: Riot. DONT!!!!
What do you mean? It's absolutely brilliant! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} Blood Boil is such a limited ability and it barely even makes an impact to {{champion:20}} Nunu himself. Now he actually has a reason to actually utilize his high AP ratios. The concern is quite weak to be honest. Even though this does increase most of mage aptitude in general, the "epic" AP DPS gains is minimal compared to the enormous DPS of ADCs. The **actual** concern is rather the amount of burst these champions can deal. Enemies with spammable, high-AP-ratio spells will be dealing enormous levels of damage. Champions like {{champion:7}}, {{champion:30}}, and {{champion:34}} will benefit greatly from this. The question is whether or not this is enough to destroy an ADC support setup. **Yes**, oh yes this most certainly will in its current state. {{champion:20}} Nunu has the ability to crush the ADC with many cripples. The enemy mage is naturally able to burst an ADC's low health. However, this is only what sets them even. The issue is that they could handle the counterplay too well in its current state. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} What I mean by this is that the main obvious counter to this is any of the {{item:1033}} Magic Resistance items. Things like {{item:3155}}, {{item:3028}}, and {{item:3211}} will be useful for succeeding early game. However, the biggest issue is that the champions that can benefit very well from this: * {{champion:30}} Karthus * {{champion:34}} Anivia * {{champion:69}} Cassiopeia They have very powerful capabilities of destroying tanks with {{item:3151}} Liandry's Torment. The fact they are able to decimate tanks are the biggest concern as the nullification of a small magic resistance item would not be enough to triumph over {{item:3136}} +40% AP. Thus in its current state, the power given to an ally mage would be too much for ADC + support compositions to handle. Possibly completely eliminating ADCs from the scene, which actually **IS** a problem. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} However, that's in its current state. There is quite an easy and sensible adjustment that could ease all worries. That adjustment is merely making the bonus given to an ally 20% while keeping the AP cap the same. This solves the issue because it prevents the catastrophic gains tank slaying mages would have. On the other hand, keeping the cap at the same level grants bonuses for when mages finally get {{item:3089}} Rabadon's Deathcap and reaches AP levels in the realm of 500s. Essentially, this change would limit the gains of this ability to champions who actually get {{item:3089}} since the new level of AP required from a mage would be 600 AP rather than 300 AP. This is definitely much healthier as the excessive levels of AP would only be given to champions who invest in massive levels of AP. What it "boils" down to {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} is whether or not {{item:1033}} magic resistance items are sufficient enough to handle AP bot lanes. The moment rushing magic resistance isn't enough is the moment where the damage this change caused is far off the deep end.
: I really think extending the effect would be more didactic, you are not wrong, but, giving 12% increased damage from all sources is way more relevant than that bonus damage after 3 attacks. Do you like Lethal Tempo's design? I think it was way cooler when the uncapped attack speed wasn't attached to the bonus attack speed, I mean, when you could go above 2.5 AS without using the bonus AS effect.
Well, the main good thing about it is that it's one of the few ways you can extend the usefulness of critical strike. Like if you use it on {{champion:96}} Dog'Maw, he can be dealing a potential: (100% AD)x(100% crit chance)x(1 + 1.5 crit damage from infinity edge)x(2.5 + 0.665 base attack speed x 80% bonus from lethal tempo) Which is pretty much 758% AD per second, up from 625% AD per second. Unfortunately, as we all know, that's a late game pipe dream. It's pretty much compensation for the fact that crit runes were removed. You would think that the excess attack speed cap would help for on-hit builds, but LoLnope. That's a job for Press the Attack now. The big thing the attack speed boost does is make it more viable to rush an {{item:3031}} Infinity Edge early game.
: Precision not filling it's niche
I don't think Press the Attack has a cooldown. So in terms of extended combat, it should be the one filling that niche you are envisioning. I mean, immediately after the 12% damage increase is done, you get another opportunity to deal **true damage.** That's gotta count for something.
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: Kled opinions
I can attest to the fact that he doesn't regain his mount quickly enough. The clutch factor of regaining Skaarl is as clunky as {{champion:18}} Rocket Jump--which is pretty dang clunky. It feels like an unnecessary punishment for obtaining rage too late. With Kled's requirement of going ham for survival purposes, it seems strange that this event even occurs. It makes sense why {{champion:18}} Rocket Jump is a clunky escape since it's main mechanic is as an engaging tool, but with the recovery of Skaarl being a direct mechanical use for being aggressive, it makes no sense why this particular gameplay would be punished with even a few seconds of disability and a delayed gain in health.
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: Issues with Games not starting - Report here!
Here is a link to a couple of my Game - R3d Logs. [Broken Game Logs](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y2i6cpf3s6taqvo/AAAKS0f1q9B7pujUsb1DynK5a?dl=0) The first two games and the last game on the list are successful connections while the rest are failures.
: Issues with Games not starting - Report here!
The error is definitely still happening. Should we send logs?
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: Finally, maybe i can play a PBE game without someone dodging!
{{champion:134}} _Yes! I can finally land some balls!_
: Having the same Problem, with my PBE Launcher. Live works but for some reason pbe doesn't. Also I deleted the PBE folder and try re downloading and it still doesn't launch.
Try doing the Dropbox steps. If reinstalling doesn't work, there definitely is a problem that can only be made apparent in the logs.
: Actually, I was the one that sent it to moobeat on S@20 because it wasn't in the notes, lol.
Lol, well I guess it was fortunate that you found this then. I imagine as an attempt to prevent laners from taking the jungle early on.
: Client launcher not working
Your rads log is indicating a commonly occurring problem now. However, it does not deal with the issues with the launch, as even with the issues, the patcher was visible. I suggest fixing this problem now, just so you don't have to deal with it later. 1. Go to \PBE\RADS\solutions. 2. Delete the folder "lol_game_client_sln." If you have Dropbox, I suggest you take these steps. 1. Go to \PBE\Logs\Patcher Logs. 2. Delete every log in the folder. 3. Start the PBE LoL. Once this is complete, new logs will appear in the folder 4. Upload the new logs in \PBE\Logs\Patcher Logs to Dropbox. 5. Ensure that all the logs are in the same folder in Dropbox. 6. Click the "Share" button corresponding to the folder with every log you uploaded. 7. Click Send Link. 8. Copy the link to the folder shown and paste the link in a post on this thread. This will narrow down the problem and reveal precisely what is going on with your computer. If I can't help you with the logs, at least the Rito squad can stumbleupon this and help you out.
: [Jungle] Golems and Gromp apply Stun or Poison to the champion unless Smited (Bug or intended?)
Intended > http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/12/129-pbe-update.html Look under Jungle changes.
: Not Level 30 on client after 2 and a half days.
This may sound incredibly strange and unfounded on any sources, but when I do the tutorial, the battle training one in summoner's rift. I automatically get all the boosts. I've told this to 3 other people who got PBE accounts and it works. I don't know how--my guess is probably the RP gotten on live clients when completing the tutorial--but it worked.
: Client launcher not working
I suggest you take a look at these links. This first one is an overall guide to LoL troubleshooting. > http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4748042 This second one is specifically for Launcher Troubleshooting. > http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1538750 P.S. To find your launcher logs, go to /PBE/RADS/ it should be labeled rads_user_kernel.log. Any other logs past that is found in /PBE/Logs/.
: Thank you for your logs! I took a look and it seems there is an issue with a particular folder inside your installation. Here are the steps to fix it: Steps: 1. Close the Patcher 2. Go to: "C:\PBE\RADS\solutions" and delete the "lol_game_client_sln" folder. 3. Restart League of Legends and wait for patch to complete. You should no longer see the error message during the patch.
Awesome, it fixed the problem. I just wished I done this sooner. Would have saved a lot of time from reinstalling the entire PBE folder.
: Error Downloading Recent Patch
Here is a link to all my logs in the PBE folder where I had problems, for those who are interested. > https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r94sburaqcsaqgw/AACEE_QBNv3x06z01d7m_7fBa?dl=0
: Log In Problem
This is a bug. I don't know exactly what it is regarding, but it has something to do with PMB. To fix this, you must download a new folder from that button on the way top that says "Download Mac." ~~Don't bother repairing or doing any other methods, this is the only way that has worked so far.~~ P.S. Go to [this thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/omsge2Vd-error-downloading-recent-patch), and attach your logs to a comment. Trill Collins and the Rito squad is investigating the issue. P.P.S. It seems there a [quicker solution](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/omsge2Vd-error-downloading-recent-patch?comment=00070000) was found. Delete your "lol_game_client_sln" folder found in \PBE\RADS\solutions. That should allow the patcher to continue.
: Windows Firewall Messages When Updating PBE Laucnher
You are not the only one. I've even disabled my firewall and it still appears.
: Welp, Patcher being stuck at 33% is fixed by simply restarting the Launcher. The errors should be fixed by repairing, if just restarting didn't work **Edit:** seems like reinstalling does the trick for the log problem.
Ok, I think it's working. Working **SLOWLY** but it's working. My logs don't reveal any issues with PMB anymore. This problem is that common 0kbps {{champion:80}} Mandrop. Despite that, it is downloading at least. Haven't seen the > "Unspecified Error Occurred. Please Check Logs For More Information." yet, so I think it's good for now. It's just painful that after 3 hours it's still not finished. {{item:3073}}n{{item:3073}} P.S. Finally finished! That derp of 0kbps disappeared after around 60% completion.
: Welp, Patcher being stuck at 33% is fixed by simply restarting the Launcher. The errors should be fixed by repairing, if just restarting didn't work **Edit:** seems like reinstalling does the trick for the log problem.
I'm going to trust you here and download a new PBE folder. I'll respond after 3 hours.
: Rek'Sai can go through Trees after using her Q
... Q? You mean the ability that shoots a void missile and causes her to spin in a circle when autoattacking? Pray tell how you use this ability to traverse obstacles, because I can only grasp the tunnel doing so--that being her "E".
: Error Downloading Recent Patch
I am having the same problem on my windows computer. I'll link my logs for reference. Some things I've noticed are very troubling to me. Such as: > ( ERROR)[01:27:37.596] RADS::User::PandoManager::start: StartPMB failed, returned error 6 Pando Media Booster was gotten rid of officially. Why then is my launcher trying to start it up? Then there is: > (WARNING)[01:27:37.596] RADS::API::Impl::RuntimeEnvironment::RuntimeEnvironment: Did not find keywords "projects" or "solutions" in path > (WARNING)[01:27:37.596] RADS::API::Impl::Main::Main: Could not determine solution or project runtime environment, execution will continue but all files will be treated as unmanaged in the current folder. Then there is a whole streamline of errors from: > ( DEBUG)[01:33:32.730] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::HTTPConnection: ( > ( DEBUG)[01:33:32.730] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::Connect: ( > ( ERROR)[01:33:33.750] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: perform request failed with code 7 > ( ERROR)[01:33:33.750] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: Failed on /rest/getToken?format=xml&ClientID=PMB_Client > ( ERROR)[01:33:34.750] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: perform request failed with code 7 > ( ERROR)[01:33:34.750] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: Failed on /rest/getToken?format=xml&ClientID=PMB_Client > ( ERROR)[01:33:35.772] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: perform request failed with code 7 > ( ERROR)[01:33:35.772] RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: Failed on /rest/shutdown?format=xml&netToken= I'm tearin up here. {{item:3070}}n{{item:3070}}
: {{champion:114}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:43}} **=FA*K **
Should have done {{champion:6}} Urgot.
: Illuminati conspiracy confirmed
You know what they say. > *"Illuminate the enemy!" -{{champion:99}} *
: Man I love disconnecting at 1:55
There is a pretty huge problem with disconnects in general. It all started with the cut-down on afk time. Now, when someone finally reconnects, they are greeted with a welcoming {{item:1001}} boot saying, "*You've been disconnected due to prolonged inactivity.*" Beautiful.
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: [In-Game] Disconnect causes inability to use summoner spells
To add to this, I found out something crazier. If you relaunch the game after the glitch and the glitch happens again, not only does it remove your ability to use summoner spells but also your champion's spells as well.
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: rengar and his q with towers
This is the same for every champion with an empowered autoattack that doesn't effect a tower. To showcase a few: {{champion:24}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:266}}
: Did not receive response from server.
: Did not receive response from server.
Maybe it's something to do with Braum. Still don't know why the patcher says pbe is online.
: Bringing back the IP weekly bonus.
This is just like when U.R.F. mode came out. > We've already given so much, but they still ask for more. -Phreak
: What now?
Welp, **obviously** this ~~isn't the right place for the discussion. Though I gotta say this~~ is a pretty commonplace problem and Rito needs to do sometin' bout it.
: [LoL PBE client] Client crash and pop up error
I'm undergoing the same problem. Except instead of {{champion:11}}, it's {{champion:68}} that is "an essential asset." I've gone through the same steps you did, only I'm done repairing and it pops up another warning saying > Update Failed: Unspecified error has occured. Please check logs for more information.

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