: Weird kind of lag on PBE?
Can also confirm. It's a very strange type of lag.
: Hey Xharun! As someone who also played against a Tahm Kench, I can agree, it was... brutal T_T; We will probably not be making balance changes to Tahm for this OFA run. We have been discussing internally though, especially after seeing some of the threads, of ways we can mitigate this (we've talked a lot about changes similar to your first suggestion!). We will be monitoring the win rate of champions in the mode while the mode is Live, and if Tahm proves to be too OP, we'll disable him. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be making notes of these for our future releases :D
Thanks! I really do value being able to communicate directly with Riot and have a personal communication back. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's anxious to see what happens with him ;).
: One for all: Ekko huge fps drop
You should see a Syndra One For All. One ults, the next ults, and so on and so forth... I remember when they first released One For All. I was the last Syndra to ult. The enemy Syndra zhonya'd, and I still killed her. It lasted through the Zhonya, I had 10FPS xD. It was great, and I died laughing.
: Cassiopeia
I really like the current way {{champion:69}} is designed. She doesn't have a lot of early game counters and it forces the enemy jungler to focus on mid lane. She has some mana-gating early game, which means she's not quite as OP as someone like {{champion:1}} . If she can secure a kill, or keep the enemy poked/zoned then she has a good chance to succeed in late game. A Cass can very easily zone, poke, kill at level 2, giving her a gold and farming advantage which she can snowball off of. Maxing her Q/W, personally, I don't believe is a viable build or a viable way to build her. If RITO were to change her ratios, they would have to nerf her entire kit, probably by removing the speed buff and slow granted by Q/W respectively. Her Q and W are meant to provide utility for her and her team and they do just that. She is still quite OP in my book. For example, a Yasuo can throw down his windwall, but she can still get around it with her Q and W, as they're not a projectile, which effectively zones Yasuo. She can kite an Annie, who is still considered to be in the God Tier for mid. When Annie gets banned, Cass is my #1 go-to.
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: The new Patcher get stuck at 33%
Firstly, **stuck** not stock. Secondly, close the client, run as admin. If it gets stuck, that usually helps.
: if you type thereisnourflevel it will open
Yeah, it opens, but you can't connect to the servers.
: New Launcher Error?
Yep. It appears, according to the "thereisnourflevel" bypass, that the servers are down and the new patcher doesn't know how to handle the information.
: Server ERROR(unavailable)
I've had the same exact issue where the server list displays "Error" instead of Online, or Unavailable.


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