: I finally got access to the PBE, but I don't have any IP or RP.
I know you can send a ticket to Riot support though and specify it's a problem on PBE and they may be able to do something. Everything is 1 IP though so you can literally play a game of norms and then buy whatever from there after you get some IP.
: no rp or ip
Send a ticket to Rito and mention that it's for PBE.
: URF For Ever On Live Client
I'm almost bored of playing it on PBE already. Having it live every few weeks would be a bore and people would lose interest pretty quickly. The point of having URF is for the hype that leads up to it.
: Stera's Gage needs to be changed to fit the large amount of damage
This is actually not true in the slightest? One auto from who? Support Alistar? Where is your evidence because it is a good and balanced item the way I see it.
: LoL.launcher.exe malware
Have you uninstalled and reinstalled all of the PBE files? Also you should run a virus checker. AVG and Malwarebytes work well and are free. Hope this helped
: Karthus Passive
Please post this on your respective live boards as it does not have anything to do with current PBE cycle changes!
: Too much micro management. No thanks :/
Is it too much to ask that we don't have a champion that is brainless to play for once?
Rioter Comments
: Aurelion sol passive change idea
Yeah theres no real way for you to hide as Aurelion if his stars are visible from the brush. I like this idea
: Hextech and Premium chests 1 suggestion
Been suggested elsewhere ;) Definitely agree tho
: Suggestion for Lux
I play her often and this wouldn't be bad tbh. At level 6 it is so easy to q>e>r and automatically kill the lane ur vsing and or do the same by roaming... Nerfing her ulti cd would only realistically be a minor nerf if you were to change the cd of it as you've stated, as Morello, CDR boots and masteries/runes give you like 35% cdr at least by 15 mins. May I suggest however posting this on your respective regions boards? Lux ulti isn't something currently being changed on the PBE so it really doesnt have a place on the boards!
: Thresh Hook still hits even when he is stuned
After he's pressed q at anytime it will be cast. The wind up is just an animation and the rest of the animation will roll out as well. Blitzcrank Q is the same but the cast time of the animation is a lot less compared to Thresh. Either way this shouldn't be something posted on PBE as it doesn't have any relevance to the current PBE cycle! Please post this on your respective regions boards as the audience there is larger!
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
I'm pretty late to the party here but I do like this idea for extended champion mastery, HOWEVER. I think that champion shards could be used to purchase level 30 accounts. There has ALWAYS been the issue of people buying smurfs already boosted to level 30 to avoid the 1-30 grind and although xp has been halfed to get to 30 that grind is still a pain. If you were to make it so that with like 10000+ champion essence, 30000+ IP or whatever amount of RP could buy you an account that would not only solve the problem of illegal account buying it would allow you guys to get some money also. The accounts wouldn't have to even have anything on them!!! Adding onto this if it were to happen, you could add a feature into the alpha that allows you to switch between accounts if you link them, or at least be able to logout and log back in without having to exit client! Ty bye
: Should be fixed tomorrow around lunchtime-ish
: Hello! We're working on a fix which will hopefully be in tomorrow's build. For now **any games you attempt to start on Mac will result in a Bugsplat and crash, so please hold off on attempting games until tomorrow** I wish I had better news, but that's what I've got for ya.
Do you have an ETA at all? Really busting to try out this new kench skin
: You should know when the maintenances are. 9th of March is far from over~ Also, naturally we're talking about PST time.
it was a joke and some pretty good sarcasm
: [9th of March](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/9OoWlT9i-leaverbusterd-for-crashing-because-of-aurelion-sol-in-the-game?comment=0000).
What if it's the 9th of march in my country {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: it's had the notice for hours now. i think since at least 6pm. i want to know when it's getting fixed
> [{quoted}](name=eevee135,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=tF0QLwMP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-09T02:20:26.803+0000) > > it's had the notice for hours now. i think since at least 6pm. i want to know when it's getting fixed I saw some rioter say in response to a bug a few hours ago that the problem will most likely be fixed tomorrow. Most likely because they just pushed Aurelion Sol out onto PBE and thats a priority rn..
: How long did it take Riot to understand that Mac's had a problem starting on the PBE?
I haven't posted but yeah its been happening to me for a while too
: Aurelion Sol Can Never DC
what if someone else kills the krugs. or you die.
: mid, support, jungle would be the maximum, and only if he can jungle someone like Kennen is top, mid, marksman, support
I think he could also work top as well. He seems to me a champion like rumble who just works really well with the team and builds similar items. His passive and w are somewhat like mundo w, his q seems like a poke tool in lane as well as the stun. so I think that top could work
: Indicate a secondary role for Aurelion Sol as Support
I was going to try out his jungle pathing when I get home. I think Aurelion Sol has the possibility of having a very wide range of positions he can play
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
If we do get alpha access, will there also be a client for Mac? or not at this time?
: Are we ever going to adress Janna and her 55% winrate with 25% pickrate FOR MORE THAN A YEAR?
this belongs on live boards, not PBE as it doesn't contain any content relevant to the current PBE cycle.
: shop bug
It resets after each purchase for a reason. It used to do that in old shop also. As for other bug, idk
: The Problem here isn't Devourer Riot
: Muramana Issue
Muramana [NOTE: Unfortunately changes are NOT FUNCTIONAL in today's update! Will be fixed tmrw.] Source: FF@20
: Suggestion's to Reports and Dealing with Trolls
I like this idea but I don't understand how it would work. Taking your example into consideration, you get in game and you see that; "Shit, my mid lane has been reported 3 times for intent feeding while playing mid lane this week". You dodge in your last game of silver 1 promos that decide whether or not you get to gold... It counts as a loss? Like I said I do like this idea a lot but I'm not sure how effective it will if the example you stated was realistic.
: I don't think this mod could keep people interested for more than a week. They would run out of options/variety pretty quickly.
Agree with this 100% I'd like 1v1's to be a permanent thing on a new map or Howling Abyss, like they did at the IWCA event last year. Even One For All becoming permanent game mode would be nice

Wtf Rito

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