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: I really like this lux changes These are the changes we've needed for a while now
With everyone ult nuking the waves to get those transcendence stacks anyway E really doesn't need to be that big on doing the same. Glad they're finally going to let the rest of her kit be good.
: Imageless icons in Store, Icon Inventory and Loot
I've got sooooooooooooooooooo many of these everywhere. I thought riot would remove them at some point but it's been like this for what feels like 5-6 months.
: Consider removing some stuff if your drive is that full.
It's not that full though. It's a riot problem, not a me problem. My computer is pretty barebones since I last wiped it. I didn't even download steam until recently just to keep things decluttered.
: [Wider Discussion] Woke up really need a remake of Riot Games?
I apologize if English is not your native language but this reads like you made this post with your phone using speech-to-text while you were suffering from a cold. I come close to understanding what you're saying and then it just goes back to being an incoherent mess.
: AVIATOR IRELIA: Anatomical Adjustments
Others have pointed out the waist as well, showing it's smaller than her head, so you're not mistaken.
: Okay Riot, why the hell is every patch 6GB or more?
Last few patches for me have taken ages to download (15-20 min. as opposed to the usual 2-5) and use up so much disk space while doing it I can't surf the web or anything else on my computer while it does it or it freezes. I was wondering what the dealeo was.
: Stop removing character inking to new champions/skins
I vaguely remember them mentioning that they were going to stop doing it with newer champs quite some time ago because they decided it looked better in each case but that they would _**consider**_ allowing it for ones that looked better with it.
: PBE punishments are already harder. Whereas live has warnings, chat restrictions, and short suspensions, PBE punishments go straight to 14-day-suspensions and permanent bans. You get the feedback notifications on PBE, too. The problem is that only the people in the last game who reported a person and triggered the punishment, get a message. Please understand that even if you do not get the message, your report still contributes to eventual punishments! Nobody is banned over one game unless they expressed certain trigger words (kys and variations, nigger, etc). There are numerous threads on the boards, both recent and old, of people that question their ban, or people commenting they have received these messages.
Even then doesn't happen. I had a rengar int. from the start and every death of his he'd type "FUCKING NI*GER" (I censored so you could tell what the word was). They're still here even though I went through the trouble of making a support ticket too.
: You have to read context on changes before complaining. Duskblade {{item:3147}} is gettting nerfed, so following that Riot is making buffs on champs that rely on that item. Nerfing duskblade will directly impact all assassins like KhaZix, Rengar, Talon, Kayn, and so on... So those changes are balances and not buffs.
As Vanessa said, they're giving him too much. We've seen riot buff ezreal when he and leona were still dominating with new runes and they left their competition to rot. At this point I just assume a riot member is playing that champ(s) to climb since it makes way more sense than any "logical" explanation players can come up with to excuse it.
: Reverted LeBlanc is way too simple to be as deadly as she is. Why does every other assassin have to push players to their limits with various technically difficult mechanics when LB can just double Q and W to delete a champion? Wasn't one of the main reasons for her rework to not make her outshine all other assassins? All assassins got their delays and how exactly is removing LB's delays gonna make things fair? Hopefully she gets a full VGU that addresses her problems sooner than later.
I know, it's cringy to read Riot's justifications for stuff like this. "We found Rengar/Kog'maw/LeBlanc/etc. was either too busted or not strong enough to get picked up by players so rather than tinker with him/it/her more we're going to go back to the old kit that had the same issue in an attempt to change things up. Our feedback and charts that we will not share with you tell us this."
: I like the old LB way more than the reworked version. Now never play her. She needs to be put back in my opinion.
She just was basically. That's why people are discussing it...
: totally OT in this thread. put that to the "feedback" section
: [BUG]Sun Goddess Miss Fortune has Elementalist Lux splash art in champion pick + in game bug
Sun goddess miss fortune sounds so much cooler than what we got... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Why does the GGMF feedback thread exist?
If it's the same as DJ Sona and Pulsefire Ezreal I doubt even the bugs will be changed.
: Cant get Birdio or PD Siv chromas?
Same issue here. Classic Riot, can't even be bothered to provide the bare minimum...
: Please keep reporting them. It really works, even if it doesn't always seem like it does.
Haven't received a feedback message yet in 5 months so no it's not. Not even inting out of the gate and typing "FUCKING N1GGER" (The actual word, I'm replacing the 'I' with a '1' to get past the boards filter) on every death gets people banned on pbe. I check every single day someone on here tries telling me the system works and that player is still there.
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: Bard in One for all
I would've thought they would have made it like aram since they mentioned speeding up the game mode but at this point expecting anything is expecting too much from riot.
: Could we get better language filters?
: Graphics bug - Zhonya removes boyparts
I started a game with a messed up Pug'maw. His face was collapsed and he grew a 2nd tongue. Probably not the same bug but oh boy was it the stuff of nightmares, especially when paired with his vomiting voice lines.
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: [Loot] Can´t craft in it
I can't craft items (Icons, skin shards, emotes, etc.) I got months ago. Some of them are just a black square and I can't unlock them or if I do they show up as a black square even when used. Riot needs to get their act together and address this.
: I like it being 4 to make it confirmed. So a premade of 3 can't control everything.
That's only premades that agree on what champ to play
: [Boards] Is it normal to not be able to be signed into NA and PBE boards at once?
There seems to be a trick where if you sign in and out enough or at the right time in relation to each other it keeps you signed into both. I think it's dumb it takes so much effort but I'm glad it's possible.
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: What happened to the option to abstain when voting for a champ to play?
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: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune FoW
I got it constantly this game and at one point it stuck around even after she revealed herself. She left lane again (and FoW) but it stuck around until minutes later.
: Practice Tool is and will always be 1 player. LoL isn't a multiplayer sandbox, Practice Tool is meant to test builds and interactions with Summoner's Rift, so there is no need for a second player. You shouldn't be asking for features "just for PBE", the best way to test stuff is to test it in the exact same environment as Live.
Then why is pbe missing features and content that are on live? If we want to get technical, it fails at the purpose you have assigned it because it is not a the same as a hypothetical client that stays similar to live outside of the changes being tested at a given time. It has restricted content, restricted features, restricted feed, etc. etc. It's not even a full experience of live, you can't continue to keep features away from pbe because live doesn't have them. If we did that it would never be updated lol. Should sandbox mode have never come because it meant live didn't get it for the months it was being tested? Of course not. I'm all for discussion but you at least need to have some grasp as to the reality of the topic before attempting to shut down my post as nonsense.
: She also has 500 AA range, a weak early game, a squishy role, no invulnerability ability (so cc'ding her is very easy), and no gap closers outside of ult. This means she can be focused very easily. If a Leona or a Thresh gets on her, she's dead. Her skill ceiling is insanely high, but it'll take time for people to get there. Yes, Riot has given her a lot of tools to work with, but also gave her clear weaknesses. Every champion has weaknesses and you beat them by exploiting them, but if you fail to do that; they get to run free and slaughter your whole team. Kai'Sa is a very strong champion and it'll be difficult to play against one that knows what she's doing. But she's also hard to play with a lot of methods of skill expression, so I doubt she'll be played much below mid gold except by one tricks and smurfs.
> This means she can be focused very easily. If a Leona or a Thresh gets on her, she's dead. You mean like when she melee ranges every single game and wins? Because I saw her 1v2 our fed darius and zed and her big ass shield kept her from taking ANY damage. A JUGGERNAUT and an ASSASSIN were melee ranged by a MARKSMAN who stood still and won with a perfect health bar... Yeah, fuck that noise. She has "weaknesses" that are covered up by a million strengths just like release zoe and every other champ of her ilk.
: Level Reward Bug.
When I leveled up to 70 I came back the next day and I was reset to 69. Riot can't even make a proper leveling system smh
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: What Kai'Sa Build do you Enjoy Most? Here's Mine!
I think people gave up on the everything build and are just doing ad+atk speed or ap alone with the ap build starting to overtake ad, at least that's what I've seen in the past few days.
: Kaisa cant use Duskblade
Good {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Can confirm. I noticed the following in my last game: - Didn't get baron buff after killing baron Leona: - Q doesn't work. Spends the mana, makes the noise, doesn't give the empowered stun auto, no visual effect - W doesn't work. Takes the mana, makes the noise, gain no resistances, no visual for the shield, no aoe burst
I made a post about an issue similar to the one you mentioned with Leona. LOTS of different champs it's like I'm lagging but there's evidence the abilities were used or the autos were supposed to go through they just don't though...
: Cinderhulk Nerf Feels Overboard - An Alternative
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: People abusing kindred bug to win rankeds in PBE. please riot, ban them and FIX THE DAMN BUG
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: Im disconnecting on every game I enter in PBE every single time
I'm considering picking kindred whenever it looks like my team is gonna troll just so the game disconnects lol
: Victorious Morgana
I thought it was with mystery skin like the fistbump ward but they said "fuck you, here's more rng" so you have to have at least 10 skins you don't own to attempt to get it that way and it's impossible to roll 3 skin shards to do it.
: They had open registration not too long ago, for the most part the server registration is closed. There's bound to be people who are not qualified to be on here but hopefully if they're reported enough riot will take care of them.
It's been 4 months. A little long to be weeding out people who afk, troll, and flame EVERY game. You can go in their match history and see it for pete's sake. I even sent tickets in with screenshots at the beginning because I thought that would improve my odds. Riot hasn't responded to a single ticket so I stopped a few weeks in.
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: [ABILITIES] Sometimes does not cast even with consistent ping
I've noticed this as well as some similar issues. Even clicks have become dodgy in the latest patch for both my friend and I (no we don't share a computer) but I'm getting a new mouse anyway just to make sure it isn't a hardware issue.
: Conqueror Feedback
How much damage overall though? True damage alone doesn't say much...
: > [{quoted}](name=ViviD V0iD,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FiyYw5wE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-21T14:54:34.572+0000) > > skill difference in PBE is horrendous. > > i suspect that MMR doesnt exist on pbe. i mean every single game there is somebody going 20/0 or something. ive had those games as well that i was the one going 18/0. some people are just to good, or some people are just too bad on pbe.. > > are the matchups on pbe somehow made with an internal MMR? or is it just like "first 10 guys in a queue get matched together" queue? PBE does have MMR. It operates the same as live does. The thing is that PBE has a small player base with a great variety in skill - people don't play often enough to get in an accurate MMR. Combine that with the fact that (especially during off-hours), PBE matchmaking broadens the MMR limits and it will start looking like everyone is just thrown in together.
That may have been true before they lowered the restriction to practically all who apply... (Don't pretend keeping honor 4 was hard on live last season.)
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