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: After 20-25 minutes in the game, my FPS goes to 11 or 05 everytime, and the game freezes in the Victory and Defeat screen, it's getting impossible to play on PBE. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Exactly.I RL wanna test swain but pbe is so damn broken
: I'm having FPS problems PBE related only aswell, In live I run the game at 200 smooth as silk FPS. PBE dropped all the way down to 30 the other day. Also the end game "Defeat" or "Victory" screen is also freezing for me. I have to Alt+F4 out of it.
Exactly that. My fps went to shit and I had to use task manager to close the game due to freezing
: So everyone got FPS drops during that game? Are you sure it wasn't a lag spike(checked the FPS counter on screen?) Sometimes lag spikes occurring without any change on ping counter on the screen.
it was clearly the fps everyone had the same amount of very low fps
: If your pc have two graphics cards check which one is being used during games. Also check for driver settings and stuff. Sometimes im having similar issues and nearly always it's because my computer uses the lower one(Intel HD Graphics thingy) Other times it's the driver settings.
Its not my PC live I play fine and in that game everyone had the same issue
: So many bugs on this update
i have the freezing too,its so annoying.i was playing with 20 damn fps maximum and it wasnt only me but my team and the enemy team,in tf i was with 10 fps and with very low graphics i reached 23 fps max
: Proposition to change the skin name of "Tyrant Swain" to "Soulstealer Swain"
i think tyrant swain is linked to the lore thats why it will never change
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