: Player Behavior on the PBE
The amount of verbal abuse that came from playing unable to play bard on pbe when I picked him was unreal haha
: PBE isn't for testing changes that might work better than Riot have planned. It's for showing you how badly they will kill a champion you like or showing off new skins to test for bugs. Sometimes I really do wish they would (could?) be a lot more experimental with changes. Never mind that animations don't match just get the basics figured out and then worry about cosmetic fixes later if it's a line they want to pursue. Right now it just feels like anything thrown on there is what they want with no room for changing it beyond scrapping it entirely.
Perhaps they should stop pushing out new champs and focus on revamping the old ones that are almost unplayable?
: Personally, If I was a Xin player, I'd think I'd pony up the 975 for the ultimate BM of making my weapon a briefcase and backing.
How about a selfie stick instead of a spear? It's quite the rage now a days.
: About reporting
We are all human beings, so there will be the eventually rager here on PBE. Did he rage because he didn't get his chance to play bard? I stumbled across one in my game.
: About the Warwick texture updates
I personally prefer the gold much better than the silver. Black and Yellow, black and Yellow. On another note, the tundra warwick isn't really tundra-ish. I don't get the same vibes as the old skin.
: My B. I usually play SoloQ by myself and didn't realize there was a cap. It could still give too much power to a DuoQ. Especially if one of the duo partners was toxic or picked a champion some would cconsider a troll pick. If it went to vote their partner would more than likely vote in their favor. Also it could create a negative atmosphere before the game even started similar to a surrender vote bringing team moral down. Also I mean this in a seemingly normal start-up, not as an example when someone is blatantly trolling.
hey no worries! Do you have any recommendations that could possibly improve upon this idea? Just trying to brain storm ideas up :)
: Could give too much power to 4 man pre-mades
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: Pulsefire Ezreal needs update
By update if you mean a color update then yes, it seems like it is still using similar art colors as the old yi and garen. The 3d model however is fine the way it is. Maybe smoother hair? haha
: Played a good chunk of games and have not seen this. But maybe I am not understanding what you are describing. Literally there is no bomb visible?
In the game I played last night, it only showed the bomb radius of explosion, no physical bomb in sight. Let me double check that after I get off work today. Just curious if anyone else has seen it.
: I just gotta say
I have to agree, it is so much more relaxing. Not only are players helpful when I try out a new champion but when I find something weird with the game, enemy players are willing to help to prove it!
: Give DJ Sona a ^^ face on her helmet when she laughs and dances?
I like the idea, but you cannot really see it since her face isn't as enormous as Naut's unless you zoom in.
: That's exactly how it works lol
Oh, I didn't get a chance to see it yesterday while playing against one. Guess the Zil I played didn't either. Sorry about the redundant post.
: Zilean's New Q
I think it would be cool, if zilean's bombs became stickies. If you throw it in an open area, whoever walks over it will "pick up" the bomb and carry it with them.
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