: Kaisa cant use Duskblade
TBH, dunno why they dont make it 1 second, since vayne gets like 6 free 1 sec invis in 1 a single fight
: No fuck green smite just makes pro play a warding fest for 40 minutes, maybe this way people will actually do something now
Meh, pro play is dumb
: where is the green smite
I built it on everyone, by far best jungle item and now its gone, and i have to build shitty blue smite
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: Rengar bug PBE
Nah an appropriate buff for how he was last season
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: Veigar needs a Mana cost rework
Then learn to last hit? most mages farm using aa's, only using their abilites if they wanna push in before roaming/going B Also, his late game damage more then makes up for his shitty early game damage
: You can't flash the reverted rengar, I've tried countless times to flash him, damage goes through every single time. Level 6 rengar with 1 kill dives me (Yasuo), instant OS me. Where's the counter play ? The non-reverted rengar you could flash the damage, not this one. He just ults and kills, and you can't do anything about it. Every game I see a rengar, he hard carries in all of them.
Rengars live q is poorly designed, his kit was always designed to auto reset and the took that away completely, like legit riot says they like preserve the core identitiy of a champ, changing rengars Q to whatever it has been for the past year destroyed his identity, plus his live q has too much counterplay, if he even misses the middle cast hes dead, like just straight up dead, in this meta, until adcs get addressed rengars Q needs to be fast
: You say the person who created this game mode is a 12 year old, but that's just how you are acting right now. You do not like the game mode, that means you need to offend and harrass others, just to get your unsatisfication out. That's extremely stupid. If you can bring constructive critic, that is okay, but just flaming others isn't what the PBE boards are intended to be here for. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Riot never said they would REPLACE Snow Battle ARURF with ARURF, it is just a special winter event. It is like saying they removed ARAM with Poro King, thats complete utterly nonesense. Please think about what you write first. I can understand that you don't like that game mode, but being offensive is never a solution and yeah, have fun being a toxic kid, I hope you're not like that ingame, otherwise I hope I never have to play with you ;) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
They should at least make the snowball optional, some of the champs cant even lane in this gamemode but they cant jungle without the bonus exp
: Who said ARURF is more popular?
First of all, URF is one of the worst modes, its fun for like 1 day and then just becomes repetitive as people just play the same garbage over and over, ARURF was by far better, additionally, Blood moon, nemisis draft, and one for all are amazing game modes as they always remain interesting (and are far more skill based then URF which is why the people who truly suck at the game hate these modes), this christmas variant of ARURF is far worse then regular ARURF as the smaller champ pool brings back the same issue the original URF had, you see the same champs nearly every game (Fucking {{champion:43}} and {{champion:55}} .....) IMO, they should just put regular ARURF instead of this limited champ pool BS
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: yeah and if teemo just gets unlimited traps he just controlls the whole jungle and 1 shots anyone after they spawnd. Also you would be able to controle the whole Summoners Rift with vision and damage... TO BROKEN! Thats why he has to be nerfd
: 2 things: 1 - This is the PBE board, your suggestion has nothing to do with the PBE enviroment. Please move it to your server's board if need attention. 2 - Kinda meh? He has over 50% winrate as toplaner and support... 2nd place in winrate for a toplaner, amongst the best 15 supports. Aery broke him. Irelia and Katarina are different kinds of champs, you're trying to compare water with whiskey, both can kill you in excess but in different ways.
Yeah, this is for ARURF why would i put it here otherwise, he doesnt have a trap limit in SR, but hes limited to 12 in ARURF which is unfair for him compared to all the other broken shit
: Eww, No, Urf had the ability to fight OP with OP and you could pick characters too your tastes, this is one sided all the time.
The problem with old urf was you only saw the same 10 characters
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Sigh, spent all day at work excited to try zoe and shes disabled.....
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: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Seems a TAD bit unfair that someone can get caught, zhonyas and then live because something happens, on top of the fact its a mechanic being abused so much lately
: Suggestions for new content should be posted in their respective locations on the Live Boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content *currently* in testing.
Well since riot never actually looks at that thread....
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: ***
I already have a burning hatred for the adc class as a whole, they dont deserve anymore buffs
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: If you like a champ who can jump on carries, and you like lethality, on top lane, Talon is something I would suggest as, his Q is heal+crit, op damage, just like rengar has, but no need of 5 stacks for empowered q, need to be close for that damage W is slow, and damage too Free jumps over the walls with E, rengar cannot jump over walls, except if there's bush, invi ult like rengar, and passive Bleed, item builds start with long swords, new meta, buy that porchers and kill enemy camp, back, or just take large golem + large roster, and back, ez cheap dirk, if you are caught, you press E XD, if still can't escape, you have ult, but basically you know how much you will be saving on gold
i dont like talon, his champ design is lame asf
: Its how it works on her. She is not the only ones that get the 15% really fast {{champion:50}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:77}}
lets not forget {{champion:53}} {{champion:38}} and {{champion:42}}
: I mean, it's equivalent to a general ult cool down buff. So her ult CD is now 21.25/17/12.75 as opposed to 25/20/15. Not a huge deal IMO. She needs buffs anyway.
Lets fix her toxic playstyle before we buff her plz
: So do you normally play games where your primary squishy target just stands there and allows you, at melee range, to slap them 3 times with 3 consecutive auto attacks to even proc that keystone? And then allow you to slap them some more with all that attack speed but no AD? That doesn't happen past silver. She cannot reliably proc Press the Attack because abilities don't count toward proccing it. Only auto attacks count toward it. She only reliably gets 2 autos off in a Q AA E combo. After that she gets peeled and has to use her ult, which again is not an auto so she still hasn't procced this worthless keystone before using her ult, so it's damage does not get amplified. Then she finally gets a third auto off after her ult, where the target finally starts taking increased damage for maybe one more auto attack before you get peeled again. Wow, sounds really good. You really think that is comparably good to Electrocute or Dark Harvest or even freaking Arcane Comet or Phase Rush? All three Precision keystones are terrible in comparison.
I mean, i can get 3 autos on vi with Q into AA, E, Titanic and then follow up with an ult and another aa and E, but i dunno, i just build Titanic Cleaver on her for dmg
: About lux, you can see that I just knew how to react, it's obvious, that any skill shot champs are going to use their spells, you know, everyone knows doing that makes you lose, so you, do not ult unless she used her q, or you ult and wait till she use her q,, best, buy quick silver, it's cheap btw, those items and runes, provide like 45-55 lethality, which is quite effective at level 18 what you got to do is, either get flash/ghost you have to make some makes, I mean, try to think before you lock in spells and runes, I will try to play a normal game with rengar jungle and maybe post ss here from Live
Yeah, i dunno, i just cant get around how clunky his new kit is, i liked the fluent nature it used to have, tbh i want to be able to play him again, but i think i will just be stuck on kled, im just so used to using his ult for stealth rather then camouflage that i cant figure him out, imo they should just remove the camoflauge and give him something else, as everyone keeps saying only use his ult to gap close Edit: but yeah, with runes being removed, alot of my lethality is being removed, lowering my success even more....
: How did you have 30 lethality at level 1? You got to make duskblade, and abuse it's passive, and if you are fed, u go on adc, else u go on supp, or someone like lux mid, ahri mid, or soraka those squishies and take them out, get fed, and try this darkharvest, it's really op, just go to lane, when there are going to be cannon minions for 2x cheesy stacks you are doing it all wrong, go lethality, 45 from edge+dusk+yoummu no spirit visage, no cloth armor no IE no sterak and after jungling, push one of the lane, get farm from that lane, also go this rune page https://imgsafe.org/image/d70f09c3e7 u can swap for coup de grace too and buy porcher's dirk, that free lethality item for counter jungling and also take exhaust if u feel necessary that's an op spell, and do not forget u need GA TOO give this one a shot https://imgsafe.org/image/d72584fed7
I meant on live, and my problem, is that i cant burst someone before they react accordingly, IE i jump on lux, she binds me, walks out of melee range and drops the slow before i pop the cleanse (and since most lux run exhaust, i cant even kill her once i get on top of her), 9 times out of 10 people walk away, and i cant kill someone on live when i have my 30 lethality from runes/masteries, and duskblade/youmuus/edge of night, and now that we have even less, its going to make it harder
: The problem is you are not going lethality https://imgsafe.org/image/d66dcbe3a3 https://imgsafe.org/image/d67447723b
I go lethality (had like 30 lethality at level 1) and i still cant kill shit, i cant make his new kit work no matter how hard i try, i had like an 80% win rate on him pre rework too.....
: What changes are you proposing then?
One of 5 things, either a 1 sec Root on his ult attack INSTEAD of a garunteed crit, so people cant immediately jump away (this is rengars number 1 problem rn, most squishy champs have a way to escape and get out of range, then they simply turn on him and kill him) Another option is to revert the rework entirely and find another way The third option is to take away some of his un-needed power and shift it back into things he does need (IE a consistent Q that isnt dodgeable by simply pressing a dash button, rather then a cleanse you cant even use unless your building tank) Fourth is to completely remove his stealth (since his non-existant stealth is now eating is power budget while literally doing nothing) and give him something new instead The fifth and final option is to actually turn him into a bruiser by adjusting his scalings and make him more mobile (i wouldnt mind this, as long as he actually felt fun to play, rather then struggling to kill anything) as his W rn is what a bruiser would want, rather then an assassin, and perhaps reducing his bloated ad ratio on q and adding in either higher base dmg or giving it an user hp or target max ratio Another option would to be to allow his q to apply on hit...
: indeed rengar has been nerfed quite alot, but in live I still got rekt by him on mage, and he was still able to kill our adc who was not making GA you do know that +10 lethality has been added, which is huge buff to his kit, You do know the eyeball collection, free +9 armor, free damage from runes, dark harvest, is enough to force another nerf on that champ right?
Well he needs something, hes literally only strong if he gets so far ahead, like, his entire kit is so conditional that there's barely anything you can do half the time, you compare him to any other assassin/diver, hes literally outclassed by everyone, i went from my 75% win rate on him in ranked to now.......0%....ive tried to play him over like 50+ games, and i still cant make him work and for what, a shitty cleanse that you wont even be able to use half the time? a Crit on your ult that you will never be able to use on anyone besides the tank? a heal that belongs on a tank? like, his kits best part was his ability to build nearly anything and adapt to the game while still being pretty consistent, now hes kinda locked into playing as a strange off tank with dead mans plate and duskblade and generally doing shitty anyways. In all honesty, this has been making me very frustrated with this game as he was the first champ i ever took the effort to learn and now riot stole it
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: this honor system is a joke i never talk in chat 1k games honor level 4 . i saw over 10 people who got permabanned level 5 honor in smurf in a months , one of them got 4 account to honor level 5 ,3 of them permabanned conctantly toxic , and thats how everyone got into pbe with level 3 honor is a joke
Yeah, they need to review the player rather then going by honor
: Just report the stuff and hope riot will sort it out.
Yeah, but the fact he got onto the pbe in the first place....really? i thought it was only for people with a sportsmanlike reputation
Rioter Comments
: can't neglect the fact that report system is not working, as intended, but that's something I've been complaining on live forums since ages, rito will not look to fix that, but they can certainly punish ppl for sure if report submitted other than report system
Well i tried the forums, but your not allowed to do that, so not much else you can do
: because inorder to punish someone, they should commit an offense, once done, and detected or brought into attention, they are dealt with be sure to submit ticket and report
i did, they showed up in a game again today
: I know for sure these toxic players are not allowed in PBE in the firstplace, but as you had, a report ingame+report via support, do tick that it's pbe related, and properly posting here the Match details and summoner profile will take care of it
Well ive had players verbally abuse me because my jungling sucked when i was dealing with wonky pbe issues (things teleporting, champions glitching, 4 fps for 5 straight min) if toxic players arent allowed here, dunno why im getting verbally abused
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: That is true. But there are akready quite a few late game options. Dont see a need for such an over bearing one to the point of being unhealthy. God forbid the game makes it to 90 minutes ans the only reasom a team wins is because one of them had this rune and one shot the 10K health tank.
huh? im no expert here, but you gotta let them farm for a VERY long time to one shot a 10k tank, on average its doing about 300-400 dmg on your first AA, even at 90 min i can only see it hitting MAYBE 1.5k dmg if they have like 1k farm, the rune has a total damage dealt portion (all of the damage you have dealt with it over the course of the game) which is what your probably looking at, not the current dmg (which is the dmg it will deal on hit)
: I think its base should increase... the damage per stack slightly increase and RESET after using it. Thats what i thought it initially did. And this makes it more functioning of a jungle rune for those that want to farm a lot for a big gank then repeat.
Making it reset is a bad idea, because then it will fall off in the late game due to the lack of farm time,
: Possible fixes for Dark Harvest
This rune is strong, and i do forsee some nerfs to it, but it definitely doesn't need to be gutted, rengar finally feels like he might become viable with it. but a possible suggestion would be to make the damage scale based on AD/AP so tanks cant abuse it (this is the biggest problem i forsee) along with a 30 sec CD in between procs perhaps (so you dont use it 3-4 times in a teamfight) but i defintely dont want the dmg being hit too hard (esp since alot of the time, your not gonna be hitting these insane stack counts as most games end around the 25-30 minute mark), or perhaps make it so it needs to be charged (IE you need to kill 3 large monsters/minions to activate it again) as this feels like its supposed to be a tool for divers/assassins who have to go in deep (so defintely a ranged penalty aswell)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xavanic,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=bTVBUVKK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-18T14:05:33.219+0000) > > i cant even get enough gold for seekers until 10 min, thats how badly i was getting zoned, like talons w would take nearly half my hp bar, which by the time i did get it, it didnt matter, talon was 12/0 You can still get the two cloth armor components for 600 gold, or a Doran's Shield is things are *really* bad.
You are gonna be forced to start cloth armor as mages from now on vs melee if the mage armor doesnt get buffed, as i can easily see zed/talon/yasuo or even mid lane kayn zoning mages out of their lane simply due to how much they can do with 1 ability (zed q was chunking me for 25-40% of my hp THROUGH THE MINIONS or talon W hitting me for nearly 30% on each hit)
: {{item:3191}} {{item:3157}} You even get a 600 gold discount on hourglass with the stopwatch rune. You'll be fine.
i cant even get enough gold for seekers until 10 min, thats how badly i was getting zoned, like talons w would take nearly half my hp bar, which by the time i did get it, it didnt matter, talon was 12/0
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: > [{quoted}](name=Xavanic,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Tt2rU2yX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-03T16:15:43.108+0000) > > Their even worse like this, at least on live i can kill them as kayn or zed well {{champion:141}} is busted in both forms now, i feel he is a bit too weak before he but WAY too strong after he does, now in EITHER form. but zed is actually mostly balanced right now.. so i congratulate you on fulfilling your role on assasin with him. i can tell you as nidalee. i need a almost an entire item lead over an adc to kill them..
Kayn felt fine on live, now he feels weak with the adcs literally outscaling everything
: Evelynn gameplay feedback from a Diamond jungler
Been trying eve, my main problem with her is shes almost ultimate reliant to get kills and shes not sticky like she used to be, forcing you to rush protobelt and rylais, which cuts back on your early game dmg, and with lethal tempo being so strong, you lose the ability to kill adcs (unless they run like idiots) as they will usually outdamage you
: After sleeping on this, I've decided it's probably not the best course of action. Maybe they'll tune it down because of it's overuse, but right now, Press the Attack seems to be the most common of all used Keystone Runes. It is absolutely insane.
Lethal tempo is the strongest, the attack speed uncapping straight up fucks people up
: one solution is to buffer the talents of the tanks
I feel all the keystones need to be brought to the level of lethal tempo, as it will make the game FARRR more interesting and less biased towards adcs
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