: RP granting is currently broken. Riot is aware and working on it. You can see this in the current status message in-client, on the Boards (search function), and on the [server status](http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe) page. Riot recently posted an [update](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/9EhGErvG-rpbe-grant-bug). *Please check these next time* before making a discussion. Many threads about the same thing clutter the boards and make it harder to navigate around the website. ~~You can submit a support ticket at [Riot Support](http://support.leagueoflegends.com/home) and they can help you out with a little RP (one-time). Spend it wisely.~~ Edit; my apologies for the earlier, incorrect copy/pasta. It’s from the discord server. I’ve edited the correct text in. **EDIT: See Riot response.**
ok so you can chill and stop fucking assuming, i didn't know if they had made an announcement or not while i haven't been on the pbe so cease and desist, you didn't need to add all that.
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: It's likely a very low priority right now. First of all it's summer vacation which means there's less people working throughout the summer (everyone on vacation and stuff). Secondly, this bug just is not as important/impactful to the servers as a champion bug (or rather, an in game bug). The in game bugs will make their way to live and *must* be fixed, whereas this RP bug only affects PBE. Since the bug also only really affects newer players (older players already own all champs, and new skins are up for 1 BE), the stuff that needs tested still gets tested properly.
We need a better excuse than riot is on vacation and its not important enough to be fixed.
: I wish riot can honestly grow some balls. Oh someone afked or dc'ed in ur game boo hoo. Well sorry if ur that soft skinned don't play the fucking game either toughen up or leave its sad to see that this game is in control of sjw fags and losers that get picked on irl idc about toxicity cause I have balls and I can handle it unlike these beta cucks here complaining that leaver buster needs to be here
you know i've been saying that for years! the boards are simply run by snowflakes! i said the word re*ded and it got removed like this shit is crazy its like i'm back in kindergarten... i just wish people weren't p***** so i can actually enjoy this damn game! and the moderators will always take the side of snowflakes like grow the fuck up! if you cant handle mean words then get the fuck off the internet! i don't fucking exist to be nice to you and i shouldn't have to censor myself because Billy cant Handel it! like shut the fuck up saying r*ded isn't fucking hate speech or whatever the league sjw are calling it these days and you cant fucking reason with them!! I ONCE GOT BANNED ON THE BOARDS FOR RANK SHAMING **RANK SHAMING ** like what the fuck even is that???? go on CoD or any other competitive game and ask them if they have something about rank shaming **they will look at you like a fucking lunatic** that's how bad it is and i do come from games like CoD and i fucking love GTA online though its filled with 12yr olds screaming on mic but this shit needs to stop i wish riot would grow some balls because right now they don't fucking have any THEY ARE SOOO CONSERNED ABOUT NOT UPSETTING THESE SJW THAT THEY WILL JUMP ON THEIR SIDE LIKE YOU SHOULDN'T BE TRYING TO PLEASE THESE PEOPLE!!! and the sjw snowflakes who are moderators just need to be fucking fired.
: Please read this and vote. Regarding Akali E. CertainlyT has done similar stuff before.
: Bout the akali skins
i had a pretty hard time understanding this but i kinda get the jist of it and i agree the visual aspect is lacking.
: This is hilarious so I'll point this out to you once. I want you to know that this is a bug. They aren't intentionally not letting you buy skins, it's something that they are fixING. They are _working on it_. They are _aware of the issue_. Yes, you are impatient. Very impatient. PBE has a large enough playerbase with the ability to use the skins and features that you can't. Therefore regardless of the newly created accounts (such as you and I) not being able to buy skins, these skins will STILL be tested by other people. The REAL reason why people are crying on the forums is because they're all hungry for skins. Half of them don't even care if they come across a bug while using the skin, they just want the skin for self-pride and having an appealing in-game appearance. So yeah "oh no, this game that has the _largest_ playerbase in the world has a few players who can't test their skins oh _boohoo_!! If you WANT to test things for Riot on PBE, how about find bugs regarding just akali, or maybe the newly released aatrox? I cannot fathom the audacity of all the people who post NEW threads on the front page of this forums that have 50 more identical ones to it. Oh wait- it isn't audacity, it's selfishness.
i'm not going to go on a tangent because i really want to like you, and you insulting my intelligence is just to fly out the window because of that argument but i will put this simply i like being able to test stuff and its hard to do that with no rp.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wonder Girl,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=4iPmKM7T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-22T00:19:58.106+0000) > > cool have fun playing against 5 veigars or zeds (ps. it isn't fun like at all even if you are playing the new akali) Do you know that you're not on PBE for playing **for fun**, but you're on PBE for testing. If you don't like to play against champions that need to be tested, then leave the PBE and let your place to someone else who really wants to test what it must be tested.
yeah well you weren't in school to have fun either you were there to learn so..... and if you are in love with the death timer be my guest its your shitty game, so have fun when. **I signed up for pbe i didn't sign up for an office job**, players are allowed to have fun so that is an option....**this is a game by the way and you are testing a game that is designed to be enjoyed so your argument is highly invalid ** how about you get that sick up your ass looked at because i think it may be up there too far **we are testing A GAME that's men't to BE FUN** if you cant take it how about you leave the PBE and have someone whose not a bore take your place i love testing and reporting issues and i also love enjoying this GAME and if i have a chance to not play against someone who's counter productive like zed, veigar, karthus, or zoe i thank goodness for that. I am a player first and a tester second, **i test the enjoyment levels of this game** and until riot games pays me for this (never gonna happen) then that's the way its going to be i'm already in collage to get my business degree so i don't need more of a commitment then to tell riot hey this is fun or this is not fun and here are the bugs.** And i definitely don't need you telling me not to have fun while testing a game.... **
: Champions bans on PBE are just counterproductive
cool have fun playing against 5 veigars or zeds (ps. it isn't fun like at all even if you are playing the new akali)
: RP bug (but it's different!) and Akali Infernal Skin
hey answer me this question since we are all "impatient". We are all part of the public beta community right? now tell me how do we get things to test? does it magically poof into our inventory or do we have to buy it with some currency somehow.
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: He's not the pbe police but he is telling you why the live rioters won't read it. Looks like he was trying to help. Its like walking into a hospital looking for the police, but then cursing the person telling you that they are in the police office.
or you can stop making a big deal out of fucking nothing and fuck off :) how about that? > you arn't the pbe police so stop acting like it
: > [{quoted}](name=Wonder Girl,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=oGOGwBGQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-19T18:55:03.705+0000) > > PBE is for finding bugs and reporting them period. there is no go on the live whatever and do whatever. i'm reporting it as a public beta tester here. It's different teams handling them. As a rule, PBE boards are only meant for bugs/feedback on things that are currently on PBE (i.e., only on PBE and not yet on live). The Rioters you are looking for do not read the PBE boards. Furthermore, Riot themselves requested as such: > Really quickly though, I want to point out that this [a bug] is currently on Live and these boards are for PBE-specific issues. - [The PBE Squad](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/nBxE2k4U-illaois-tentacle-attacks-are-missing-something?comment=0000). From personal experience though, live issues don't really get addressed here. There's a bigger community on live servers which means you can get a higher visibility. It's not that you're wrong, this is just not the right place for it.
or you can stop making a big deal out of fucking nothing and fuck off :) how about that? you arn't the pbe police so stop acting like it
: I been playing Irelia since she first was released years ago, I can say with this rework I love the kit its really fun but the balancing of it is really bad. The main problem is scaling, Iri scales so hard that Riot's answer was to make her absolute garbage in the early game, I don't agree with this logic. they should tone down the scaling a bit and give her power back in the early game and buff her passive, keep the mark and ability dmg reduction nerfs and she might play more like how old Iri used to. Ill stand by Iri regardless how bad she get nerfed, through good times and bad ill still play iri.
I've been playing her since her release too and fell in love with the original her and all this fancy flashy shit just isn't working for me i didn't fall in love with this champion who happens to share the same name as irelia, they have 2 completely different kits i'm not talking about oh well she kept some aspects in her kit she will remain a relatively simple champ NO they just threw irelia away completely if i could have just 30min with the old irelia i would treasure it. this new irelia is needlessly complex not fun to play and just is annoying and the champion i once had a poster of hanging proudly on my wall and the champion whom i was going to name my daughter after is just gone (that and i had a miscarriage) but old irelia meant a lot to me and before everyone called her garbage because idk people didn't play her? now i'm calling her garbage because she is. i cant fucking fight anyone without dying instantly that's something the old irelia just didn't have a fucking problem with and there was no such thing as scalinging on the old irelia she had an amazing early game and her late game was out of this world! i got so may pentas that i recorded so many it meant nothing to me not i cant even get a double with this pile of garbage. i don't consider this new irelia as irelia shes just a different champion who has the same name as irelia
: Issues on live servers should be reported on the live boards; PBE Rioters focus on PBE-only bugs. Live boards/reddit gives you more visibility.
PBE is for finding bugs and reporting them period. there is no go on the live whatever and do whatever. i'm reporting it as a public beta tester here.
: About Irelia Changes
Old irelia was a true duelist she could beat 80% of opponents she went against New irelia wins about 20% to people who played the old irelia and actually fucking loved her the way she was the reworked version was so out of touch with old irelia like she was just an entirely different champion with irelia slapped on old players couldn't play her, like how the hell do you go from being a relatively simple champion to this champion who needs a PHD to play...and expect the old fans of irelia like me to say oh yeah i can still play irelia, like the players with thousands to million mastery points on her (like me) to still love and know how to play her like the old irelia was the reason why the reason i played league in the first place and that's the truth for so many players during any rework you lose some of your player base because what do they have to hold onto? they did have a champion to say at least i have you irelia at least i play you so well and i love playing you oh you're getting a rework and you're so hard to play that i cant play you anymore well i'm out see ya riot games! and they said "we want her to be like old irelia" like since when??? i sure as hell cant play her and i knew from the moment they said rework and irelia i was going to have to look for a new main...
: Useful information for new PBE players
> Riot Points resets to 8000RP at 10:30am PST (6:30pm GMT) every day. maybe there wouldn't be so many bugs if you reverted back to the what was it 100,000RP given when you get a pbe account.
: Akalis voice is a bit high for how large of she is
yeah i had the same issue, shes trying to sound girly and cute when it just doesn't call for it.... i would prefer a more deeper slightly serious tone of voice if you wanted a rouge assasin try to convey that to the voice actor instead of assuming that everything even serious champions should have a "kawaii" voice no matter how unfitting it is i don't like hearing her saying in a "cute" voice "there are over 300 pressure points in the body cant protect them all :)" i would rather her say that in maybe something like Katarina's voice like "there are over 300 pressure points in the body no one can protect them all..." in sort of a smug tone not in a silly way shes not akali the silly assassin. i never got this about riot, it creates more personality when you give that character a deeper tone like she sounds like this serious assassin but she says stuff that make her seem light-hearted she presents herself as this serious skilled assassin but still says shes not in it purely for the killing, i don't know it just seems annoying and unfitting.
: ????? lol PBE is for testing, when a new champ/rework comes out on PBE everyone wants to play, one for all is a smart idea do "solve" this problem, but some braindeads tryhard ON THE FKING PUBLIC BETA ENVIRONMENT ban the champ, the reason why bans are disable on draft pick, why not on one for all.
how about we just get rid of bans period. nobody can ban anything on LoL because it makes you mad. because people have the free will to ban nobody wants to deal with an all zed or all {{champion:45}} team NOT EVEN THE NEW AKALI so build a bridge and get over it
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: remove bans from one for all
just because something makes you mad and you don't like it doesn't mean it needs to be removed......
: Champions' icons are invisible.
i was going to create a post about that too but i didn't know if anyone else was experiencing it, yes it is buggy and not showing any images
: wtf youtubers icons??
your're joking right... LoL isn't really making icons for YouTubers right.....and YouTubers who don't even play LoL at that....c'mon they gotta have more dignity than that this has to be troll....league has stooped to some lows in recent years but this.... is the bottom of the barrel desperate...
: Splasharts are missing.
: [Visuals] Blood Moon Akali
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: The bug happens with blue buff. The Q is a rank 5 Q before and while blue is on when first get blue, the resets to Rank 1 Q when the blue buff wares off
no it doesn't i never once got blue buff and it still did it. its just a flat out bug. nothing you can do will change it.
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: SInce akali is an energy champion, she just has to wait a few seconds for enough to cast it again. In her combo, use her shroud after any other ability because it refunds her energy. There is also a bug with her q not losing 5 energy cost per rank also.
i did use shroud it did nothing and i believe she just need a reduction in energy
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: For now what I find is the game is running but in the background and frozen. CTRL + ALT + DEL, close this one: (League of Legends (TM) Client ...) https://i.imgur.com/Go1okqO.png After that Close PBE entirely, and reopen.
: A Critical Error has Occurred
same here its just not letting me in

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