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: i haven't seen her do anything spectacular, the only time i've seen an illaoi do good was in a stomp so that doesn't even count. overall i've been fairly unimpressed by her.
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
**First impressions** _Likes:_ -Her model on her base skin. -Her overall concept as a character. -Her E is a great ability. -I like the concept of her tentacles. -Her ult seems fair, I guess is the best way to put it. -I like how her W synergises with her ult and it acts as an auto-attack reset. _Dislikes:_ -All her abilities seem slow and clunky. -Her tentacles are VERY easy to dodge. -The durability on her tentacles are fairly poor and were easily disposed of when I was playing against her. -Her kit clearly focuses on the tentacles to do damage and be effective but the only place you can spawn them is on walls outside of her ultimate. This makes her feel weak when she has none around. -The randomness of her passive (can't pick where the tentacle spawns), mixed with the fairly high cool down on it makes it feel unreliable. -Not a fan of her void skin. It just doesn't look very appealing.
: Constant bugsplatting
In an ARAM game with... RED: Anivia, Yorick, Xerath, Bard, Sivir BLUE: Brand, Renekton, Cho'Gath, Kalista, Evelynn Every one bug-splatted at least once. I bug-splatted 5 times in a 1-2 minute span before I gave up and didn't re-log.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Her Q feels like it does no damage outside of bouncing it off a minion, ever more so the later the game progresses. Her auto attacks feel very week outside of her passive. He ult is really easy to avoid or get away from. Her E just feels useless all together. And she has no escapes. The ap scaling on all her stuff seems pointless and tacked on because AP Miss Fortune is just an ARAM gimmick and a hybrid build is even more of a gimmick. Overall she feels like shes been made weaker. The changes are just not good at all, and this is coming from some one who mains Miss Fortune.
: Tristana feels so bad now. All of her abilities used to mesh together but now they just feel like 3 separate things again. Her q is on too high of a cooldown, her w doesn't do damage for the incredible amount of risk you take by using it directly on a champion, and her e doesn't explode on max stacks like you said it would. Of all the champions that have received updates to her kit to make them more fun and unique, Tristana has gotten less fun. The removal of mana pots also hurts her because of the high cost of her abilities. I want to buy the new legendary skin but it just doesn't feel right spending 20$ on a champion nerfed so far down the tier list. Tristana wasn't even very good at the time you nerfed her being outshined by champions like Jinx and Sivir. I'll play more games with her and try to get used to her new playstyle but from what I can see, things don't bode well for my little yordle carry :/
Yeah they nerf'd her pretty hard across the board. RIP {{champion:18}}
: I feel like Rengar and Teemo will get nerfed in upcoming season
Teemo is a very sub-par champion to begin with. How is some one who relies on sitting in bushes and throwing down shrooms with pretty much no escapes suppose to be even a half way decent champion? lol
: PBE is actually the most toxic environment I've played in League yet....
In my experience 90% of the time every one is more friendly, goofing off, and talkative (in a good way), on the pbe. And if some one is toxic just mute them and report them at the end and eventually they'll lose their account.
: purchasing things in store resets the screen (slightly annoying to me)
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
It just seems like you are making her 100% reliant on her ult to do any sort of damage, or to be effective in team fights and throughout the entire game. 1.) She has bad mobility, pretty much no escapes, bad dueling skills, and only average range. So outside of her ult what is she suppose to do? 2.) That being said... You said guys want her ult to be the main focus of her kit, yet she has to sit still as she uses it and some one can just cc her, kill her, or walk out of the way with only taking a few waves of damage from her ult. Which has always been a major weakness of hers to begin with. 3.) Since it is very apparent that she is solely reliant on her ult, the other team will know that and just either walk out of it (which is really easy to do), or focus her down/dive her before she can ult because she has no mobility or escapes. Which in turn makes her pretty bad in team fights as well, making her very reliant on her team to cc them long enough for you or your ult to do anything. 4.) Her passive doesn't feel very good at all. It's just basically a sheen proc every time she attacks a new target. This in turn doesn't make Love Tap, "a new and unique way of interacting with the game", at all. And since she has to attack a new target every time to proc her passive she has to constantly put her self in dangerous positions to do so. And that mixed in with her bad mobility in combat and pretty much no escapes makes her passive counterproductive and very out of place in her kit. 5.) It was said that the damage potential is being underestimated with her Passive+W. I think it is not being underestimated at all and is not that good of a synergy, because you have to constantly keep proc'ing her passive to keep her W active and to keep proc'ing your passive you have to attack a new target every single time, which I stated before makes her have to be in dangerous positions in fights. 6.) It was also said that no changes will be made to her to rid her of her many weaknesses. Yet the fact that she has so many of them is why she is rarely played to begin with. And it also seems like you think that making her ult better is going to make up for her weakness in pretty much every other aspect of the game. And we all know it won't. 7.) Lastly. Her laning phase is one of the weakest in the game now. Mainly because of how terribly low her base AD and AD per level is and how reliant on her ult she is. Overall this current changes to her kit don't make her feel special or unique at all. The changes feel like they are just changes for the sake of change, not changes to make her better or feel more unique. All of these points are just my input on recent player and rioter responses to Miss Fortune's changes.
: Twitch forever invisible
Yeah this happened to my today as well.
: Season 5 new icons feedback (Platinum icon specifically)
They all look kinda muted and don't pop in terms of color, shade, and shine. Maybe some way tell what season and/or which ranked que the icon is from.?
: I agree with u in the most points :D But also gotta say : - There`s nothing wrong about AP scalings (for example : Cait also has(/had) AP scaling on W and E) UNLESS the existance of the AP scaling is a reason to keep down the AD scaling , in that case Id also like it to be removed :D - Although the simple removal of the cast time would fix the problems with her E , the little cast range increase is still better than nothing :D - Decrease of AS scaling..that change nothing xD (Attack Speed Per Level reduced to 3 from 3.01) considering that her W gives at max rank 120%atk speed + the fact that you can keep it up infinitely via Love Tap IS a huge buff to her overall Attack Speed - About the decreased AD scalings , the only thing they did was remove "base dmg+[10/17,5/25%] bonus AD" from the ult and replace it with [70% total ad]. Gotta check the math but it should be huge buff , especially considering her lv6 ult on live servers atm...(cmon rito ONLY 10% bonus ad? what were you thinking ? xD ) - Beside the crit, the ult also got , more waves per rank + higher max duration which are also positive changes :D
The thing with her new passive is that you have to keep switching targets to proc its effect so prioritizing or focusing down a certain target makes that passive useless outside of the initial first attack. I mean all her new passive is in reality, is sort of a built in sheen. And in team fights you should be focusing down targets one at a time not switching targets every other second. Her passive may of looked pretty decent on paper but in practice it's just meh. And her escape potential is still bad considering its a weak, time consuming slow and speed up that get shut off when she gets hit, and with her base move speed like it is, you are not getting anywhere after your passive is gone.
: I think I understand what you're talking about.. I believe it happens whenever someone steps on a trap..?
It seemed random to me but It may have been what triggered it. Not sure though.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
I main Miss Fortune as a Marksman, and she if definitely my current favorite champion. The main problems/issues/weaknesses I've experienced with her overall are: -Her E is suppose to be her escape tool yet by the time you turn around to cast it when you're being chased they have already caught you. (Let's be honest the pretty much non-existent damage on Make it Rain means it's only an escape tool). -That being said her escape potential is very poor compared to most marksman and she is very easily caught which makes her team fight presence fairly weak. -The hybrid scaling feels kind of useless on her for the most part, since she is an AD marksman, and I don't see any one building her AP/Hybrid seriously or effectively. -Her her dueling power declines steadily as the game progresses into late game as it is. I don't know why you guys would want to lessen her dueling power even more, it just makes her even more reliant on her team than she already is. -A marksman who relies on AOE damage to be effective makes them very weak in laning phase. And her only effective AOE damage when minions aren't around is her ult, since Make it Rain does pretty much no damage. (As you can see I am definitely not a fan of Make it Rain.) -The decrease on her AS scaling, AD scaling and Base AD make her pretty weak early game. This combined with her poor late game scaling, very poor escape potential, and reliance on her AOE damage makes her feel like you've just made her, overall, a bit worse. The only improvement/positive change I feel you've made on her kit was making her ult crit.
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