get this item outside of, Swain? - The luden's change is just a nerf, as the movement speed, realistically again, isn't super important here, and the -100 gold doesn't really make up for the losing ap. - Changing archangel's staff to build out of Rod is actually not great. It was good to build tear, then your blasting wand on the cheap while building up the tear, then purchase it on your next back. Going from the now 850 blasting wand to the 1250 Needlessly large rod...yeah that isn't good. Rod is good because you can buy that and sit on it, but you aren't going to buy rod first, you are buying tear first. This just feels awkward. Good eventually, but just feels a bit awkward in general. Just my thoughts here. Feel free to disagree, but just don't think these were the best of changes as a whole, though some were okay. Making these changes all at once is going to make things odd for a bit if they drop at the same time.
there needs to be ways of reporting outside of simply end game lobbies anyways. I've had people just be holy cow horrible in champ select, then dodge, and they need to be reported but...you have to go make a report ticket, where the copy/paste bot tells you to keep reporting in the end game lobby. - or cases where randomly you won't even go to the end game lobby so you can't report even after being stuck with said person all game. I've had people so salty (on my team and the enemy team) about a game that they have harassed me after the game trying to "friend" me, or friend request spamming, etc. There isn't even an area when you go to create a ticket that is there for player behaviour (which seems odd to me), because Riot seems to only think very linear as far as reporting goes, as if nothing happens before or after a game.
: We're turning on the Friend Discovery Hub on PBE!
Still don't get the point of this. If you want to know if friends play LoL, ask them. I guess this is neat to someone, I just truthfully don't understand why. If your rl friend plays LoL, and you talk ever, and you had to find out through facebook roundabout ways, maybe you should talk to your friend more and play league less.
: New friend discovery feature on the way
I'm sure I'm going to get downvoted for whatever reason, but If you play league, and you want to know which of your friends play league, why not just ask them like a normal person, instead of having to do some really roundabout way of finding them on facebook or something? If they are your friend in real life, and you want to know bad enough if they play (because you most likely want play with them) wouldn't you just ask, or send them a refer a friend request to see, send a text, anything? This seems like some fluffy random thing that really isn't needed.
: While more jungler diversity is a noble goal, you mentioning more complex jungling raised some alarm bells for me. What I'm worried about is new players getting into jungling. It seems like even in this day and age, learning about jungling as a role is almost exclusively peer-to-peer. I think your tutorials and other such materials should be able to explain a number of new players better instead of relying on us to do it: 1. Why a team benefits from a full time jungler. 2. What makes a strong jungler. 3. The steps of clearing a jungle, especially the first time. 4. The jungle specific items and when to build them. 5. When to give buffs to your team. 6. What each of the epic monsters can do in detail (try to emphasise their importance if you can). As a role, jungler has the highest barriers to entry by far, and I don't want you making that even worse. The fact that 90% or more of them rely on runes and/or masteries to clear properly doesn't help matters. Jungling is a complex art, so I think players would benefit from learning about it and being able to master the basics as soon as possible.
This is something that has always frustrated me in general, the lack of help in that regard from Riot directly. I think they rely a bit too heavily on the "community" to help players out, but that isn't as reliable as it could be and it would be nice to have a proper tutorial for example (new players still being told to get Thornmail on Ashe for example <_<) A jungling guide/tutorial IN the client would be amazing.
: I am very excited for these changes. It'll open up jungle variety causing a more interesting jungle meta, especially for tanky junglers and farm junglers.
From the descriptions so far it really sounds like Riot WANTS their to be a diversity but I feel the champions that are strong will get even stronger to be quite honest. I haven't seen anything explained yet that will change the champions currently played. Lee Sin is still going to be Lee Sin and he is going to do his Lee Sin thing regardless because he applies lots of laning pressure and can easily counter-gank if he really wants to. Warwick for example isn't suddenly going to be a real competitor versus a Lee Sin unless the new items are so broken that they will get Feral Flare treatment, and then in reality Lee Sin will have one too, so where is there a real difference? That is my concern.
: I would be lying if I said I wasn't sceptical of some of these changes but overall they will seem to benefit the jungle role immensely. My main concern is that because of these new secondary objectives, the jungle role will overshadow the others. This may cause disruption is solo queue because every person wants to carry and what better role than the one with the most influence? My point is that the lanes should also be looked at, specifically, bot lane. The reason I say this is because imho ADC (marksman) is the most uninfluential role. Don't get me wrong, a game won't be able to progress without an ADC, but all an ADC does is shower the enemy with damage. My suggestion is adding mild utillity to the ADC role by; for example creating items with utillity actives that will be usefull for the entire team. There are obviously other roles that may also need looking at after these jungle changes, which look awesome and will provide a wider perspective in terms of stratagy.
My concern is that jungling is already THE most influential role at the moment, even in solo queue let alone competitive, and if these changes are giving them so much (new items, bonuses etc) then what stops them from overshadowing other roles to the point that the jungler can carry the game by himself? Not saying it will make junglers gods but they easily influence the game more than any other role right now because while some fall off late they make such an early impact that it far outweighs the downsides more often than not.


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