: Where can I find the option to log out?
When you close out the client. It asks you if you want to logout or just close the game.
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: Cool. I'm the tester for Ahri currently, so glad to hear you're enjoying the changes. Current thoughts are that she's reasonably powerful, but have agreed with feedback that her passive isn't really hitting satisfaction where we'd like it currently.
Glad to know what you guys think on your end there. I wasn't saying much on the passive as I figured it was kind on the weaker side in order for Ahri not to be a bit to overloaded, as I seen a post on the earlier passive ideas having AA dmg reduction on it which was removed likely as it was to strong. Personally, I'm happy you all tried a route with adding the MS back in, so it didn't really mattered to me much that it not as strong as I would of liked it.
: Minha Opinião Sobre O Rework Ahri
Pessoalmente, acho que o passivo é bom, já que você precisa ser proativo em bater primeiro para fazer o uso completo dele. Os efeitos visuais são bons como eles existiam antes e eles gostam de ter o jogo para ser visualmente ativo sobre o que está acontecendo. Fora isso, o kit está bem. ~Use o google tradutor para ler e responder.
: My thoughts exactly. Although, I think they could scale the passive up as the game progresses. Still gives the enemy time to gank her, but makes it feel more impactful. Right now it doesn't really feel on the power level of what passives usually are =S
Well, If they dodge her Q and E, they should be to punish her a bit early on. But the MS does scale as it is 20%. The number should become a bit higher with stuff like boots or runes that increase MS. With that in mind. Phase Rush and Celerity could be a good combo depending where the 20% gets added to the stack. I need to test that later to be sure.
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: PBE should be FAR stricter on dodging
Normally, I won't support stuff like this. But every time I play PBE I have to sit through like 20 dodges before I even get to play a match is starting to get very annoying and time consuming.
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: Fuck no! She just became high burst mage with a little of mobility, not assassin. Now she feels too fkin slow with no q ms and feels like a fat fox. Also with this changes, she feels outdated because NOW more than half of champions of League have mobility skills which are not their ultimate and because of that, she will be fucked by every second champion with crowd control or a lot of damage and she don't get a chance to escape while R is down even with E.
Again, I didn't ask for changes. I like what is on live. The only thing I only mention like little buff like w scaling up would of been nice. Its unreliable as it does its own things. But it should reward better damage if you get your target isolated. stuff like that,
: i can agree with most of what you said, but as for ahri being slow, im pretty sure boots+spellbinder will fix that :p celerity help too. and the R does less damage early, and more damage late {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Yeah, I'm still trying out different build to make it feel better. Only thing stopping is that mid lane and Ahri is pretty much in demand atm. I'll try out celerity next time as I do love using it on Ahri vs melee matchups. Maybe the ms there is what I just needed.
: Ahri Needs the higher delay time (0.6s) on her w for charm amp to work cohesively
I Charm first then ult+w in tbh. I rather the lower W delay than a longer one. Just my preference.
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: Sorry, that was more for the people commenting on your thread than you specifically. I think your points are valid, and I share them. Although I played extensively during the dfg charm phase, and I feel like we need to advocate for the rest of the playerbase who have forgotten how annoying it was to have her come out of the fog of war and one shot everyone just because she was able to land a single ability. I suppose I'm just astonished that they would put all three of these changes together, The change to her ult would be insane on it's own xD.
I personally enjoy the Charm amp version than the Ult change version tbh. It feels a bit nicer to me at least, since her damage isn't negated with time spent on trying to do damage. When you fight ADC's who can end the fight in 3 autos, damage being negated by time starts to feel really bad. If one of the changes has to go through, then my vote would be the charm amp.
: So she becomes an assasin again and you complain? She deals twice more damage now, please stop asking for Q MS which is the reason ahri became a non mage, non assasin , heavily reliant on her team. They cannot give her damage and MS, you can still stop early ganks with E. I want ahri to become the assasin she was and is supposed to be.
The more assassin feel is the Charm amp version, not the version at the time this post was made. Besides, I wasn't the vocal people that kept on saying to remove Q ms and give her damage. I wanted the Q ms speed to stay.
: Ahri doesn't need changed
If you really feel like she didn't need the change. Then you wouldn't be complaining on my post on how I did not like the change. And calling people misguided or what. Again, you're just going only with win-rates which is very annoying in a statistic point of view. You take all of whats going on, not just one thing and say you're right. Besides, these changes aren't meant to buff ahri. Its to move it around to make good Ahris do better and bad Ahris do worst in terms of skill caps. That way she won't be just a safe pick with high win rate for meta jumpers and still be good to play for Ahri players. That part I can agree on. But I still get to say in my point of view if I like the changes or not since I'm one of the Ahri Mains that are actively playing her regardless of game state for her.
: That's only premades that agree on what champ to play
Did you read what I said? I only said premades of THREE. The other two people aren't part of the premade did NOT agree to play want they wanted to. They should have the right to have some say on what they want to play. Really, people these days want it their way or the highway with nothing but cry and cry.
: You all are hilariously misguided... xD I'm gonna go out on a limb and estimate 62% winrate
That's not really a nice thing to say. Like I said, I stated my "first look" at her with a single game and stated what I feel. Also stating that my opinion could change once I play her more and let it sink in on getting used to the new style. The only problem is that everyone on PBE wants mid for LB or Ahri. So the competition to get it is Very High. So my views isn't going to change over-night or quickly at all. I would be graceful is you added your opinion on her changes vs whats live. And not just win-rate this or win-rate that. It's about having fun with the champ to make her enjoyable. As myself, I like to see Ahri with more carry potential for solo Q and not just a mid laner support that can't solo carry but can make it easy for other carries to carry cause you're less likely to feed.
I like it being 4 to make it confirmed. So a premade of 3 can't control everything.
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: best bot lane wins?
I find that if more players in your team do well, you tend to win. As for bot lane, that is 2 of 5 players on your team alone. Which is kinda iffy at times. If the support or the ADC is bad, it tends to drag down the other person with him pretty easily from how snow-bally the game is. I personally find that as long 3 members of your team is doing well, it's usually a win. If the bot lane good in that perspective, that kinda relies that jungle, mid or top to be doing good too. If the top laner is doing good, and the bot lane is doing bad, he kinda relies that his jungle and mid laner is doing good as well to help carry. And from my perspective from playing support a lot, the team that usually wins is usually the one with the best Jungler that can help his entire team snowball early or can get bot lane fed while keeping himself a factor in the team-fights. I'm only a Silver player, so it may be different in higher ranks. But I'll voice my opinion on it at least.
: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Lb8Jnf4Y-read-this-if-you-cant-save-your-mastery-page I explained it here
Did you even read what I wrote? I said I used exactly 30 points and it would not save, Nor did it save using any less points either. I'd appreciate if you actually read my post before posting that "fix".
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: Can't Buy Champions or Skins
Yeah, same for me. Hope they fix it soon.

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