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: So, the new voice chat.
It is true that most parties use Discord or other apps to communicate. BUT, i have played with most of my friends who's wifi could handle LoL only, and not Discord with it. The thing is that all those apps such as Discord, Skype or TeamSpeak use more wifi data to refresh regularly in background to receive messages, notifications, etc. Here, LoL voice chat only uses voice and nothing else. It was created to be on the same server as your LoL game so that your wifi handles on the same hand the data from both the game and the voice chat, which is easier than handling one hand LoL game and other hand Discord or Skype connections. I know that this does not affect a big percentage of LoL players but it can still help some players. Last point, imagine you use Discord and their servers are down but you want to game with friends, well you have LoL Chat directly ;) Hope i provided you with a sufficient answer (Also, remember that this option has JUST been created, they are testing it with premade friends that will report not the players they are speaking with but the negative points of this option. Maybe later, when they will have mastered the voice chat on LoL, will the developers implement voice chat for every players probably)
: Idea for match loading screen
This is not a bad idea, i like it too, it would be fun to have the champions move on the screen while loading the game With a feature in settings where you can disable the animations if you lag or just don't like it
: This is a feature that is also present on the live servers. Feedback regarding it is better fit on the live boards/reddit: you wish to reach Rioters that do not read the PBE boards.
thank you for your reply sir :)
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: Sounds Error
Same for me with varus but alot of other sounds are missing like last hit minions, recall, smite, etc
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