: Midseason Durability Feedback
All these changes towards tank items, but not much love for Cinderhulk. I might be biased, or blatantly wrong here, but I feel like Cinderhulk has been way worse as a tank item rather than a bruiser item. It always felt much more powerful to be combined with Black Cleaver and/or Titanic Hydra, rather than Frozen Heart or Iceborn Gauntlet. It also still seems lackluster compared to its competitors. Some QoL buffs like a faster tick rate would be nice, so at least you don't have to wait for that last extra tick. Though I can see it synergising well with the Gargoyle Stoneplate since it provides 400 HP by itself and Stoneplace just screams teamfight and low-econ, I hope you guys have some more changes towards tank champions so that they can jungle well and at least come closer against the likes of Lee Sin, Elise and all of the other top tier junglers. Was also hoping for Warmog's to find a new place in tank builds, but it seems this is not the case. I feel pretty bad for the item remaining a noob-trap for so long. Only times I ever consider it a good purchase, is when you combine it with Cinderhulk and Zz'rot portal. Maybe it should be shifted to the premium CDR item for tanks?
: I can definitely buy that Randuin's is on the weak side relative to some of its counterparts (I literally almost commented "This item is probably undertuned" in the post when writing it), but using the term "gutted" seems over the top. Regardless, Randuin's seems worth looking into.
I think Randuin's Omen should be removed from the anti-crit department and pushed towards the big teamfight presence item. Having played a bunch of Shyvana games this season, sometimes, even though I need the bonus MS from DMP, Omen seems like such a better choice because of the durability it offers and the huge AoE slow active. So please, if you need to buff the item, double down on the teamfight presence of it.
: Yeah the topics in the summary above are mostly just the major changes in our opinion. We may look at adjusting isolation range depending on his performance. Full Changelist as is: P: * Isolation moved here * Unseen Threat damage changed from 15-190 + 50% AP >>> 2 + Level * 8 + 40% Bonus AD Q: * CD 3 seconds >>> 4 seconds * Bonus Isolation dmg increased 30% >>> 50% * Bonus AD Ratio 120% >>> 140% * Evolve grants 50 range on Q and AA, and refunds 60% of the CD vs Isolated targets W: * Base slow removed * Evolved Slow reduced 50% >>> 40% * Evolved Slow vs Isolated increased 50% >>> 80% R: * Base Stealth 1 second >>> 1.5 seconds * Evolve adds a passive: While out of combat, Kha'zix also passively gains Void Assault for 3 seconds in brush. This persists for up to 1.5 seconds after exiting the brush. 10 second per brush cooldown.
I'm very concerned this changelist makes Q evolve way less attractive, to the point that W,E,R would be the way to go. However, I haven't checked it out yet. Also feels wierd that you are removing the base slow from W. How come?
: [PBE Support Itemization Notes - 6.22] Redemption, Knight's Vow, Ardent Censer, Crucible, Locket...
Have you considered taking Frozen Heart to other directions instead of making it cheaper? It has been a rather problematic item historically, but it would be nice to see it pushed further into the AS slowing area and less about tank stats.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
On another note, about the Ekko changes: Is he going to be a decent jungler again? The nerfs that were meant to adress Tank Ekko in S6, really killed him as a jungler in the end.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Zed R question - What do you mean by "strongest" victim?
: Soon as long as nothing goes wrong.
Thank you. I'm from Europe and I've been very impatient for the reveal. I'll be awake for another hour or so, hopefully won't be disappointed!
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Preseason reveal post when:(
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
Can you give a bit more insight for how his E works? I believe a lot of people are interested in learning about this.
: Full Preseason website should be up in a few hours
Is it going to be in 2 hours or in 5 hours?
: So, about those SKT skins...
Things I'm expecting from the skins: A nod to Bengi and Faker for being world champions twice in the history of the game. A nod to Marin for being the shotcaller of the team and having masterful play in the toplane. Much more cooler suits for Ryze, Alistar and Renekton. What I very much like are Sivir's and Renekton's weapons. The only skin I liked enough to think I'd purchase is Elise's one. I'm hoping for much more polished, cool-looking, glorious skins for an organisation that managed to win the World Championship twice. Samsung White's skins felt so much more cooler to me, they felt as if they represented both the players that played those champions and emerged victorious with them and the player who purchased them in memory of that season and played the game for it.
: Karma thoughts. Underpowered?
She looks like she's in a lackluster place as a champion. Designed as a mage support, just like Lulu, played in a solo lane. These champions are having a tough time because of how hard it is to balance a playstyle that's supported by the most gold available and a playstyle that's based into having the least gold in the map. There must be a reason botlane's supports are dominated by tanks and Janna. Heck even Nami isn't being played much. That being said, I still find Karma to be a decent support, because she gets to do stuff others don't, both in lane and in teamfights. But I don't think we'll see her rise to power anywhere near the soon-ish future due to how hard the aformentioned problem is to solve.
: tbh with u with the Q buff they made it seems like now they wanted him to be an assassin but without an E reset like kalista has it seems pointless but just to get away and his W should do a lot more like maybe burn armour pen or something since its a toxic cask
On the other hand I think the Q buff was added because they wanted Twitch to be more capable of cleaning up fights and more thematically cohesive. Besides that, his W could do with some armor reduction though it's still a decent spell in his kit and I'd very much preffer his passive being upped. But please, don't compare Twitch to Kalista. They are different champions and there's no point to making them use the same mechanics. >.<
: If you play draft you could get over 2hrs on waiting. Draft Mode isn't very populated and is rarely played. I recommend playing blind pick instead since its more populated.
I really don't get why people would still preffer blind pick over draft. There's a whole new system for draft and it's more time-efficient than ever. There's still this chaos in blind pick where everyone spams bot/top/mid/jungle/etc to get their role, then there's a bunch of instalockers, there are mirror matches and you have no idea what you're going to play against. I very much preffer getting a role of prefference and looking to practice certain matchups rather than this chaos.
: Once again Riot nerfing the champion and not the items
If the items are to work for Nautilus exceptionally well, yet will only benefit the rest less, why wouldn't they adress Nautilus? He's already a strong support and one of the few tanks back in cinderhulk meta to not get hit hard. Even in jungle, where he's played the least, he should be fine because he barely lost anything in the preseason changes.
: Shop VU Feedback
Yeah the page reloading after every purchase doesn't sound right to me. If they're going to release the VU, they first do something about that. And make the shop load like 98% of the time instead of once in a while.
: I feel that the only viable way to play Jarvan is full-AD assassin. There are always going to be better tanks than him since many tanks can do more damage without damage items. Perhaps they could make the W do increased %HP damage that scales with resistances. This would buff tank J4 immensely and he wouldn't be OP as long as Riot monitors the %damage very well.
Even as a Tank, in theory he should be able to get a lot of damage down, given his Q grants armor penetration and his passive % current HP damage. I just feel like his best case scenario lie in bruiser builds. Thus his W granting resistances would make for great efficiency for his shield and any HP he might get through a 1st item Titanic/TBC
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: twitch really needs a buff.....
He's actually really good with Runaan's nowadays. It works so well with his R range and allows him for massive AoE damage. I don't think he's bad, it might be the meta not favouring him right now. He's pretty unique as a marksman. If there's anything that is to change, it should be his passive. It feels like it's just there to be there. Maybe they should add an AD scaling to it so that it reinforces his identity as a tank-killer and allows for some more synergy with his first item not being an AS one.
: I see your frustration on this. I think it's because his current kit could be really annoying if they do just simple number tweaks to compensate. For example, if they make Q's ratio a lot higher, people will be annoyed by the constant and heavy hitting poke. W is the same. Being a slippery low CD champion with an easy escape makes it hard to find a low frustration buff. Perhaps the best one I can think of is to **make his Q magic damage when you have more bonus AP than bonus AD.** It would remove a lot of the awkwardness from AP Ezreal and should be a buff to his damage even if he's easier to itemize against.
That could make his AP build way too dominant. Remember they changed the way Runeglaive works because of cases like Ezreal's Q, Nasus' Q and (old) GP's Q. Though that would be an interesting change if it could be balanced.
: <3 <3 I would love more feedback on him! I did fix a bunch of other bugs with Azir today.
Azir's sand soldier auto attacks really kept me from playing him for so long, because I just hate bugs and clunky feelings. Thanks for working on that! My guess is it's going to lower the skill cap required to play the champion, making him much more accessible to new players and thus, giving some better statistics about him. Are there any plans for buffs/changes? Because we've seen tanks rise into power yet none of the late-game scalers (except for Kog'maw, he's too strong right now) have gained any presence.
: The Problem here isn't Devourer Riot
I believe Devourer junglers have had a much easier time ever since preseason. That got exaggerated when they changed Herald (Harold?) to grant 5 stacks, which means that if the enemy team can get dragon, you could still get 5 stacks for your devourer while avoiding the enemy team and still having a presence as a jungler. Now all these are sort of going against the intended weakness of devourer, so hitting it in this manner is justified. Making a conscious decision to get Herald shouldn't feel bad for any jungler, but removing power from an item whose stats synergise so well with each other (On-hit damage + Attack Speed), while delaying a bit their Sated Devourer power spike should be appropriate.
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