: I agree here, I am not huge fan of the new HUD, one of the 1st things I said when I saw it was that the combination of circles and squares just didn't look well together, the sharp edges should have been rounded/curved out. I don't think think the XP bar is in a good location its like one of the most important things at early lvls and its tiny and hard to read, I don't know why it not grouped with the health and mana bars. I also don't like the new location for ally teamates I haven't played one game that just has your ally's floating horizontally on your screen (imagine if the map wasn't there how it would look) they should have left it vertically on the left and put vertical enemy timers on the right. I also think your CS should be left in the top right but be made transparent, the tab menu should also be more transparent and I think a small gap between the two teams on the score board would make things more readable. the lvl up icons are far too large and personally I find them bland they should be smaller and perhaps glow/flicker when available. all in all this hud wasn't very though out in my opinion, I mean yeah it new and shiny, but it really takes away more from gameplay than it adds even though they are claiming the opposite. (internal testing and everyone liked it? surprise surprise the people who make the product, like the product, who'da thunk it)
I think they focused too much on the appearance rather than usefulness(Everyone wants usefulness)
: I actually like the new layout quite a bit. Besides from the facts I already pointed out, it works quite well. I think all of the negativity towards the layout currently is because its new. Not because its "confusing" or un-organized," with enough time, people will adjust their muscle memory.
I've played with it quite a bit and personally, it's not because it's new. I also just don't find it as good as the other one. It's probably not HORRIBLE, but it's definitely not better.(imo)
: Mhh a little 'uncomfortable! D:
: Here are my opinions on the new HUD. Pros -Decent Layout -Enemy Death Timers -Better Skill Level Indicators Cons -The HUD textures look off and bland -Health and Mana bars don't blend in very well -Surrender Vote appears OVER the ally and enemy death counters.... Things -All stats aren't shown by default
Ah, okay. I don't really like the layout. I'm curious, which layout do you like better?
: I'm not going to get into much details of the new HUD but in all honesty it really confuses me, everything is in a new place and I honestly can't say that I like it that way. I believe at that 1) It would be better to give the HUD an updated look but keep all the interfaces in their original positions and/or 2) I strongly and very strongly at that, believe and agree with many persons on the fact that summoners should be able to choose which HUD they want to use.
I think giving the HUD an updated appearance but in the original positions AND giving an option to swap between them are the only good paths to take.
: so i dont like the new hud either i guess the possitve thing is that it takes less space but really thats the only possitive thing i find everything else is just bad so yea dont do that let the hud as it is .
: Actually I feel uncomfortable since everything is in one side over the minimap. I can't see the ultimate lights as you said. I'd like to have also the timer bigger where it was used to be... But I have to say that is really cool to see, it's just... Clunky? Edit: Wait, I can't see the FPS, its just me?
Oh yeah... If you care about that you must mouse over the "Wifi Bars" That's convenient! >.>
: about the MUTe put your mouse over the champ icon in the game with the TAb button and you will see the mute button yeah by the way new HUd is very confusing i don`t like that every thing s in one corner and abit smaller
That's a stupid place for a mute button. In my opinion.
: Honestly, I love the new HUD. But many of my friends do not. I think making it so you can move the different things (new death timers, the kda/time/cs, etc) around as you like; with a lock feature of course so you don't randomly move something in the middle of a game. I think also making it so people can switch between the two is a really good idea. Making it the sizing thing have a wider range would be good, or making it so you can change the size of each thing individually. I know doing some of these things seems like a lot of work, but honestly, it'd be a really good idea.
I'm curious, what specific things do you like about this new HUD? I think that moving that way would be great too. If nothing was locked into(per say; bottom right corner) you could move it WHEREVER. If you could do it with both of them and be able to swap it'd be even better.
: This topic I personally have bias for because I do play ranked almost exclusively on the PBE. I do not think there is any problem with it, however, the Public Beta Environment is to TEST things before they are released to the public. And there are problems that overlap. Mainly the fact that I DO care about the ranked games on the PBE and therefore cannot be testing 24/7 when I may want to play Vayne even though Ashe rework just came out, etc. Things like this. There is a simple counterargument to that being to play the game on live. However, I personally enjoy the PBE's environment to be more warm-hearted and welcome. On the PBE, I have found a happy medium between ranked on live and normals being ranked on the PBE. Ranked games on PBE is where I can play a "normal" game but the scores within the game actually have worth and accumulate towards something instead of a brand new number next to your win/loss stats at the end of the game. **What would I do if ranked queues were disabled on PBE?** I honestly believe my hours on the PBE per cycle would split in half. I would only go into one game (possibly custom) with each and every new skin (o/c a bit more for each new champion). I have some stronger beliefs for other problems that come up in ranked on the PBE such as: 1.) Banning a new champion because one is not comfortable playing and/or going against said champion 2.) This isn't live; why should I care about ranked on the PBE? 3.) Do people actually care about ranked PBE? 4.) I can mess around and ranked games and you cant report me because it is PBE. (This response makes literally no sense but I see this about every 5 games sooo.)
Huh. Thanks a lot. I was thinking about playing some. Nice to know people are sometimes cool with it. Problem 1 happens on live too btw. It is to test things, but I also think about this server like ANOTHER slightly abnormal and secluded server. Not just a testing environment.
: Pretty much spot-on. I like some of the features, but it's just so cramped. I can barely see anything on there much less read my stats, score, or time. Some of it will be getting used to a new layout, but for the most part I think it's just because everything is tiny and shoved together in the little corner. Meanwhile there is a massive icon of your champion right in the off-center bottom of the screen that completely distracts my eyes. I have trouble focusing on my champ because the icon is just so large! And let's be honest -- how many of us actually use the top right corner of the screen? What's wrong with leaving scores up there? Allowing us to choose an arrangement or starting with a reskin would be a much better option than this complete overhaul.
I thought keeping it in the top right would be brilliant. I used it. I hope I can keep on using it there. Proportions. I agree the picture is too much larger in comparison to the other features.
: Ranked PBE? I mean, PBE was made for testing, and if you are testing ranked then I mean go ahead. I just feel like if you are going to play ranked seriously, then it should be taken to actual league, not a testing site c:
I guess you're right... I just loved the idea of the entire PBE community being small... You end up with the same people sometimes. It's really great. Play against them with them... Bonds. A great feeling. It sounds like I'm trying to make this emotional. That's not my intention.
: Same, lol.
Curious... Totally off-topic. I asked someone else only for them not to respond... SO, What are your thoughts on playing Ranked/Anything exclusively on the PBE?
: Go ahead. I do like the stats, but I hate that you have to hold down a button to read all the stats, and, although there is a smaller version that you can have out 24/7, I feel like I dont want to be holding down C everytime I'm trying to find a simple stat, you know? I feel like the stats are hard to look at int he new HUD :/
Stats ARE harder to look at... Thank you very much for allowing me to use your post! I hope Riot employees ACTUALLY read this thread and realize what people are saying...
: I'd just like to say that the new HUD, while it may not be too appealing to me, would be ALOT better if Riot just reskinned everything, but left everything in the same location. Maybe they should start of slow by just retexutring stuff, and they gradually add changes to see what the community wants and doesn't want. So leave the CS and game timer where it is currently, leave the ally champions on the left side, and then start to change things. I feel like this would help Rito find out what their community wants ^.^
I tend to say this A LOT. But I completely agree!(Probably because this community agrees with me) Mind if I include your post too? I'd rather have everything in the EXACT same place. I do like the added stats though.(ex. CDR)
: You have my consent.
Great! Thanks. Curious thing completely off-topic.... What do you think about playing Ranked exclusively on PBE?
: I have to agree. I personally think Riot had a good idea updating the HUD but tried too hard to incorporate this season's theme: Gameplay Clarity. Which ended up making it poor. I would love to see an update, however, not be so cluttered with so much information jam-packed all in one space. My example would be the mini-map region which contains two quite important numbers (time and ping) that shouldn't be positioned in a place where it comes across to be relatively useless. I would personally suggest Riot to do the same as they had for the IP, XP, Mastery, and First Blood/Rampage/Unstoppable update(s) but incorporate the new "feel" of league: Circles and Crisp Edges. Having the edges of the original smoothed out and curved, in my opinion, would optimize the appearance for the new (and hopefully improved!) HUD.
I absolutely agree and love this post. Can I put this at the bottom of my post?(I'll credit you) I'd like everyone who reads this to also read your post. I did it anyway. Tell me to take it out if you'd like.
: All those points cool what ever , BUT i really really really really really hated it , played a round on pbe and its just feels super weird , its like im playing a totally different game and i hateeeeeeeeeeeee ittttt ,, im very used to the old hud that most of the time i kept looking at for thing where im used to it but there was nothing there so i just lost control trying to find what where, im mean i guess we would get used to it after a while BUT as a player whos been around for 2 years i honestly prefer the old hud, and i think id would be very nice if we could actually have the option to choose which HUD we want to use the old or the new so players like me can have their old buddy (hud) if the want to ^_^
I feel very similar man! ;-;{{item:3070}}
: i never ever looked over there - i only ever looked bottom and top right which is what it should be as like the current LIVE HUD --- so the ally icon being above the mini map i can now see my teammates easier
: i honestly dont need all the character and skill icons to be that huge, i need the numbers above the mini map noticeable on a glimpse, say make it a bit bigger. its also nice to see my ping numbers appearing beside the signal bars so i dont have to hover my mouse down. i personally want clarity more than how nice it looks.
They don't need to be huge but like you said, they need to be quickly noticeable. What do you mean by clarity more than how nice it works?
: the old ally icons were off in bufu egypt so it is nice seeing them above the mini map with the map awareness section - but the new HUD needs to divide things up by sections and not clump things in a pile in a corner, the exp bar i like in the new hud at least cause it is closer to the resource bars
xD I thought it was fine on the side. It didn't matter too much. My main problem is that the "Ultimate Indicator" is REALLY small.
: on cooldown is easier to see if the old layout because it is blue the cooldown timer circles are more visible to see the only things done right are moving the ally icon above the mini map and move EXP bar more towards the centre
Ah. I wish the XP bar was in a different orientation. I thought it was fine where it was though. IDK What would best for ally icons.
: it is just hidden - it is also super small when you do find it - under the champion portrait in scoreboard i believe - the new HUD makes games extremely frustrating and i end up raging at the HUD; it is absolutely AWFUL, it was not like this when they did the first HUD update which is the current LIVE HUD even though you needed to get used to it, it was actually still a good design - but the new HUD is just an awful design with very few good things about it compared to the old
It's design was bad, but with good intentions... Some things they did right. Like being able to see your CDR etc... Also it looks pretty. Add easier to see deathtimers and that's all. The rest was poor.
: the mute button is both super small and hidden - the old scoreboard is a million times better--- everyone likes the old HUD better and if Riot does not change the new HUD to be more like the old HUD they are going to have a lot of unhappy and angry players and customers i like the ally icons being over the minimap though makes the ally icons less in the middle of no where and in a place where they belong in the mapawareness department- but everything in the corner looks stupid and you cannot find anything items should be bottom left, recall under the summoner spells, and kda minion score timer in the top right, and keep the old scoreboard EXACT layout
Agreed! Didn't know about the mute button tho... Is it invisible?
: I don't like that they removed the spell channeling bar. I relied on it heavily when doing Ryze's combos. I also don't like how there is no ping display unless you hover your mouse over the bars icon. The change I like most is being able to see death timers without opening the stats window.
May I include some of your info in my post?(I can credit you if you'd like)
: I don't like the new HUD because its composition is rather unstable - as you mentioned; everything seems to be shifted to the side - the older one was much more balanced. I will probably never get used to this "falling to the side" feeling and I would also really appreciate it if we could choose between the old and the new one, because they are pretty different though.
I agree. I would certainly try and get used to it. Mind if I include some of your writing in my post? I'll give credit
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