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: It has already been reported. Please check for similar threads before posting, helps to avoid clutter.
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: 1. It's on their TODO. 2. Why waste dev time on minigames when you could do that yourself on websites that are much better than LoL Client? 3. Looks ok. I dunno what others think, though.
Wont need developers to do a thing. Re-release cho eat world. It's kinda hard to be tabbed out and having to respond to new persons joining game, or the ready check. Just a thought.
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: [Teambuilder] Social experiment and breaking the system - new metas
"qq this is going to enforce the meta" - everyone..... "qq why are you queueing for something outside of the meta"- everyone (when you're the group leader doing something other than 1/1/2 +jung It took me 30 mins to find a team willing to go 3 bot, but as soon as we got into game one of the bots went mid... we still did well, but really? Then after that i tried going 2 min 2 bot 1 top, and again i got ragers... ended u disbanning the group because it was too annoying. I'd like to add that people don't look at the comp... like you said they just expect the standard meta.
: Ancient Coin bug?
I posted about this a few days ago :P it's a thing
: A little bit of team builder feedback
even having 2 mid makes everyone rage....
: A little bit of team builder feedback
I've been queued for 30 mins now because people don't want 3 bot
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: Actually no, you can do all mid comps and stuff if you so wish!
ok thanks for the info :)! I hope they bring it back soon so I can try new things
: Team Builder available on the PBE! Monday (1/13) and Tuesday (1/14) from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
1 Question... why is it only available for a limited time? only 4 hours for 2 days? Will it be returning to the pbe after some bug fixes?
: Teambuilder first impressions
I was only able to get 1 game in before they took it down, so i didn't really get to look around that much. But it looks like you can really only do one map comp (1 top 1 mid 1 jung 2 bot). There are many other ways to play this game than that.....


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