: Conqueror Feedback
How much damage overall though? True damage alone doesn't say much...
: > [{quoted}](name=ViviD V0iD,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FiyYw5wE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-21T14:54:34.572+0000) > > skill difference in PBE is horrendous. > > i suspect that MMR doesnt exist on pbe. i mean every single game there is somebody going 20/0 or something. ive had those games as well that i was the one going 18/0. some people are just to good, or some people are just too bad on pbe.. > > are the matchups on pbe somehow made with an internal MMR? or is it just like "first 10 guys in a queue get matched together" queue? PBE does have MMR. It operates the same as live does. The thing is that PBE has a small player base with a great variety in skill - people don't play often enough to get in an accurate MMR. Combine that with the fact that (especially during off-hours), PBE matchmaking broadens the MMR limits and it will start looking like everyone is just thrown in together.
That may have been true before they lowered the restriction to practically all who apply... (Don't pretend keeping honor 4 was hard on live last season.)
: Playing New champions ON PBE helpes you climb in ranked. easy.??
In theory at least that's true and there's also an argument for banning new champs for 2+ weeks to get live-only players from playing a champ they don't have enough experience on yet. In practice some players just don't mesh with some champs (Think of all the people who managed to feed on 1-shot Zoe.) I at least agree that on live people should be given time to be exposed to the new champ before they're allowed in ranked.
: > [{quoted}](name=El Elvis Canario,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FiyYw5wE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-20T22:40:30.977+0000) > > Right now if someone lose the lane he just dcs, because there is no penality for leaving. Even not connecting and remaking is less time consuming than dodging queue There are penalties. Leaverbuster, low priority, and reporting all work. > When we have equalize, we could play after stomps caused by afks or high level difference, so we could test more. Right now we cant test late game builds, so things such as ancient dragon and baron buffs, and ap build in late may be broken... Please keep in mind only the team that is ahead in the game was able to use /equalise. Not the team that was behind and thus usually the team with a player missing. Furthermore, equalise was never used for testing purposes. If at all used, the winning team did an /equalise 5 seconds before they killed the Nexus and won the game. It was used as a form of BM. Honestly it's better for it to be gone. To reduce the amount of afks, please be sure to report those who leave intentionally, and try to make friends to play premade with those. The [Discord](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/KHEqB0xj-the-unofficial-pbe-discord-help-desk-game-nights-premade-queues-and-more) can help with the latter.
I've been here more than 4 months now, seen a whole month where I was getting 2+ afks in each game (not always my team, just in the game) and not once have I received a message saying someone I reported was punished. That's a looooooooooooooooot of people to not receive one message. I know they're on the pbe because when I made a post asking about it several people showed me screenshots of their messages.
: I have to put that at the end of perfomance?
No, I gave my full category under performance to see if they could spot anything wrong. They simply said to add >LiveProfile=1 but mine wasnt working
: Why is Yi getting more true damage?
Seconded {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: I played vs this in a game. He Presses R and did ~1600-1800 damage killing any squishy
I still haven't seen it. All the ones I fought hurt, but it wasnt because of their ult...
: Yes, there is a punishment system and reports do work. Keep in mind you only get report notifications if someone was punished from the game you reported them. It is likely that this was one of their first offenses and people rarely get banned from one game alone, especially since there could be so many reasons someone is AFK.
4 months without anything while I have to put up with so many afks, to say nothing of inters and toxic persons though? That's really fishy...
: So broken xd, it's a bug.
Yeah, they already mentioned kha'zix was in the game.{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Rengar NEGATIVE damage?
Old rengar Q probably broke his abilities again and not in the good way lol
: A lot of blanks in my loot tab
Had these for at least a month now along with a lot of blanks in my icons tab. When riot said they were going to fix loot I thought this would finally be addressed but... nope.
Rioter Comments
: Its only gonna be for premades tho
Why must everything go to the premades {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: As long as it has a good point.
Flaming in person, hurt them on a deeper level {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: voice chat is here?
Flaming. Lots and LOTS of flaming. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Players who Rage Quit or AFK on PBE?
Same experience except I average 2 afks a game. It somehow doubled after the winter break. Still have yet to receive a single message about punishment for these players so either they aren't getting punished or riot for whatever reason has left out yet another feature for us pbe folk.
: Bug with leveling up abilities
I got this bug when playing bard Happened level 1, got 2 points at level 2 I was attempting to put a point into Q I click to level up skills bc I'm a pleb Was on summoner's rift
: i think it should work if you add [Performance] LiveProfile=1 this to the end of your config
But there was already a "[Performance]" category so I put it under there as instructed {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} EDIT: Here's the line of text [Performance] LiveProfile=1 GraphicsSlider=-1 ShadowsEnabled=1 CharacterInking=1 EnableHUDAnimations=1 PerPixelPointLighting=1 EnableParticleOptimizations=0 BudgetOverdrawAverage=10 BudgetSkinnedVertexCount=200000 BudgetSkinnedDrawCallCount=100 BudgetTextureUsage=150000 BudgetVertexCount=500000 BudgetTriangleCount=300000 BudgetDrawCallCount=1000 EnableGrassSwaying=1 EnableFXAA=0 AdvancedShader=0 FrameCapType=5 ShadowQuality=0 EffectsQuality=1 GammaEnabled=1 Full3DModeEnabled=0 EnvironmentQuality=2 CharacterQuality=3 AutoPerformanceSettings=0
: Sorry for not clarifying! We don't have a way to access these automatically. A link on google drive would be great
I played 3 games last night after making the changes you mentioned with notepad. Nothing has shown up {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: > Finally, suggesting a "report in champ select" feature doesn't belong on the PBE Boards. Suggestions for new features should be posted in their respective locations on the Live Boards or [Reddit.](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/) The PBE is for content currently in testing. Also, you can still report people in-client for their behavior in champ select or post-game. I am simply stating this because of this bit you said which I assume was a small mistake. > That's exactly why this post was made. OP, like others, find it a bit silly you need to go all the way to the riot support on the website and send in a report ticket to report people simply because they were trolling and/or toxic in **pre or post game champ select instead of in game.**
Last I checked reporting anything in-client on the pbe when you have not played the game takes you to the site using one's browser. Regarding your second concern, I meant pre-game (in champ select) or post game (after post-game chat. You know, like when people add you and flame.... When you've already reported and they add more fuel by saying "kill yourself" or something..... Plenty of instances of post-game reasons to report.)
: Yo! Unfortunate that this seems to have cropped up again. If you're willing to make a quick change to your game.cfg file, the client will generate a new type of performance log that will give us more insight into exactly what's going on. Koalifier wrote up a good post on how to do this in your last thread, but I'll post it again here: We have a tool that lets us get more detailed performance info from your games. If you add a setting to your game.cfg file. Cfg file is in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config You will need to add "LiveProfile=1" (without the quotes) under the [Performance] section. If you have that section included in your game.cfg, when you finish a game, it will generate a log that we can use to analyze the performance. You can find that log here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Performance Logs With a format like "2017-12-06T22-05-40_PerfDump.rpd" If you set up that LiveProfile setting and generate any logs like that, we will get a much better understanding of what's going on.
So just to be sure I have this right, are you automatically/manually able to access these or do we need to send them your way after they are generated? If it's the latter, how should we go about doing that?
: Swain Rework Fps Glitch
The bug was what shut down pbe for a while at one point wasn't it? But yeah getting pretty lame seeing swain in game and knowing it means at least once person is gonna feed when he makes their fps drop like a rock.
: > If you aren't able to report them post-game, **because of a dodge for example**, then send a ticket to Riot Support with a screenshot.
That's exactly why this post was made. OP, like others, find it a bit silly you need to go all the way to the riot support on the website and send in a report ticket to report people simply because they were trolling and/or toxic in pre game champ select or after leaving post game screen instead of in game.
: Rammus can Q through Walls
This was a bug on live a while back. Idk if it was fixed but I stopped seeing it for a while. It's broken as fuuuuuuuuuuuck though.
: No health bar, champion name at beginning of game
Same happened to me earlier today. The game froze up later so I had to close out and upon logging in again I could see healthbars and such once more.
: Environment is not rendering correctly when Environment setting is not set higher than "High".
I noticed this yesterday and thought maybe my graphics settings had been changed. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Rioter Comments
: Report them post-game. Chances are they do get banned automatically for shouting such words, but you would never be notified of such. If you aren't able to report them post-game, because of a dodge for example, then send a ticket to Riot Support with a screenshot. Keep in mind, this is the slower way to report people, but it still leaves you with an option. Finally, suggesting a "report in champ select" feature doesn't belong on the PBE Boards. Suggestions for new features should be posted in their respective locations on the Live Boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content *currently* in testing.
They asked about the scenario in which someone dodges, how do you construe that to allow a post-game?
: Proposition to change the skin name of "Tyrant Swain" to "Soulstealer Swain"
I thought about him getting a soul stealer skin but then I realized by the same token thresh would have gotten one and it's really a case of blood lord vlad and primal/spirit guard udyr. They don't really differentiate themselves thematically from the original skin and so basically become excuses for riot not to update the originals.
: I thought the same thing, but I believe they wouldn't change a skin name. It fits a lot in the theme, though!
They've changed skin names before, I just can't remember which because it wasn't on champs I played or skins I cared for anyway. EDIT: Just remembered an example, Warden skins!
: > [{quoted}](name=WorkHardPlayBard,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=7nuAJ1Rw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-25T06:30:06.209+0000) > > I noticed this once or twice myself. I don't pay too much attention to it but I did see it. Is it black line or earning gold from die ?
The gold on death. Since commenting, I've seen it in a youtuber's video as well. I think it was a cut from a Trick2g stream.
: Pug'Maw is a bit...unusual
Riot's going to have to turn his model _**INSIDE OUT **_ if they're going to figure out and fix this issue! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: That is the exact reason i'm against ranked in pbe. I don't understand why people are mad against afk in pbe and mad because their reports don't work... Yes, I understand if the person leaves the game intentionnaly (rage quit, trollquit) But from what i've seen until now, most of the time afk are because of server problems... So, unless the person is really toxic and says they are leaving for some reason and not just suddenly disconnecting, i don't think it's worth reporting. Pbe is here for testing. It's being said everywhere that there can be some connection/high ping issue. I think there's a big majority of people here that don't see this server for it's real purpose and that's probably a problem in itself.
Don't take this the wrong way but part of the issue here is they're allowing all these foreigners to be on a server located in the US. I would be more than happy if there were pbe servers in other countries but there simply aren't, Riot is simply too stingy with their server money. Even when my ping on pbe is at its worst it's either temporary or still below 100. The fact that other people are completely disconnecting for the rest of 40-50 minute games it's so bad leads me to believe they must be significantly farther away. As for the "pbe is here for testing so you should be happy 3v5 while your store, loot, emotes, and other features that have been around for months to years aren't functional" is just garbage imo. Riot is still a billion dollar company with huge numbers of resources behind them. There's a certain level of compitency to be expected. If you want me to test a skin I'll test the damn skin. I _**can't**_ do that though when I'm not given time to think trying to make anything at all work to stay in the game and I have everyone in chat talking about nonsense like "where is X player who afk'd that I can clearly see is afk on my minimap." Finally, the way I see it, ranked would make a heck of a lot of sense on pbe. It incentivises the more tryhard players to do their gaming on pbe instead of live to keep live only and live + pbe players happier.
: Earn 1 Gold When You Die
I noticed this once or twice myself. I don't pay too much attention to it but I did see it.
: PBE isn't meant for heavy loads of players. So naturally, when big events like reworks and new champs happen, a lot of people want to try them ,and the servers get overloaded, and thus increasing the lag. RIOT cannot do anything about it, all you can do is wait until people stop playing.
I mean they could not make it worse by continuing to have an open invite to anyone of an easily achievable honor level and for that matter people from other regions across the ocean who it's going to by default take more resources (including time) to connect and stay connected to.
: Then how can you explain the fact that people got banned thanks to my report, and none thanks to yours ?
I don't need to explain a system I didn't make. If you want to ask someone, ask the rioter whose *&^% you *(&^%$
: Riot doesn't need feedback on the loot system, so this post isn't helping them in any way. When Riot needs specific feedback, they create threads where you can help, otherwise you post as usual. And where in the world is what I'm saying toxic ? Reminding Summoners of the PBE rules is toxic now ? When a post is worth posting, no one will react, whereas other useless posts need to be reminded of the rules. >Your elitist attitude is becoming pretty toxic and unwelcome. I suggest you calm down, think about what you're doing with your life at the present moment, and ask if this is really how you want to spend your time. Yea about that, it's reciprocal you know ? You took the time to write some kind of "roast" to someone who is simply helping clean up the boards. You should really reconsider your priorities. Now if you don't mind, I have more important stuff to do.
>When Riot needs specific feedback, they create threads where you can help Guess we don't need summoner's rift or anything else we've seen before because it's been tested. > And where in the world is what I'm saying toxic ? Reminding Summoners of the PBE rules is toxic now ? You're spamming the same quote from a rioter (NOT the rules) at people whose posts you don't want to see. I conveniently see you not posting this on posts you agree on, instead just commenting normally and yes I see you spamming enough to recognize you at this point. > You took the time to write But notice I did it once and I'm not doing it on every comment you've ever made and will ever make. > someone who is simply helping clean up the boards LOL you're so full of yourself, just leave that to the rioters if you're not going to actually help. We don't need a vigilante "cleaning up" the boards. > Now if you don't mind, I have more important stuff to do. Hey, I doubt it! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: >Friendly reminder that PBE is a testing environment, which means content may be available/unavailable depending on what needs testing/what we may be testing with the store. :) [Riot KateyKhaos](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/PBE/Riot%20KateyKhaos) You're not here to enjoy free skins and events, you're here give feedback to RIOT about new content to prevent bugs from carrying over to live. The fact that they didn't enable means it doesn't need testing. If you want the full experience of the Lunar Revel Event, go back to live and buy RP to spend.
"you're here give feedback to RIOT" -Belial Lucifer "Let me say, I'm not a huge fan of the loot systems riot likes to do with new skin lines as you can often get screwed out of a chroma/icon even after spending money, but i find it not that bad, i manage with it for a few reasons, one being the fact that i can mess around with the system on PBE and see what i can get and how i can get it before it's on live" -Mythra That's feedback bro, you gotta learn to read instead of spamming your dumb quote under every thread. If I wanted to bother wasting the time I could go find where a rioter said that it's perfectly okay to want to do pbe for the free stuff because you're still testing and you're still a facet of the league community they want to hear from. Your elitist attitude is becoming pretty toxic and unwelcome. I suggest you calm down, think about what you're doing with your life at the present moment, and ask if this is really how you want to spend your time. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Last game I played I had a Tristana intentionally leave, so: First, I kindly ask the enemy team to report her (after a quick explanation as to why). Then at the end of the game, I click report, check "Leaving the game", and in the form, I wrote: "The Tristana wasn't happy about the "way" Morgana was talking to her. Morgana was explaining to her how better runes she could have picked. But Tristana took it the wrong way, and literally said she would leave the game, and left".
Riot has said it's not the number of reports but the number of games reported so asking for reports from others does nothing.
: Ok. First of all, you are not here to gain ELO, you are here to test what RIOT wants you to. If you want to tryhard ranked, live is there for you. >Friendly reminder that PBE is a testing environment [...] :) *Riot KateyKhaos* >[...] Keep in mind that this is a test realm, and should be considered as such. ^^ *Riot KateyKhaos* Secondly, the PBE community is extremely small, compared to the live servers. Add on that the fact that not everyone on PBE plays ranked. Meaning there is only a handful of players that play ranked, so if you are matched with Plat players, it's completely natural: there are not enough silver players to fill out the team, so it fills it out with the higher ELO's. And finally, the report system does work. I myself got 5 notifications that people got banned thanks to my report. The difference between your reports and mine is that I write a full report explaining why I reported them, in addition to checking the boxes, where as you probably just checked the box (Verbal Abuse for example) and clicked REPORT.
I've gotten 2+ afks a game for the past 2 and a half weeks and 0 notifications from reporting players. You must have gone down on a rioter or two cause I got nothing and that seems to be the general consensus overall based off the boards, in-game and champ select chat, and talk with friends on pbe.
: I'm upset, because I love Morgana, but I don't even BE anymore, and only 8k rps for day. I need BE kkkk
I'M upset because that was the victorious skin for my first ranked season and I like it more than all the others I've had a chance to obtain in other seasons. I would give up the chance to get the others if it meant I could get her. {{sticker:sg-janna}} But if you need blue essence just buy regular chests, not the purple ones. They come with enough champ shards for you to get 4-6k a day with the 8000 rp allowance.
: [Suggestion] Grace in Ranked Games when team goes AFK.
Ideas like this have been thrown around for years, at this point it's just another one of those things we should expect yeeeeeeeeears down the line if not never because riot obviously doesn't give a &*%^ about your elo not being representative of skill in any form or fashion. "But WorkHardPlayBard" I hear you saying "there are people who climb even with these bad systems in place." "Well duh," I remark. Just because a bad system is in place doesn't mean there are people who thrive in it nor does it mean they can't brute force through the system but for everyone else it isn't optimal. Heck, Players like Imaqtpie may perform even better if the systems were fixed since they'd have less bs going against their elo climbing inertia. What we have now is to gravity, it's pushing everything in a given direction. Just because one person has a blimp, it doesn't mean gravity doesn't exist. That's the problem though. For years people would say "there's **_NOTHING_** holding you back but yourself!!!" but now that the bs has piled up even players like Dyrus, Anniebot, Tobias Fate, Trick2G, among others were stuck in low Diamond all preseason.
: You don't get more than 1 afk in live ranked, if you ever get one. Punishments are very severe, such as LP loss and stricter leavebuster, and further on temporary bans. I agree that there are too many people that go afk on the PBE, but it's not worth it implementing a feature this complicated. On the other hand, RIOT should pay way more attention to afk reports that are fully explained (not just check the box and click report. For example proof explaining that someone rage quit, not just had network issues).
lol that first sentence is a blatant lie based off my experience. I agree longer reports should get actual eyes on them and/or the chat logs though.
: Enable to see emotes in collection
You can LOAD the emotes page enough to see they aren't there? Or are you talking about the one in champ select?
: I said all 10 of my friend's placements were duo with me. 5 of mine were without her.
But your post says you did their placements for them, not that you duo'd. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: There is no way to get this skin with hextech chest, just if they change the code. But we are able to get it with Mistery Skin if you still have more than 10 skins to buy including the ones available at the store + legacy. [Proof](https://imgur.com/QdBcXty)
That's what I was referring to, sorry if the word "boxes" made it half-half as to which I was talking about.
: There are several bugs in the store right now. Some limited or legacy skins are available with disproportionate prices, Xin Zhao skin contents are indicated for Swain (Swain rework is coming?) , some Cho'Gath and Xin Zhao chromas and also several emotes available but under bugs.
Well we have confirmed swain VU is coming thanks to the teaser from before and this morning so your guess may have been right on the money.
: Can't access emotes
My wheel went empty the other day and I kept forgetting to check the collection tab to see if they had simply reset it. Guess this explains it because I'm getting nothing to load as well.
: Victorious Morgana
If it's like the fist bump ward you can get it by buying mysteries skin boxes *after* you buy out the store. There's always a chance you'll get it without buying every skin in the store but it's waaaaay faster to just do it that way.
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