What will happen once loot is re-enabled? Will it still reset blue essence even if you got blue essence from some loot? It might be discouraging if from some level up reward or a quest someone got some blue essence and didn't spend it all in a day only to come back the next day to find it dropped down all the way to 5 again even tho it's PBE.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
I honestly do not get why AD Malzahar is getting nerfed so much. Even if it is because of how he is doing in the jungle, that is 0 reason to nerf lane Malzahar, all it does it forces him to go mid lane and go ap.
: Malzahar bug on drake
Well firstly, there is no set limit on how many voidlings can spawn, just no more voidlings can spawn once they all have less then 4 seconds to live. Then besides that, dragon is a epic monster, not a large monster, so even with the large nerf to Malzahar, voidlings can still spawn from autoing it.
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: Am I the only one that thinks annie will be too strong? I'm not for these changes at all. Not to mention the hextech protobelt has a 40 second cd on its dash. This will be a nightmare.Annie bot the guy that plays annie non stop believes annie is extremely strong in her current state.
Extremely strong in her current state =/= Op Extremely strong in her current state =/= Strong compared to other champions
: Why make Veigar ult into an execute when it already did plenty of flat damage on its own? seems like you tried to make something interesting for very shallow reasons.
They rescaled it so it deals less damage and scales less at higher HP %'s. From a current to change Viegar ult on a max Hp target, you are losing: 75/100/125(+25% ap) damage.
: MYMU Annie, Fiddle, Veigar Discussion
Thank you riot. Thank you. I will now not get funny looks when I say I main Veigar support.
: doesn't this remove all the "play as valor or play as quinn" that use to be the keystone for that champ. Now, this just sound like play as quinn who use her pet as ulti to do thing (valor is no more a champion but more a thing like tibbers or bristle) Also, with the removal of her blind, can we expect some range change as she need to be less safe to farm and her escape mechanics (ult) now beeing not instant?
Valor is as much of a champion as elise's spider form, nidalee's corgar form and jayce's ranged form are champions. Tibbers is just a drop of damage and bristle is most of the reason sejuani is even a champion. So outright removing half of what makes Quinn and Valor and just having it be Quinn with pretty much an ult thats mobi boots just makes the champion not feel like the champion. It's fine if they change how she plays but don't remove half of her entire kit.
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: Just get Nashors. W only lowers his AD damage.
They meant will AP Kog still be viable after the upcoming changes.
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: Tahm Kench not able to aim second cast of "Devour"
I have had this happen to me in a custom game I just played with him testing him out; I found in the game when the bug would occur what would happen is I would initially cast it then the spell would go onto cooldown instead of getting the ability to cast it a second time.
: He probably changed his name before joining the match. That's the only logical explanation I can get.
The person even seemed a tiny bit confused on how he was there.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Best Veigar FL,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=FziOHqdE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-06-23T04:38:49.510+0000) > > How do you explain the other part with the shaco deception. Probly a bug with mixed files, did he jump from a bushe or something ?
He didn't jump from a bush, he appeared in a puff of orange smoke in the middle of the lane then jumped to me.
: Taunt are currently bugged, it happen on Galio ult, sometime people just walk away like nothing happened, even with shen taunt, yesterday i was playing Fiora and there was an enemy shen taunting me but i kept walking like nothing went throught. Jax wasn't hacking, taunt have issue .
How do you explain the other part with the shaco deception.
: it's against the rules to post things like this. this is directly from the rule book "Please don't report a potentially misbehaving player in these boards. If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, send us a ticket directly so we can investigate and take action if necessary. We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. We’ll be taking action against players who have violated rules, so please report these players correctly."
Well I have seen other players posting similar things like this before on the pbe forums and the red posts in those forums brought no attention to that rule and normally went about punishing the players in those specific posts if they needed punishing.
: This seems more like a bug rather than a hacker... Sometimes taunt can be messed up and maybe it can be looked at. However, you might need to be able to reproduce these steps if you want to report it so unless you're able to reproduce them I guess there isn't much to your statement.
Firstly; how do you explain him using Distortion, an ability from an entirely different champion. Also when they were taunted they ran away from me, not to me; and how do you expect me to reproduce what a hacker did?
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: It's just a change to his scaling and itemization, he never had any abilities to scale off his AD anyway. Bonus flat physical damage is better early game, while bonus %AD is better late game.
I guess you have never played or read his abilities before. Pre-death of AD malphite the skill passivly gave your autos aoe similar to hydra or tiamat equal to 62% of your ad at max rank. Then when you activated it, the ability gave you 40% bonus AD and armor; still keeping the passive during the duration. Also it does not matter if it's physical when you gain 0 damage from ad; 0 AP + physical = 0 bonus damage for ad.
: > [CLARITY] Basic attacks made while under the effects of Brutal Strikes will now use Malphite's critical strike animation His bonus damage can't crit. They only use the crit animation to make the bonus damage clearly visible for everyone.
The bonus damage cant crit but the autos can still crit.
: AD Malphite is Fully ok with this buff. YES A BUFF. This doesn't Nerf ad malph at all since all u would get were like 100 AD with massive AD items maybe 130 at some point if u ignore being oneshot by everyone. Not u gain 85 AD FLAT on at lvl 9 at best. Better possability for Tank malph to farm, better burst early game for AD Malph, AP malph can now Compete at top Lane. This is helping you more than u guys can read and are willing to accept.
You don't gain any ad from the skill; that was the old skill. With the current skill you gain 0 bonus damage from it with ad malphite. Last I checked getting 0 damage compared to 40% ad is a giant nerf and kills it.
: Honestly I think this change is fine, because I play Malphite as a tank and the armor passive is pretty nice. The .15 AP scaling on his W and doing physical damage does help in a way, because that means he can do mixed damage while scaling off AP. I mean you can still go AD Malphite, but it's a little weaker than AP Malphite, and definitely weaker than tank Malphite. I honestly do think that his W should proc on turrets though, like his old W.
Its not "a little weaker" it's completely irrelivant not in malphite builds; it's like going ap darius, yeah your bleed deals magic damage but thats no reason to go ap. I personally think they should just keep the new passive effect and make the new active all of the old ability in one, besides the bonus armor from the old W.
: I think you're overlooking how much this actually buffs AD Malphite's early game, maxing W scales your damage faster than before and lets you stay in lane for longer without needing items. What I'm more concerned about is if the bonus damage can crit, if so {{item:3046}} would be awesome on him. If not, then this really is an overall nerf.
Please do tell me how going from having something to do with AD to no ad at all makes an ad champion better?
: I'm not sure what to think about these changes. (killing AD Malph aside) I do like how the W is a lot more clear that you are doing AOE damage, which is something I've wanted on Malph for a while. He takes turrets slower now due to his W bonus damage not working on them. I'm not sure how problematic this was, but it was something that affected tanky and AP builds on the old kit even if slightly. (just with the base damage in early game) I'd really like to see the exact reason behind the changes. Is it for last hitting, Jungle clear, A "Window of Power" thing since the champ now has a brief period of sustained AOE damage, or is it something else I'm missing outright? I really loved the interaction between the old skill and Ravenous Hydra, and that for me is the most disappointing thing about this rework. They felt like they were a match made in heaven without being too strong, and the rework butchering the interaction just sucks.
Malphite had more sustained AOE damage before thanks to the buffed up armor and ad when he casted his W before providing more damage with the passive and active and better sustain due to armor side of the active.
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: Introducing chroma packs!
Quick question about them. Well for PBE specifically. If PBE is for testing out new products(skins, champs, ect.) then why is this new content only available for purchase if you have RP; and if you are a vetran member of PBE then you probably already spent all of your RP to where you are now unable to purchase and test out the new content, meanwhile the 4 new skins on PBE are available for 1 IP. So my question is, why the RP cost only instead of the 1 IP options like other PBE skins?
: Personal feedback about new Veigar
I am personally a Veigar main(well support veigar) think that the change is awful as far as the E goes, like if you compare the drop of the skill to the W you can see why. The drop makes it quite apparent on where you need not to be, the wall is so thin to where if they know where it is going to be you are not going to land it unless you get lucky, and your only form a natural CC should not be based around luck. So unless your enemy makes a mistake and walks into it for some reason or get pushed into it by some form of their own movement or CC then it's going to do nothing. Espicially as a support vs an Ezreal, you have to land it right on the nose to hit an Ezreal but with the delay he is able to just arcane shift back and laugh at you.
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
Despite my name, I dont play Veigar mid much; but I do play him as a support and I do not enjoy watching his ability to be a support be gutted in such a way. He was already able to be punished when he missed his E and when he did hit it, it was the only really way to help out the team besides R against an APC.
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: I'm having the same problem since last week and it still says failed to update now. Do you guys know how I can fix it?
Follow the link Any Sery posted below and do that in which is instructed and you will be fine
: Where is your LOLPBE file located? It can be anywhere BUT in the Live League of Legends' files. If LOLPBE is located in the Live LoL folder, it will open up the Live Client.
They are both in seperate folders; but to get from one to another I have to open there "admin" version and after I do all the normal ways to open either become the last one opened with its "admin" version, even if its still in its own folder.
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: Le [fix](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/omsge2Vd-error-downloading-recent-patch?comment=00070000)
It ended up fixing on its own for my but now I am having a problem to where the pvp.net client keeps switching from live to Pbe and I have to launch each one as an administrator to switch between them
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Poro Rider Sejuani!
I don't know if anyone else has had this happen but the sounds on her skills(I don't know all the sound to the skill except the q) but the sound effects can be heard by everyone as long as she is in vision from anywhere on the map.
: Recently? Sweetie toxicity has been here for *so* long. You should have seen how bad it was before the applying-system came, now *that* was bad xD Just report every single toxic player you see and get as many people as possible to report them as well: reporting here *does* work. Riot is our personal Tribunal and they *do* ban people. This is a zero-tolerance environment, it doesn't take much to get them banned :3 Oh and put them in your ignore list, it makes your life so much better. Good way to avoid toxic players is to hang out in the PBE Chat Rooms and talk with the people there. Eventually you will recognize the nice people and you can play with them ^.^
Like when I said recently I was referring to in my personal experiance feeling like pbe has become more toxic then live servers. But one quick question, with the whole zero-tolerance enviorment thing why do people always reply to asking to report a toxic player with "its just pbe"
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