: PBE Disconencts
There's nothing much on that ID o.o
: PBE Disconencts
Same, can't login
: PBE Disconencts
I should never have left EUW >_<
: New to Pbe
Takes a little while
: PBE Disconencts
Whew, can't play anywhere today
Rioter Comments
: It fits.
Now i shall refer to you as Rito Potato \o/
: An update on Championship Riven
Relaying a question from someone: "I don't have a pbe account so can someone please find out if players who received championship riven in the Korea world finals count as "original" owners? As in they'll be able to receive the border??"
: Ramping up for Worlds content
For some reason, i read "This is Pabro" as "This is Potato", had to look twice.
: An update on Championship Riven
FINALLY! Missed out so much cause i joined the game so late, really wanted this skin. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: "Nemesis Draft" for rotating game modes now live for testing on PBE.
The most boring featured game mode ever. You get boring champions and the games last for ages.
: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
Gather together your allies so you can pool your tears! Oh Bloodlord Vlad feels so much fun with the new E.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
The new kit feels pretty fun to play around, and being able to trigger the minion spawn manually can make you feel so much more in control. Damage is rather lackluster early game, however, 45% CDR can make AP Malzahar devastatingly strong late game while having reasonable survivability with his passive and Q early game. Specially the way he can solo Baron and Dragons so easily and quickly. Might end up becoming way stronger than intended.
: After attempting, it seems AP Malzahar can also solo baron, albeit it seems difficult without 40% cdr.
45% CDR and you can solo everything, you can solo Elder Dragon without taking any damage at all thanks to the voidlings.
: So far I love this champion, I love that he's a solid long range assassin ADC that can get caught with his pants down while he's reloading, I love that one time where I got 1024 AD, and most of all I LOVE his voice acting. The ultimate's in a good spot, feeling like a Xerath's ultimate's risk of being singled out, but with a higher cooldown refund utility. Only problem I'm having is trying to figure out... > #Who exactly is his voice actor? It's bugging me to no end that it's sounding so familiar. I'd appreciate a little credit where it's due because bravo on the pick.
Agreed! That voice actor is amazing!
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Just a random thought here, High Noon Yasuo should get a quote if he kills or windwalls High Noon Jhin <.>
: Picking Champion at Last Second in New Queue
Probably something that will be added soon, Lock-In button seems to require multiple clicks too at the moment, and pretty much always ends up crashing at the end
: Question for European players
As long as your ping stays below 300, you can play normally.
: Lee sin Knock out skin bug
Happened to me on SR once, haven't been able to reproduce it
: Pulsefire ezreal
His power level goes over 9000, the client can't keep up with his level anymore. {{summoner:6}}
: I Need Help
Contact support http://support.leagueoflegends.com/home
: Account Concerns
No definite time frame is given. > [{quoted}](name=Riot Feithen,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=8pmOktRB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-02-13T23:00:20.674+0000) > > There used to be a system that would deactivate accounts after a set period. That's no longer the case, and you can only be removed now for bad behavior, or going an extended time without playing. :) > > Thanks, > Fei [Source](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/8pmOktRB-is-the-account-in-the-pbe-server-limited?comment=0001).
: why dj sona icon's missing?
Did you read anyone's reply on the chat room, lol.
: Concerns with Champion Mastery
I only wish that they'd enable it for all the PvP game modes. I mainly play ARAMs, so x.x
: Looking for casual players to play in a custom game while I have slight internet problems.
Add me if you wish \o/ (not the actual NIN/Trent Reznor either LOL)
: Regarding Surprise Party Amumu's Ultimate AOE Effect
True, the sad face needs to be a bit more defined. It's comparatively rather dim, happy face is much more vibrant. Took me a while to notice that there actually is a face the first time.
: How long can you be inactive before your account being disabled?
They've said that as long as you are somehow active and stuff, don't think they'll be disabling it all that quickly
: After a month of PBE- How I feel about this place
: For newbies
S@20, Moobeat lists everything. We can test those here.
: Updating PBE all the time???
That's what the PBE is for, testing new content.
: Bard E needs a dual purpose
: About the Warwick texture updates


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