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: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
**Abilities** Bravado - Takes one of my favorite parts of Taric's old kit and revamps it quite nicely. At least, it did. Today's patch seems to have harmed Taric's CDR hyperscaling a bit much, and preliminary testing leaves me feeling maxed out around 25% CDR, with further purchases making comboing difficult. If you feel the need to trim power, please take it from other parts of his kit! Starlight's Touch - Seems really quite weak at the moment. While the stacking mechanism is cool, it leaves the base feeling lackluster. That being said, the buffs today seem to attempt to alleviate this worry, but it still will probably get maxed last in my build. Bastion - A great ability, really like the "mirror" functionality. Dazzle - Combined with bastion, this handily makes up for the removal of the targeted feature (in most cases). I really like the instant cast, along with the ability to move around. Have you guys tried doing similar things with his Q and W? I think that would make his gameplay much, much smoother. Concerns over additional power would have to be addressed though. Cosmic Radiance - Useful, but tricky to pull off in an ideal manner. Good front for player experience gains though!


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