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: sounds fine.
I'm Japanese,live in China,these country not use English
: Champion Master points do not increase
English not good,because I dont use it in my country
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: now, I cant find 1 game,and queen is 3 hours
: Finally got into 1 game after 2+ hours, remake. Back to 2+ hour ques.
now, I cant find 1 game,and queen is 3 hours
: European PBE Servers
why u wanna EU PBE?I wanna Japan PBE,I live in China,Japan PBE rly have low ping,but not have,I think 170+ping can play normal
: Incredibly long que times?
same,I waited 3 hours ,but cant into 1 game
: Xayah's E Damage
plz nerf Xayah ult,I played Lux ,cant do so much dmg,and Lux killed her so difficult,but her so easy.
: Some thought about Xayah
plz nerf Xayah ult,I cant do much dmg
: ... I have no clue what you are saying...
I mean before Katarina rework is very strong, so that in addition to Q Lux no way to punish her, and now E time is so short, you can also refresh W, but no way sanctions
: The matching speed seems to need improvement.
With a Chinese game experience, PBE match day is as follows: We are here in the early hours of the morning, most of whom come from Europe and America, and occasionally meet some Brazil or Latin Americans In the morning, the United States and Canada are more, there are more special, such as Korean, Japanese, etc. At the time, relatively few people, sometimes 30 minutes, unless it is a large on-line testing and URF this kind of mode, will be a lot of talent in this period, most Asians is more, there are some Americans or Europeans, but the Koreans are very much, may be matched to the game player Sometimes at night time sometimes, I often meet my country people at this time, there are Korean Japanese Europeans, Americans rarely, unless it is a night to stay up late, I once met one day in the PBE game game player, was still a rank test period
: Lux Ult and Now Kats Ult has a 9 Sec CD!!!! WTF
Kata ult is too high, unable to resist, but only Q Lux in addition to her death, this is for my Lux game player is great imbalance, Lux need the ultimate buff, because she was too weak, sustained damage is low.
: This Katarina ultimate change can't go through
Kata's ult damage is so high that I can't resist, and Lux can only die except for Q, which is a huge imbalance for my Lux player
: Katarina and lux buff
Why not have the buff, she has been weakened since the 6.9 edition of W, winning has reached the Korean server last China server after 120 (total ranked 170), unstable injuries, and is very dependent on the Q, and the Rbuff, she is not very strong, it is Katarina, rework already very strong, a few seconds after E rework, ult and Lux met her so high damage, in addition to Q, what method
I think the riot of Lux buff is not in the true sense, will only cause the situation smoothly to rival more rolling effect, and the situation is not smooth, only worse, and her life is also very weak, once any opponent hit and close, basically can not survive, since riot the season reduced W, she is very difficult to guarantee their survival to perfect, very dependent on her teammates
: What're you guys playing aside League?
Can only wait for Riot to complete their maintenance work to restart PBE
: What're you guys playing aside League?
I am in China, can only play CN Tencent server, NAping 200 or more
: Servers still down?
Maintenance time is really long


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