: I choose this one as the designated thread for the new bugsplats people are encountering with 9.20 hitting PBE! First apologies the transition to 9.20 wasn't as stable as anyone would like! We'll dig into these bugsplats first thing in the morning. If you're encountering bugsplats, sit tight and we'll have a fix for you as soon as we can. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you for the timely response Porosite! I look forward to the fix, keep up the good work!
: Same. I was hoping to try the new shaco rework :( so scared that ap shaco will be killed off entirely, but also excited to possibly have a shaco that isn't the weakest. I am over 1 mil and it feels like i have to play about 6 times better than my lane opponent. Had to learn every champs range, cooldowns, power spikes just to do ok, play any meta champ and it feels hard to lose. Miss having the reward with the risk.
I am sorry to hear that KRoW3LY! Hopefully Riot can fix the issue soon!
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