: PvE rounds should always give 1 item if you clear it, or at least after the second it should. I actually do not like the way the carousel (or whatever its called) works. It's frustrating to: (i) want a champion that just passed you, so you need to follow it and hope the other players won't be able to get it in time: if its a system designed to help whoever is losing, it should be consistent in doing it. (ii) not be able to easily identify my character. If everyone has the same skin, it's hard to see where you are. The player name should be in another color or something easier to see. Now about the reroll thing, I personally think its fine the way it is. You can predict how hard will it be to get a champion on reroll based on how many you and others have (since there is a cap).
I'd agree with changing the functionally of the pick phase. Make it so, that you can click on a champion to get it, instead of having it run around in a circle. It creates even more rng & it can happen that you get the wrong one which is even more frustrating. You can change teh skin though. buy the lootboxes and get one, that you like more. At least that way, there are a bunch of differnet skins and yours is at best doubled. Yes there is a cap, but that just shifts the chances. I've had games where I wanted to go for Ranger and start with Vayne, Varus... It took me 15 rounds to get either of them on 2 while noone went for them and 3 other people had a 2 lvl 2 of Morde / Garen / Darius on their field. Same with 3g champs, I don't think I've had a 3* 3g champ in more than 1 game even when noone else is going for them.
: Disagree with everything you just said except for item RNG. I do think there should be certain rounds where everyone can buy items, but not every item should be available and price should be high in comparison to champions. This could also help the weak pirate teamcomp become competitive. As for champions being bought that's bad because there is a pool of champions the rolls are based on, so if everyone goes Draven there will be less Draven for everyone and that's there to make meta builds a bit weaker and by adding a champ shop you bypass that.
I just think the items are too strong, a guy with the right 2 items completed can be far stronger than a guy with 4 items if they're weaker once. The price could be adjusted according to the pool. Say you have 18 Dravens (2x 3*) in the game, depending on how may are already used the price changes from 12 to 40g for a single one to buy.
: Uhm. TFT or Auto Chess in General is BASED on RNG. So its like killing off the purpose.
Then it's maybe just not the game for me. But I'd like for there to be some RNG, just not 140%.
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